Dexter Issue 5
Writer(s): Jeff Lindsay
Artist(s): Dalibor Talajic
Release date: 2013
Dexter (Volume 1)
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Dexter: Issue #5 is the fifth issue in the first volume of the Dexter Comics series created by Jeff Lindsay (author of the Dexter Book Series) and illustrated by Dalibor Talajic.

Release Information

Release Date: Nov. 6, 2013
Writer/Creator: Jeff Lindsay, Jeffrey Paul Freundlich
Artist/Covers: Dalibor Talajic, Del Mundo
Pricing: $3.99 (Pricing may vary)

Solicit Synopsis


Steve calls his enforcer Octavio to come and pick an unconscious Dexter.

Steve and his henchmen kidnap Dexter and take him to Mar Dorado via yacht. They wake up Dexter and welcome him to the real Mar Dorado, an 24/7 slave labor island where various members of the New Hope Foundation have been taken to work for Steve, building a resort owned by the latter. Dexter disrespect Steve, to which Octavio responds by tazzing him.

Dexter doing slave labor
Dexter dark 2
Dexter is put to work alongside other slaves in Mar Dorado . While working, a fellow prisoner teases Dexter, to which the latter responds by cutting his tongue. Octavio whips Dexter in punishment of what he just did. Dexter hopes and waits patiently for Deborah to find out where he is. His wish is granted, sort of, as Deborah is also brough to the island after being kidnapped herself by Steve's men. Deborah and Dexter are taken by Steve and his men to a warehouse where they are both tied in x-shaped metallic structures, inside what seems as Steve's Killroom. Steve is sitting on a somewhat throne on the warehouse and explains them how the death of Deveaux and Bleek were rushed. He states that he will not make the same mistakes again and will take his time to kill both Dexter and Deborah.
Steve threatens 1
Steve is prepared to kill Dexter with a pitchfork, however he is interrupted when an alarm goes off and leaves the task to Octavio. In the midst of the discussion, Dexter manages to free himself and attacks Octavio out of Deborah's view. Dexter grabs the pitchfork left by Steve and is prepared to kill Octavio, however Deborah's cry of help interrupts him. Neverthless he proceeds to stabb Octavio on the neck, killing him. Dexter proceeds to rescue Deborah and both escape and pursue Steve.
Steve in venezuela
Dexter in venezuela

Dexter and Deborah are unable to chase Steve as he escapes on his yacht and are then captured by members of the F.B.I. who arrived at the island. They are eventually released as they were victims of Steve. Dexter theorizes Steve could have gone to Venezuela.

Dexter dark alley
Steve does travel to Venezuela. Eventually Dexter travels to Venezuela and indeed finds an unsuspecting Steve. While Steve walks into a dark alley, Dexter kills him off panel. 
Red moon

A red moon shines as Dexter is back as cunning as ever.





  • As with all issues, it's release was delayed approximately for 3 weeks.


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