Left Turn Ahead
Dexter episode 211
Director(s): Marcos Siega
Writer(s): Scott Buck & Tim Schlattmann
Premiere: 9 December 2007
Season Two
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Left Turn Ahead is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of DEXTER, and the twenty-third overall episode of the series.


Dexter Morgan continues to brood over the realization that even his father couldn't accept the code of ethics he had developed and seriously considers putting it all to an end. Doakes manages to escape from his cell but the people he ends up with are no improvement on Dexter. In an attempt to get the upper hand on Dexter, Lila accuses Angel Batista of rape and he is relieved of his duties. Debra does a little digging and learns that Lila is in the US illegally. With little progress in the Butcher case, the FBI assigns a Deputy Director to take over the case thereby pushing Agent Lundy off to the side.

"Dexter" best scene ever

"Dexter" best scene ever

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