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Dexter Early Cuts is a web-based series in the form of an animated comic about the character Dexter Morgan and his earliest kills, thus the name "Early Cuts". The series is narrated by Michael C. Hall from the Showtime series and chronicles characters from that series (not the novels).

Season 1 focuses on three different killers, while Season 2 deals with Dexter's first major antagonist in the franchise, and Season 3 centers around Dexter's first encounter with a pair of killers. 

All episodes where released via Youtube to promote specific seasons of the show.



Season 1 intertitles

The Early Cuts series is covered so far in two seasons. The first season is character specific, featuring three different victims...while Season 2 is focused on "Dark Echo Chapters".

Season 1Edit

Season 1 aired between 2008 and the start of 2010, as confirmed via SHOWTIME's YouTube page [1]

Dexter Early Cuts: Alex TimmonsEdit

Original Airdate: 11/08/2008

Dexter hunts Alex Timmons, a corrupt Gulf War veteran who used the cover of war to kill the innocent.

Dexter Early Cuts: Gene MarshallEdit

Original Airdate: 12/06/2009

A young Dexter encounters arsonist Gene Marshall and is forced to rethink his methods.

Dexter Early Cuts: Cindy LandonEdit

Original Airdate: 01/07/2010

Dexter finds himself in a tricky situation when he encounters black widow Cindy Landon.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 was aired on the same date, 10/23/2010.[2]

Dark Echo - Chapter OneEdit

Dexter buries his father Harry and then attends college

Dark Echo - Chapter TwoEdit

Dexter stalks a new victim, Criminology Professor Robert Milson.

Dark Echo - Chapter ThreeEdit

A new year brings new victims for Dexter, this spring semester it's Jenna Lincoln.

Dark Echo - Chapter FourEdit

Dexter tries to uncover the identity of his "Dark Echo."

Dark Echo - Chapter FiveEdit

Dexter's "Dark Echo" meets his maker. Hunter, prey, let the games begin.

Dark Echo - Chapter SixEdit

Dexter honors the code and the memory of Harry.

Season 3Edit


Season 3 intertitles

Season 3 takes place in the year 2000.[3]

All in the Family - Chapter OneEdit

Original Airdate: 7/12/2012

Dexter hunts a new killer on New Year's Eve.

All in the Family - Chapter TwoEdit

Original Airdate: 8/28/2012

Two weeks before New Year's Eve Dexter struggles to find a killer to satisfy his dark passenger.

All in the Family - Chapter ThreeEdit

Original Airdate: 9/4/2012

Dexter researches his next target, Coleman Lindquist.

All in the Family - Chapter FourEdit

Original Airdate 9/14/2012

Dexter stalks Lindquist, but is stopped by his sister, Debra.

All in the Family - Chapter FiveEdit

Dexter follows Lindquist into his house, just to discover Lindquist is not killing solo, but instead working along his father.

All in the Family - Chapter SixEdit

Dexter faces off with Coleman Lindquist and his father in the final chapter...

Voice ActorsEdit

  • The Dark Echo
    • Professor by Bert Pence
    • Frat Boy by Paul Jones
    • Dark Echo by Jeff Skowron

Artists and StyleEdit

The artist (at least for Dark Echo) is Bill Sienkiewicz, with the story being written by Tim Schlattmann.


While Early Cuts is meant to symbolize killings done by Dexter prior to the events in the Showtime series, some problems arise with some of his victims. First is Gene must be noted that this kill took place 10 years before Alex Timmons, who was the first in Dexter's blood slide collection. While Early Cuts clearly has it when Dexter doesn't take a blood slide, there is a cut on Gene's face during the flashback in the TV series that suggests Dexter took a blood sample from him (which could not have been possible 10 years prior to Alex). As for Cindy Landon, we can assume it doesn't make much of a difference anyway (she appeared to be wrapped in plastic yet they changed it to a box for her to be sawed in half in Early Cuts).

However, Early Cuts may be the final definitive version as it was released post-Season 2 (and Gene Marshall's story was released post-Season 4), thus ruling out Gene's appearance in the TV series, Season 1.




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