Easy as Pie
Director(s): Steve Shill
Writer(s): Lauren Gussis
Premiere: 9 November 2008
Season Three
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Easy as Pie is the seventh of twelve episodes in Season Three of DEXTER, and the thirty-first overall episode of the series. It first aired 9 November 2008 on Showtime.


Camilla is being moved to hospice and she is still waiting for Dexter to bring her the perfect Key Lime Pie.

Meanwhile Ramon Prada has been arrested for false imprisonment and assault on a suspect that he was trying to get information about Freebo's whereabouts. Dexter and Miguel are planning to hit something hard and he meant golf balls.

Angel Batista is giving an update that Anton, the CI is going to be used as bait for the SKINNER but the detectives are not allowed to tell Anton just yet.

Deb and Quinn head to a speak to Wendell's mother and she found Deb's business card in the shorts he was wearing the day he died. His mother is distraught because Wendell was her only baby boy and now he is gone.

Dexter and Batista head to a fresh crime scene and they found the murder weapon, a screw driver which looks consistent with the wounds on the victim. Masuka gives information about a killer that murders in his socks and he says he is Albert Chung. Dexter and Miguel are talking while driving golf balls and they discuss all the people that are going to walk again.


  • In this episode, when discussing Camilla's painful suffering with Dexter, Debra comments that she would never want to live like that. When Dexter asks if she was sure, she stated yes, to pull the plug on her. This foreshadows her death in Season Eight, when she is on life support, and Dexter detaches her.

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