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Dexter Morgan/Season 7
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Michael C. Hall
First Appearance
Full Name
Dexter Morgan
Steve Gaskill (Hector Estrada)
Arthur Curry (Florencia Estrada)

Personal Status
Marital Status
Rita Morgan (Deceased)
Immediate Relatives

Rita Morgan (former wife; deceased)
Harrison Morgan (son)
Astor Bennett (stepdaughter)
Cody Bennett (stepson)
Harry Morgan (adopted-father; deceased)
Doris Morgan (adopted-mother; deceased)
Laura Moser (biological mother; deceased)
Joe Driscoll (biological father; deceased)
Brian Moser (biological brother; deceased)
Debra Morgan (adopted sister)
Professional Status
Blood-spatter analyst for Miami Metro Police, Homicide division

Serial killer

Killer Profile
"The Bay Harbor Butcher"
Number of Victims
6 (In Season 7)
Modus Operandi
Large knife, Etorphine (M99), Garrotting wire. Occasionally a cordless drill, hammer and chainsaw, set of scalpels and other surgical equipment.
Killing Method
Dexter first sedates his victims with M99, wraps them up, ties them down and stabs them in the heart (specifically the left ventricle). He has been known to alter his method for certain victims, for example he kills Arthur Mitchell with the same hammer Mitchell used to kill one of his victims.
Method of Disposal
Bodies are subjected to post-mortem dismemberment. The severed pieces are then put in biodegradable bin liners and dumped in the Atlantic Ocean (specifically, the Bay Harbor.
Dexter (along with his brother Brian) witnessed the brutal murder of their mother in a cargo container at a very early age. After seeing Laura Moser chainsawed to pieces, they were then left in the cargo container for three days.

Dexter Morgan is the protagonist of both the DEXTER television series and the Dexter Book Series. He's introduced as a Serial killer and later, a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. He has an adoptive sister by the name of Debra Morgan and learns later on that he has a biological brother by the name of Brian Moser. His adoptive parents are Harry and Doris Morgan, unfortunately both have passed away prior to the events of this season. He is the biological father of Harrison Morgan, whom he had with the now deceased Rita Morgan and is caring for him as a single father.


Loves fries. After arguing with Hanna about the reasons for what he does and after talking with his mind embodiment of Harry, Dexter starts to realize that he never had a Dark Passenger and all what he has done falls under his responsibility, Dexter accepts what he has done and accepts he likes what he does.


Are you dexter

At last....

Continuing right after the events of Season 6, Dexter and Debra are inside the church where Dexter has just killed Travis Marshall. With Debra witnessing the assassination, Dexter starts to calm her and telling her that what happened was an accident and that Travis Marshall threatened him which is why he killed him. Debra suspects Dexter's method of killing Travis to which he replies that he snapped.

Following said situation, the events of the next episodes feature Dexter's and Debra attempt to hide Travis' death, Debra's plan to control Dexter and stop him from killing anyone else and the subsequent situations that origin from Dexter's actions, such as the Koshka Brotherhood's head trying to avenge his lover's death and Debra's current occurrence of crossing the line of what is right just to protect Dexter.

Episode 701: Are You ?...Edit

The DiscoveryEdit

The Church on fireEdit

Are you

Episode 702: Sunshine and Frosty SwirlEdit

Sunshine and frosty

Dexter confess Debra he is a serial killer and has been doing the killing since he was in his twenties.

Episode 703: Buck the SystemEdit

Prologue: Ray SpeltzerEdit

Buck the system

Dexter is that kind of stalker..

Dexter tracks Ray Speltzer, a man who was arrested but not convicted of the murders of two women. With all the pressure he has been through lately with Debra, Dexter is convinced he needs this kill.

The Hunt BeginsEdit

Dexter believes that Speltzer may kill again, and goes to his gym to vet him. He notes that Ray grew his hair out, but still looks strong and hostile. Later that night Dexter lures Deb into Speltzer's bar and explains her his theory about Speltzer's baldness and killing ritual. Deb tells Dexter to back off from Speltzer, however Dexter secretly plans on getting evidence that supports his theory about him.

The CemeteryEdit

Episode 704: Run!Edit

"I don't run, I make people run" - internal monologue after being caught by Ray Speltzer

Then later after seeing Ray approach wearing bull horns and carrying an axe..."However I do run if there's a bull coming at me with an axe".




Episode 705: Swim DeepEdit

Prologue: Isaak Sirko and the Koshka BrotherhoodEdit

Swim deep

Dexter is contacted by no other that Isaak Sirko. Being the imposing man he is, Isaak lets Dexter know that he knows Dexter killed Viktor. Although Dexter tells him he had his reasons to kill Viktor, Isaak clearly establishes there will be a reckoning.

Episode 706: Do The Wrong ThingEdit

Prologue: Hannah McKayEdit

Do the wrong thing

Episode 707: ChemistryEdit


Episode 708: ArgentinaEdit

Episode 709: Helter SkelterEdit

Prologue: Benjamin Caffrey and Oleg MickicEdit

Helter Skelter

Episode 710: The Dark... WhateverEdit

Episode 711: Do You See What I See?Edit

Episode 712: Surprise, Motherfucker!Edit


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