Debra and Jacob Elway

Elway Investigations is a company of private investigators run by Jacob Elway. After Debra leaves the Miami Metro Police Departmentshe works for Elway, but is currently having second-thoughts about a career as a Private Investigator and is inclined to re-join the police department, which doesn't sit quite well with Elway.




  • Unnamed cases, in which Debra was involved, prior to the beginning of the events on Season Eight.
  • Unnamed investigation involving the theft of diamonds, this case ended with the death of the suspect involved, Andrew Briggs. However Debra recovered the Jewels after killing Javier Guzman, known as El Sapo.
  • Personal investigation to prove the husband of Jacob's sister is cheating on her. Result: Succesful, Elway recorded the target cheating on his sister, using Debra as a decoy.
  • Reward for the Capture of Hannah McKay: This case was unsuccessful as Jacob Elway did not manage to capture or led to the capture of the suspect because of her escape to another country.