Dexter Morgan/Early Cuts
Masked dexter
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Michael C. Hall
First Appearance
'Dexter Early Cuts: Alex Timmons'
Full Name
Dexter Morgan
Daryl Hall
Sean Ellis
Dave Cutler
Patrick Bateman

22 (Gene Marshall early cut) 32 (Alex Timmons early cut) And 33 (Cindy Landon early cut)
Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Harry Morgan (adopted-father; deceased)
Doris Morgan (adopted-mother; deceased)
Laura Moser (biological mother; deceased)
Joe Driscoll (biological father; deceased)
Brian Moser (biological brother; deceased)
Debra Morgan (adopted sister)
Professional Status
Blood-spatter analyst for Miami Metro Police, Homicide division
Serial killer
Killer Profile
"The Bay Harbor Butcher"
Number of Victims
Modus Operandi
Large knife, Etorphine (M99), Garrotting wire. Occasionally a cordless drill, hammer and chainsaw, set of scalpels and other surgical equipment.
Killing Method
Dexter first sedates his victims with M99, wraps them up, ties them down and stabs them in the heart (specifically the left ventricle). He has been known to alter his method for certain victims, for example he kills Arthur Mitchell with the same hammer Mitchell used to kill one of his victims.
Method of Disposal
Bodies are subjected to post-mortem dismemberment. The severed pieces are then put in biodegradable bin liners and dumped in the Atlantic Ocean (specifically, the Bay Harbor.
Dexter (along with his brother Brian) witnessed the brutal murder of their mother in a cargo container at a very early age. After seeing Laura Moser chainsawed to pieces, they were then left in the cargo container for three days.

Dexter Morgan is the protagonist of both the DEXTER television series and the Dexter Book Series. He's introduced as a Serial killer and later, a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. He has an adoptive sister by the name of Debra Morgan and learns later on that he has a biological brother by the name of Brian Moser. His adoptive parents are Harry and Doris Morgan, unfortunately both have passed away prior to the events of this series.


In Dexter Early Cuts, the story does not continue from one season to another, each season of Early Cuts is located a specific time period, however all stories have the objective of telling Dexter's early life as a killer.

Alex Timmons

Prologue: Alex Timmons

Dexter has been tracking Alex Timmons, a killer and weapons lover who used the war as an excuse to kill both guilty and innocent people.


Chapter One, October 2003

Alex timmons room

Dexter prepares his kill room

While preparing a kill room with stuffed animal heads in the background, Dexter starts to analyze how his father Harry continues to influence him, even after Harry's death. Dexter states his father never let him bring his throphies home and that since then, he has never had something to remember his killings. Dexter and his job can not be separated, as such Dexter always takes his work home with him, Dexter next target: Alex Timmons.


Chapter Two

While reading Timmons files, Dexter states that Timmons started like a hunter, like him (Dexter), overcomed by dark urges. However in contrast with Dexter, Timmons killed innocents, as Dexter continues to tell that Timmons became a marine and used it as an excuse to kill innocents, and has never been convicted for it. Dexter tells himself: But he (Alex Timmons) can not escape my judgement. Dexter proceeds to stalk Alex and finds him at a local playground, in which Alex is looking for his next target with a sniper rifle.

Chapter Three

Dexter follows Timmons to a shooting test ground.

Masked dexter

Dexter ready for the kill

Early Cuts: Gene Marshall


Early Cuts: Cindy Landon

Cindy landon

Dexter knocks out Cindy

All in the Family - Chapter Two

Dexter early
While sailing at night with his boat, Slice of Life, Dexter points out how New Year's Eve brings his Dark Passenger to surface. He then throws various trash bags containing body parts into the ocean. While at work, Dexter states that keeping track of the Naughty Ones is what keeps his dark passenger at bay. Dexter targets a new killer who has escaped justice, Tony Rodriguez. When Dexter pays a visit to Tony's house, Dexter searches in the mail items inside the house just to discover Tony no longer lives there. Back at his lab in Miami Metro, Dexter targets a new one, Sam Duke, however Doakes is just bringing Dukes into custody, Dexter remarks that Doakes is getting too good at his job. Dexter is approached by an officer and is informed there is a dead hooker, at motel Little Havanna, which Dexter investigates. When studying the crime scene, Dexter finds out he has seen the same blood spatter pattern before, he smiles and states that maybe his dark passenger can be sated after all.