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Director(s): Michael Cuesta
Writer(s): Clyde Phillips
Premiere: October 8, 2006
Season One
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"Crocodile" is the second of twelve episodes in Season One as well as the second episode in the series DEXTER. The episode aired on October 8th, 2006.

Synopsis Edit

102 rita

Dexter and Rita

Dexter Morgan assists detectives Batista and Doakes in investigating the murder of an undercover officer. Debra discovers a piece of evidence in the Ice Truck Killer Investigation that helps her get ahead.

Plot Edit

Dexter assists Detective Batista (David Zayas) and Sergeant Doakes (Erik King) in investigating the murder of an officer who was working undercover investigating drug baron Carlos Guerrero (Rudolf Martin). Doakes becomes personally involved in the case, as he was having an affair with the officer's wife, who was also attacked.

Meanwhile, Debra discovers the refrigerated truck in which the Ice Truck Killer dismembers his victims. She is promoted by her superior, Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez), to the Homicide Department. Inside the truck, Debra, Batista, and Dexter find a block of ice with five fingertips in it, left deliberately by the Ice Truck Killer.

Trivia Edit

  • After the scene where Debra is transferred to homicide, Batista and LaGuerta have a short conversation in the kitchen in Spanish without subtitles. The rough translation of the scene is as follows:
    • LaGuerta: How's Nina and your daughter?
    • Batista: They're marvelous.
    • LaGuerta: You know they need you too, eh?
    • Batista: (Small nod, says nothing)
    • LaGuerta: Angel, go home.


Cast Edit

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Co-Starring Edit

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