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Dexter Early Cuts is a web-based series in the form of an animated comic about the character Dexter Morgan and his earliest kills, thus the name "Early Cuts". The series is narrated by Michael C. Hall from the Showtime series and chronicles characters from the TV series (not the novels).

Season 1 focuses on three different killers, while Season 2 deals with Dexter's first major antagonist in the franchise, and Season 3 centers around Dexter's first encounter with a pair of killers. Each story is told in several two to three minute chapters. 

All episodes were released via Youtube to promote specific seasons of the show.


Season 1 intertitles

Season 1: Alex/Gene/Cindy

Dexter Early Cuts: Alex Timmons

  • Alex Timmons: Chapter One - Release Date: 25 October 2009

Dexter begins his research on Alex Timmons who grew up hunting, became a marine, and then turned dark.

  • Alex Timmons: Chapter Two - Release Date:1 November 2009

Dexter continues to explore Alex's background and eventually confronts him at gun range where he makes an interesting discovery.

  • Alex Timmons: Chapter Three - Release Date: 8 November 2009

Dexter captures Alex and takes him to a secure location where he keeps him subdued and surrounded by his hunting trophies.

  • Alex Timmons: Chapter Four - Release Date: 15 November 2009

As Alex senses his own mortality, he begs Dexter for mercy and Dexter ponders the method by which he should end the killer's life.
Dexter Early Cuts: Gene Marshall

  • Gene Marshall: Chapter One - Release Date: 15 November 2009

Dexter begins his latest pursuit with Gene Marshall and learns that he is a real estate mogul, billionaire, and an arsonist.

  • Gene Marshall: Chapter Two - Release Date: 22 November 2009

Dexter learns that Marshall's crimes basically went unpunished as he was deemed unfit for trial after he used his money to exploit the system.

  • Gene Marshall: Chapter Three - Release Date: 29 November 2009

Dexter subdues and confronts Marshall about the people who were casualties of his arsonist activities.

  • Gene Marshall: Chapter Four - Release Date: 6 December 2009

Dexter is interrupted from his ritual with Gene Marshall when his sister, Deb, insists he celebrate her sweet-sixteen birthday with her. Dexter is forced to rethink his methods of disposal.
Dexter Early Cuts: Cindy Landon

  • Cindy Landon: Chapter One - Release Date: 13 December 2009

Dexter stalks a new victim and finds one in Cindy Landon, a magician's assistant with a special skill that makes her husbands disappear.

  • Cindy Landon: Chapter Two - Release Date: 20 December 2009

Cindy reveals the secrets behind her trade and speculates that her role in a magic show is more important than the magician's.

  • Cindy Landon: Chapter Three - Release Date: 27 December 2009

Dexter introduces himself to Cindy at a magic show and, even though she is married, she agrees to meet him later in an abandoned parking lot.

  • Cindy Landon: Chapter Four - Release Date: January 4 2010

With Cindy subdued, Dexter sets the stage for his own magic show with her as the center of attention.

Season 2: Dark Echo

(All episodes for Season 2: Dark Echo were released on the same date.[1])

Dexter buries his father Harry and then attends college

Dexter stalks a new victim, Criminology Professor Robert Milson.

A new year and a new semester bring new victims for Dexter. He targets Jenna Lincoln but someone else kills her first.

Dexter uncovers the identity of "Dark Echo" (his copycat killer) - Peter Thornton

Dexter's "Dark Echo" meets his maker. It's hunter, prey...let the games begin.

Dexter honors the code and the memory of Harry.

Season 3: All in the Family


Season 3 intertitles

(Season 3 takes place in the year 2000.[2])

Dexter hunts a new killer on New Year's Eve.

Two weeks before New Year's Eve, Dexter struggles to find a killer to satisfy his dark passenger.

Dexter researches his next target, Coleman Lindquist.

Dexter stalks Lindquist, but is stopped by his sister, Debra.

Dexter follows Lindquist into his house, just to discover that Lindquist is not killing solo, but instead is working along with his father.

Dexter faces off with Coleman Lindquist and his father in the final chapter...

Voice Actors

Dark Echo

  • Professor by Bert Pence
  • Frat Boy by Paul Jones
  • Dark Echo by Jeff Skowron

Writers and Artists

Season 1: (2009-10)

  • Artist: Kyle Baker

Season 2: Dark Echo (2010)

Season 3: All in the Family (2012)


Chronological list of events, according to the Early Cuts web-series:

  • All in the Family - December 2000


While Early Cuts is meant to symbolize killings done by Dexter prior to the events in the Showtime series, there are a couple of discrepancies.

  1. In the TV series, Alex Timmons was the first trophy in Dexter's blood slide collection, and Gene Marshall was the second one. However, in Early cuts, Gene Marshall was killed in 1993, and Alex Timmons was killed in 2003, ten years later. In Early Cuts, it is clear that Dexter does not take a blood slide from Gene Marshall, yet there is a cut on Gene's face during the flashback in the TV series. This suggests that if Dexter did take a blood trophy from Gene, he wasn't killed ten years prior to the killing of Alex, (his first trophy). The Early Cuts story may be the definitive version as it was released post-Season 2 (and Gene Marshall's story was released post-Season 4), thus ruling out Gene's appearance in season one of the TV series.
  2. Cindy Landon, in the TV series, appears to be wrapped in plastic. In Early Cuts, Cindy is confined inside a box where Dexter chainsaws her in half.

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