Dr. Turner
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Eric Ladin
Season Eight
First Appearance
Remember the Monsters?
Last Appearance
Remember the Monsters?
Appears in
One episode
Full Name
Dr. Turner

Severe condition, left by Oliver Saxon
Personal Status
Professional Status

Dr. Turner is a Character appearing in the Finale of Showtime's DEXTER. He is a veterinarian working at the Love Our Pets Veterinary Clinic in Miami who has the unfortunate luck of running into a man named Oliver Saxon.

Following a shootout with Detective Debra Morgan and the death of Max Clayton, Saxon is wounded by a shot fired into his left arm leading to extensive bleeding. Unable to check himself into a hospital, he arrives outside of a Veterinary clinic where nearby stores are being boarded up to help defend against the oncoming Hurricane Laura. Saxon walks into the clinic, where only Dr. Turner is shown working and he points his gun at the man, demanding that he stitch Saxon up. Turner's fear is clear but he goes along with it calmly, stitching up the wound with his medical skills.

Upon completion, he calmly begs Saxon to let him go and promises that he won't tell anyone anything. Saxon does not respond, instead noticing on a news report that Debra is in the Miami Central Hospital, as well as a report involving Saxon himself. Turner, upon realizing this is the very man responsible for that shooting, again urges Saxon to let him go with his insistence that he won't say a word. Saxon simply smiles, and states that as long as Turner does what he says, he won't get hurt.

Saxon orders Dr. Turner to drive him to the hospital, where Turner says that he has done everything that he was asked to do and wishes to be let free. Smiling again, Saxon remarks, "This is it." Turner pleads that he won't say a word. Then Saxon pulls out a scalpel, only to comment, "I know".

Turner is shown entering the hospital, choking on his own blood which he throws up on the floor of the lobby. Doctors rush him to a nearby wheelchair, where they see that his tongue has been removed. He is then rushed to the OR (Operation Room), with an unknown fate.