Dexter Morgan/Season 5
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Michael C. Hall
First Appearance
Full Name
Dexter Morgan
Darrell Tucker

1 February 1971
Reddish brown
Personal Status
Marital Status
Rita Morgan (deceased)
Immediate Relatives
Harry Morgan (adopted-father; deceased)
Doris Morgan (adopted-mother; deceased)
Laura Moser (biological mother; deceased)
Joe Driscoll (biological father; deceased)
Brian Moser (biological brother; deceased)
Debra Morgan (adopted sister)
Harrison Morgan (biological son)
Astor Bennett (step-daughter)
Cody Bennett (step-son)
Gail Brandon (mother-in-law)
Professional Status
Blood-spatter analyst for Miami Metro Police, Homicide division

Serial killer

Killer Profile
"The Bay Harbor Butcher"
Number of Victims
6 (in season 5)
Modus Operandi
Large knife, Etorphine (M99), Garrotting wire. Occasionally a cordless drill, hammer and chainsaw, set of scalpels and other surgical equipment.
Killing Method
Dexter first sedates his victims with M99, wraps them in shrink wrap, ties them down, and stabs them in the heart. He alters his method for certain victims.
Method of Disposal
Bodies are subjected to postmortem dismemberment. The severed pieces are then put into biodegradable trash bags and dumped in the Gulf Stream
Dexter (along with his brother Brian) witnessed the brutal murder of their mother in a cargo container at a very early age. After seeing Laura Moser chainsawed to pieces, they were then left in the cargo container for two days.

Dexter Morgan is the protagonist of both the DEXTER television series and the Dexter Book Series. He is introduced as a serial killer and a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. As Dexter is the title character, he is featured in every episode as the main focus.

The fifth season of Dexter premiered on September 26, 2010. It focuses on Dexter coming to terms with the aftermath of his wife's murder, stopping a group of serial rapists, and diverting the suspicion of a homicide detective.

Season 5: Summary

Season Five picks up directly after the events of Season Four. Trinity's murder of his wife, Rita, shocks Dexter. Moreover, his son, Harrison, is found sitting in a pool of blood, much like himself with the murder of his own mother. When Dexter is asked by the police what happened, his response puzzles everyone. He says, "It was me," which causes the FBI to further question him. Also, Detective Joey Quinn becomes suspicious of Dexter. He begins to investigate Dexter on his own, later enlisting the help of Stan Liddy.

Thinking that he would be an unsuitable single parent, Dexter abandons Harrison and takes off on his boat. When he encounters an obnoxious man, he beats him to death. Having released his pent up anger, Dexter returns to attend Rita's funeral and resume his parental responsibilities. So that he will still have free time to stalk killers, Dexter hires a nanny for Harrison. He struggles to accept the opinion of a professional who says that, despite being left in blood, his son will not suffer lasting effects..

After Dexter finds human blood in a truck that he rented, he hunts down Boyd Fowler (a man who responds to reports of roadkill). Dexter befriends Boyd but, due an unexpected mishap, he ends up killing Boyd in his house instead of in a kill room. Unbeknownst to Dexter, Boyd is holding a young woman (Lumen Pierce) prisoner. When Dexter notices that she witnessed the murder of Boyd, he is forced to capture and imprison her.

Dexter tries to persuade Lumen that he will not hurt her, but she refuses to believe him and breaks free. Dexter chases her through the woods and she comes out onto a road. Due to her reluctance to get into a car occupied by young males, Dexter is able to re-capture her. He then takes her to the site where Boyd had been disposing of his victims and shows her what he saved her from. Slowly, Lumen begins to trust Dexter and she tells him about the group of men who had beaten and raped her. Later, bent on revenge, Lumen nearly kills an innocent man named Robert Brunner.

Dexter buys Lumen an airline ticket and takes her to the airport. However, she stays in Miami and continues the hunt for her attackers. Dexter doesn't realize that Lumen is still in town. She shoots another man (Dan Mendell) who she believes raped her. Confused about what to do next, she calls Dexter for his assistance. Although Dexter has his next victim (Lance Robinson) trapped in his van, he rushes to the scene - only to find the man missing. The two search the area, bickering over why she did this, but she claims that he is one of the men due to his distinct smell. Dexter tracks a blood trail and they find Dan hiding under a grate. When Dexter hears him making a phone call and learns that he is, in fact, one of the rapists, Dexter snaps his neck. Meanwhile, Lance manages to free himself and tries to escape. However, Dexter chases him down and chokes him to death with shrink wrap. Then Dexter sets it up to look like Lance and Dan killed themselves, which thanks to Vince Masuka's "auto erotic mummification" theory secures Dexter from being caught yet again.

