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Dexter Morgan/Season 5
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Michael C. Hall
First Appearance
Full Name
Dexter Morgan
Darrell Tucker

Personal Status
Marital Status
Rita Morgan (deceased)
Immediate Relatives
Harry Morgan (adopted-father; deceased)
Doris Morgan (adopted-mother; deceased)
Laura Moser (biological mother; deceased)
Joe Driscoll (biological father; deceased)
Brian Moser (biological brother; deceased)
Debra Morgan (adopted sister)
Harrison Morgan (biological son)
Astor Bennett (step-daughter)
Cody Bennett (step-son)
Gail Brandon (mother-in-law)
Professional Status
Blood-spatter analyst for Miami Metro Police, Homicide division

Serial killer

Killer Profile
"The Bay Harbor Butcher"
Number of Victims
6 (in season 5)
Modus Operandi
Large knife, Etorphine (M99), Garrotting wire. Occasionally a cordless drill, hammer and chainsaw, set of scalpels and other surgical equipment.
Killing Method
Dexter first sedates his victims with M99, wraps them up, ties them down and stabs them in the heart (specifically the left ventricle). He has been known to alter his method for certain victims, for example he kills Arthur Mitchell with the same hammer Mitchell used to kill one of his victims.
Method of Disposal
Bodies are subjected to post-mortem dismemberment. The severed pieces are then put in biodegradable bin liners and dumped in the Atlantic Ocean via the Gulf Stream, where they are carried throughout the country until deposited in the North Atlantic.
Dexter (along with his brother Brian) witnessed the brutal murder of their mother in a cargo container at a very early age. After seeing Laura Moser chainsawed to pieces, they were then left in the cargo container for three days.

Dexter Morgan is the protagonist of both the DEXTER television series and the Dexter Book Series. Dexter is a blood spatter analyst who happens to hobby in being a Serial killer. He has an adoptive sister by the name of Debra Morgan and the former biological brother of the deceased Brian Moser. His adoptive parents are Harry and Doris Morgan, unfortunately both have passed away prior to the events of season one.


In Season Five, Dexter is still in shock from Rita's death. He continues to kill people and struggles to accept the fact that professionals have told him that his son, Harrison is going to be perfectly normal.
Dexter killed rankin

Dexter, angry and shocked because of Rita's death, kills a man in a bathroom.

Dexter begins to hunt Boyd Fowler (a man who responds to reports of roadkill and cleans up after it). Dexter befriends Boyd and, after a short while, kills him. Unbeknownst to Dexter, Boyd had been holding a young woman (Lumen) prisoner and she witnessed the murder of Boyd. Dexter tries to persuade her that he would not hurt her, but she refuses to believe him and breaks free. Dexter chases her through the woods, and she comes out onto a road while trying to get someone to pick her up. A car stopped but it was occupied by a few teenage boys. Remembering her imprisonment, she turns down the offer of a ride... thus allowing Dexter to re-capture her. Dexter brings her to the site of where Boyd had been disposing of his victims and shows her exactly what he saved her from. Insisting for her to trust him, he even handed her a knife (which she promptly cut his arm with, but patched up afterwards) and she allowed herself to confide in him with her troubles. Lumen had been raped by a group of men, unsure of the exact number and was bent on revenge for what they did to her. Throughout the following days, Dexter tries to convince her that going down this path will not end well for her. However, she insists on following it, going so far as to nearly kill an innocent man named Robert Brunner because he happened to be a rapist that associated himself with Boyd Fowler (it's uncertain whether or not Brunner actually took part in any of the incidences of rape). After this mishap, Dexter believes that he convinced her to head back home from where she originally lived and leaves her at the airport trusting in this.

