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Episode 308: The Damage A Man Can Do

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The Damage A Man Can Do
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Writer(s): '
Premiere: '
Season Two
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The Damage A Man Can Do is the eight of twelve episodes in Season Three and the thirty-second episode in the DEXTER television series.


Dexter tries to teach Miguel the code, but he doesn't realize his friend's thirst for blood is out of lust, even putting together a "Kill Kit" for him. Rita stresses over the wedding and suffers the affects of pregnancy's mood swings; she gives Dexter the role of finding the rings for the wedding. Debra finds a lead in The Skinner case whilst she gets closer to Anton and laches out at Quinn. Angel tries to woo Barbara Gianna. Through internal monologue, Dexter's mind wanders the idea of having a witness in the kill room.


Production notesEdit

  • Casino scenes take place at Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, Ca.
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