The following is a list of video games, applications and minigames based on SHOWTIME's series DEXTER.

Social gamesEdit

Dexter Slice of LifeEdit

Dexter Slice of Life is a video game developed by Ecko Code for the social-networking site Facebook.

Dexter's DisciplesEdit

Another Facebook application, Dexter's Disciples was a weekly trivia.

Showtime AppsEdit

Body Bag TossEdit

Body bag toss
Game instructions:
  • Help Dexter dispose of the evidence. The farther you throw it, the higher your score.



What's the DifferenceEdit

Another Showtime mini game, it consists on spotting five differences between two pictures from any scene on the Dexter series, however the pictures inside the game now promote not only Dexter, but also scenes from other Showtime series like Shameless.

Youtube Interactive GamesEdit

Where's DexterEdit

Pressumably an original twist on the Where's Waldo popular images, the mini game can be played on Youtube, it is included on the Showtime Youtube Channel.

Dexter Interactive InvestigationEdit

Dexter Interactive Investigation
is an interactive game that can be played via YouTube. The goal is to investigate murderscenes and try to track a killer from New York City.

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