Little does he know that during his next attempted kill on Lance Robinson that Lumen is still in town... and has gone after another man she believes to have attacked her. Now dealing with his potential next kill trapped in his van and Lumen's mess, he races to the scene to help her deal with the man she apparently killed... only to find him missing. The two search the area, bickering over why she did this again, but she claims up and down that he is in fact one of the men due to a distinct smell that he carries. Little does Dexter know that his sister Debra Morgan is on the way with the police to investigate the possible homicide that took place and that means he has less time to operate. They eventually find the man, named Dan Mendell, and as Dexter battles to control Lumen's intense hatred for the man... he learns the truth that Dan is in fact one of the rapists due to a phone call he makes to possibly Cole Harmon. Dexter, having heard enough, snaps Dan's neck and helps her clean the area of blood and prints... now ready to get his van so they can move the body. As he does this, Lance Robinson (the man he had trapped in the back of his van shrink-wrapped) bursts out and makes a run for it. Dexter gives a quick pursuit, unknowingly heading straight for his sister and the other officers. He manages to catch and choke the life out of Lance just before he reaches the corner that they're at, quickly disposing of his body in a unique fashion. Switching fast to his work attire, he comes out of the building where Dan was killed to show them what he managed to find... Dexter had set it up that Lance and Dan killed themselves, which thanks to Vince Masuka's "auto erotic mummification" theory... secures Dexter from being caught yet again.

It does not take long for the rest of The Group to arise... one of their top members, Cole Harmon, heads to the swamp to secure the remaining bodies of the women and dispose of them properly... only to end up in an accident by a drunk driver. Quickly fleeing the scene, the bodies are discovered and Dexter is brought to the scene to investigate... wanting to find these men before his forensic team does. When the truck is associated to inspirational speaker Jordan Chase, both he and Cole arrive at the Miami Metro Police Department to answer questions. Dexter gets a chance to meet and snap a photograph of each man, only one of them is recognized by Lumen (that being Cole) and Dexter prepares his next kill. Both he and Lumen arrive at one of Chase's conventions, with Dexter sitting in and watching Cole during a seminar it is not long before Chase notices him and has Cole retrieve him. Dexter meets Chase once more and learns of his interest in the Trinity Case (which lead to his wife's murder), somewhat blindsiding Dexter in their brief re-encounter. Dexter later prepares to kill Cole that night, but fails to do so when he discovers a lady friend enjoying an sexual encounter with him... so he postpones the kill for the next day. Preparing a plan to grab Cole at an elevator, he waits in at a seminar once again as Cole departs for his rounds. As he is about to leave, Chase calls him up to the stage, shocking Dexter and pulls him into the spotlight... to discuss his grief over his wife's murder. Dexter, now for the first time put in the open about his emotions and despair, stands on the stage expressing how he felt losing her... and Chase watches on, with a smile and intense interest in his story. While this is going on, Cole manages to spot Lumen and chases her through the hotel, eventually getting to their conjoining rooms. As she locks the door, feeling as if she's safe once again... he bursts through from his own room and tackles her to the floor. Dexter, who took the first opportunity to get off stage, makes his way after Cole and manages to save Lumen's life before the life is choked out of her. He prepares the kill, attempting to discover the identities of the remaining members but receives nothing... allowing Lumen to watch on as he snuffs the life out of Cole with his blade.

Just before leaving the seminar with body parts in tow, Dexter encounters Chase one last time and hears a signature line that pinpoints his interest on the man... "tick tick tick, that's the sound of your life running out", though in this case it has to do with finding opportunity... in Lumen's case, it actually meant her time was drastically short before they intended to kill her. Now with Chase in his sights, Dexter begins meeting him regularly to find some sort of evidence of how he's connected to the rape of Lumen and the other girls. He finds an interesting angle in a blood vial that Chase wears around his neck and only removes when he goes to shower after a workout, intending to get a sample upon their next meeting.

