Dexter Issue 2
Writer(s): Jeff Lindsay
Artist(s): Dalibor Talajic
Release date: 2013
Dexter (Volume 1)
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Dexter: Issue #2 is the second issue in the Dexter Comics series created by Jeff Lindsay (author of the Dexter Book Series) and illustrated by Dalibor Talajic.

Release Information

Release Date: 2013
Writer/Creator: Jeff Lindsay
Artist/Covers: Dalibor Talajic, Del Mundo
Pricing: $3.99 (Pricing may vary)


Continuing directly after the events of Issue #1, Dexter, Deborah and other members of the Miami Dade police are checking on the crime scene involving the murder of Arthur Bleek. After discovering Bleek's connection to the New Hope Foundation, Dexter and Deborah head to the location of the company to interrogate Steve Gonzalez.

Upon arrival they are greeted by Gonzalez, and his mysterious bodyguard only known as Deveaux. Gonzalez flirts with Deborah to no avail, and when he is questioned about the murder of Bleek, he states he does not know anything about it. Deveaux states the last time they saw Bleek, he was at an evening challenge, which is a group session on the New Hope Foundation. Deveaux states Bleek leaved at 9:30 PM. Deborah asks if they know were did he go, Deveaux states outside. Deborah threatens him and states this is not funny, however Gonzalez states that Bleek literally lived on the street. Gonzalez proceeds to tell Dexter and Deborah about his program involving Mar Dorado and how the members return to Miami with enough funds to start a new life.
New life with new hope
, that's our motto, says Deveaux. Deborah and Dexter leave to continue wirh the investigation.

While discussing the case, Dexter states Gonzalez is a suspect while Deborah rapidly targets Deveaux as the main suspect, stating Gonzalez does not seem to have a motive for the murder. Deborah ordered Dexter to get back to the HQ to run a background check on Deveaux while she heads back to the crime scene.

Dexter discusses his findings with Deborah, he states Deveaux is a former Tonton Macoute. This just gives Deborah more credibility on her theory.

They head to the New Hope Foundation to discuss about this with Gonzalez. Gonzalez states he knows that about Deveaux and that the point of his organization is to forget the troubled past of his members and rehabilitate them by giving them a second chance. While a patient named Billy is been taken care of, Gonzalez, Dexter and Deborah walk by, and presence the patient's trust on Gonzalez and on his organization's purpose. Still, Dexter's Dark Passenger felt something was not right with Gonzalez. Dexter and Deborah leave the building to continue the case.
Biker attacks
While discussing the case on the highway, Dexter starts to think his Dark Passenger might be wrong this time, when suddenly an unknown motorcycle driver approaches Deborah's vehicle and ignites it with a molotov-like explosive. Deborah and Dexter manage to get off the car before
been engulfed on fire. Immediately Deborah points who the unknown biker might be. She states the Tonton Macoute use fire as a tool of fear, therefore the responsible of the attack is Deveaux.






  • In the cover, Dexter is drinking a wine belonging to a brand named Dark Passenger.
  • When Dexter makes a background check on Deveaux, he discovers the latter is a former Tonton Macoute. Tonton Macoute was a Haitian paramilitary force that commonly used fire as a method to instill fear on their victims, and also as a weapon to perform their kills.
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