It does not take long for the rest of The Group to arise. One of their top members, Cole Harmon attempts to relocate the dead barrel girls, only to end up in an accident with a drunk driver. Cole quickly flees the scene, leaving the bodies strewn on the street. Dexter is brought into the investigation and the truck is found to be associated with inspirational speaker, Jordan Chase. Both he and Cole arrive at the Miami Metro Police Department to answer questions and Dexter snaps photos of them to show to Lumen. Only Cole is recognized by Lumen and Dexter prepares for the kill. After breaking into Cole's house, they find an old photo of the rapists.

Dexter sits in on one of Jordan's seminars, it is not long before Chase notices him and, afterward has Cole retrieve him. Dexter meets Chase in his hotel room and learns of his interest in the Trinity Case and his knowledge of Rita's murder.

Dexter and Lumen plan to kill Cole in a hotel after one of Jordan's seminars. Dexter books a room next to Cole's and prepares to kill him that night. However, he fails to do so when a lady friend spends the night with Cole. The next day, Dexter plans to grab Cole at an elevator and he waits at another seminar until Cole departs for his rounds. As Dexter is about to leave the seminar, Chase calls him up on the stage and asks him to discuss his feelings over his wife's murder. Dexter stands in front of the audience, struggling to express how he felt when he found her dead. Chase watches on, with a smile and intense interest.

Cole manages to spot Lumen listening to Dexter. and chases her through the hotel to their conjoining rooms. She locks her room door but he bursts through from his own room and tackles her. Dexter, who took the first opportunity to get off stage, makes his way after Cole and manages to save Lumen before the life is choked out of her. Using his knife, Dexter attempts to discover the identities of the remaining rapists, but to no avail. He lets Lumen watch as he uses his blade on Cole. Dexter then presents Lumen with Cole's blood slide. Just before leaving the seminar with body parts in tow, Dexter encounters Chase who imparts a familiar line, "Tick tick tick...that's the sound of your life running out."

Now with Chase in his sights, Dexter begins meeting him regularly to find evidence that he's connected to the rape of Lumen and the other girls. He notices a blood vial that Chase wears around his neck and only removes when he goes to shower after a workout. Dexter steals a drop of blood from the vial and has it tested. It turns out to be the blood of a local woman, Emily Birch. When Lumen and Dexter investigate Emily, they learn that she is the first rape victim of the Group and she identifies all of the members from the photo.

Meanwhile, Dexter's stepdaughter, Astor, and her friend, Olivia, return unexpectedly to Miami. Dexter observes that they have been drinking and they soon get in trouble for shoplifting. It's not long before Barry Kurt (boyfriend of Olivia's mother) arrives on the scene and Dexter learns that Barry is abusive to Olivia. Dexter arranges a meeting with Barry in an alley where Dexter thoroughly beats up Barry - organ by organ. (Teenage Wasteland) Dexter then drives Astor and Olivia back to Orlando. He tells Astor that he loves her and she seems to accept him in the role of father. Before he returns to Miami, Dexter goes inside to visit with Cody.

Lumen moves out of Dexter's house and into his apartment. They track down their next target, Alex Tilden, and Dexter allows Lumen to perform her first kill. After this kill, their partnership turns into an intimate relationship.

Stan Liddy kidnaps Dexter and shows him incriminating footage to force a confession. His aim is to turn Dexter in so that he will be reinstated to the police force. The confrontation ends in Liddy's death inside his van. Immediately after the kill, they are nearly discovered by Joey Quinn who appears outside the van, looking for Liddy. Not aware that Dexter and a deceased Liddy are inside the van, Quinn leaves the area (with a drop of Liddy's blood on his shoe). Unfortunately, when police are called to the scene, Maria LaGuerta notices the blood and Quinn is suddenly the prime suspect. Later, Dexter tampers with evidence to clear Quinn's name. Quinn, realizing what Dexter did, thanks him but Dexter feigns ignorance.

Jordan kills Emily in front of Lumen. He then kidnaps Lumen and takes her to his camp. He lets Dexter know in a phone call that she is still alive. A fruit vendor hears banging inside Jordan's car trunk and notifies the police; Debra sets out to learn more. Dexter hurries home to grab his kill tools, only to be greeted by his family who have arrived for Harrison's birthday.

Despite knowing that he's being baited into a trap, Dexter readies himself for a final conflict to save Lumen. He finds the camp, only to be held at gunpoint and thrown down stairs by Jordan. However, while he is admiring Dexter's kill tools, Jordan notices that one knife is missing. Dexter promptly stabs him in his foot with it, anchoring him to the floor. Dexter straps Jordan to the table and Lumen performs the final kill after Jordan's smug confession. As they are cleaning up, Debra finds the camp and holds Lumen and Dexter at gunpoint through a plastic sheet (thus unable to see them). In the end, Debra allows them to escape with Jordan's body. After disposing of Chase, Dexter learns from Lumen that her urge to kill has vanished and she will now go her separate way.

As the season closes out, a birthday party is held for Harrison.Dexter looks towards the camera and reflects on his wish to be human. As he blows out the candle, his last thought is, "But wishes, of course, are for children."



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