Meanwhile his stepdaughter Astor Bennett suddenly returns to Miami at her mother's old house, meeting Lumen in a surprising turn of events. Dexter arrives on scene and questions what's going on, to learn that his daughter has pretty much turned into a rebellious teen, drinking and cussing. Acting as a stern father would, he scolds her to a degree but nevertheless cares for her now... it becomes very complicated with Lumen in Dexter's life, as Astor views this as a terrible thing to have a woman around (especially after little Harrison says "Mama" when in reality he meant the toy he was holding). It's not long before Astor's friends' father, Barry Kurt arrives on scene, resulting in a conflict first because Dexter thinks he kidnapped them... and then later after Dexter learns that Barry is in fact an abusive father that hurt his daughter's friend multiple times. Enraged, Dexter arranges a meeting in an ally to discuss something... but showing just how human he is, Dexter beats up Barry in a way that only Dexter can - by going after someone's kidneys and liver, winning the fight in less than 10 concentrated hits that made Barry absolutely helpless and in a way, probably in some of the worst pain he's ever felt. Dexter then demands that he leaves his girlfriend (being the friend's mother) and disappear from their lives forever, otherwise things won't turn out so pretty their next encounter (likely resulting in Dexter killing him, he's already killed a pedophile who was stalking Astor... so a dangerous man like Barry would be no problem for him). He then drives his daughter home, finally telling her that he loves her... where she finally understands his true feelings and comes more to accept him as her father. He comes inside to meet up with Cody again and lets them be as he returns to Miami, where the other events start taking their toll (during the Barry incident, he also received the blood sample from the vile that Jordan had... and found out it relates to Emily Birch, but Jordan now knew of Dexter's involvement... and calls Lumen up, leaving her terrified). They investigate this angle in Emily Birch, finding out about Eugene Greer (his real name) in the process and relation to their next target... Alex Tilden. Dexter allows Lumen to kill this man, showing that she is capable of assisting him in his murders... and Dexter starts to believe in having a partner again (since Miguel). But things are becoming heated... Stan Liddy has been following Dexter and has witnessed a few things that finally make him act, kidnapping Dexter while Lumen visits Emily as part of Jordan Chase's trap. The confrontation with Liddy ends in his death, as per self-defense and he is nearly discovered by Joey Quinn who Dexter at this point really doesn't want to have to kill as well to protect himself (likely for his sister's sake). Quinn leaves (not before having a drop of Liddy's blood hit his shoe) and Dexter runs to where Lumen was at, only to discover a now dead Emily Birch (who Jordan killed out of frustration) and a missing Lumen, is giving up a fight. Dexter, now fueled with an intense rage, readies himself for a final conflict to save Lumen and kill Chase. Dexter races home, calling Chase who is also on the road heading to his camp ground. The two discuss what he wants and tries to bargain some way to set her free, but Jordan simply laughs and tells him there's nothing he can do... he ends the call and Dexter reaches home, grabbing up his kill tools only to be caught by his family arriving for Harrison's birthday. The toll of everything that's happening is clear in Dexter's expression, he's exhausted... worried, truly fearing what might happen to Lumen... but he spends his time for a short while with his family only to be called away once more to the scene of Stan Liddy. This distraction, while frustrating, has to be investigated to insure that nothing happens to him. Unfortunately Quinn is suddenly the prime suspect, something that Dexter doesn't have time to deal with at the moment and makes his way to Jordan's camp, only to fall into a trap where he's caught, held at gunpoint and thrown down the stairs. Preparing to kill them both, he lectures them... observing the kill tools in fascination only to see that one is missing. Dexter who has freed himself uses one of his weapons to stab Chase in the foot, makes him unconscious with a sleeper hold and straps him to the table where Lumen gets the final kill after Jordan's smug confession.

Debra, who has been following the vigilante killings, arrives on scene and while conflicting with herself... holds her own brother at gunpoint through a plastic sheet (thus unable to see him). She tells them how beautiful it is, what they have together... and while crying, she decides to let them both go... providing them both enough time to escape with Jordan's body. Some time after, she and her brother discuss what might happen to Quinn and feeling that he has to do this for his sister, he tampers with the evidence thus clearing Quinn's name. Finally, after disposing of Chase, Dexter learns from Lumen that her urge to kill and virtually, her Dark Passenger, has vanished forever... and they promptly break up... with Dexter truly upset as she decides to go her separate way from him. Near the end, a party for Harrison is held and he meets with Astor again, with her asking if helping Lumen was a way to cope with her mother's death and he agreed, feeling he did help her in the end... and Quinn thanks him for helping clear his name. As the season closes out, Dexter looks towards the camera... now vowing to move on from both Rita and Lumen forever, he blows out the candle... saying that "Wishes are for children".

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