Dexter Issue 1
Writer(s): Jeff Lindsay
Artist(s): Dalibor Talajic
Release date: July 3rd, 2013
Dexter (Volume 1)
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Dexter: Issue #1 is the first issue in the Dexter Comics series created by Jeff Lindsay (author of the Dexter Book Series) and illustrated by Dalibor Talajic.

Release Information

Release Date: July 3, 2013 (originally October 3rd, 2012) Writer/Creator: Jeff Lindsay
Artist/Covers: Dalibor Talajic
Pricing: $3.99 (Pricing may vary)


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A full moon can be seen hovering over the bright lights in Miami, Florida where a street cleaner is busy cleaning out an alleyway. A mustached man is shown hiding in the distance, peaking around the corner of a building watching the cleaner. From within the shadows behind him a homeless person calls out, asking for some change. His face obscured by the darkness, the mustached man pays it no mind and approaches...saying "Sure, I got somethin' for ya right here" with his right hand reaching inside of his coat.
Dexter killing attire in the comics

Enter: Dexter Morgan

As a knife is shown slipping from his brown jacket, the man in the shadows leaps forward grasping the knife wielder with his left hand as his right hand brings forth a syringe, injecting the would-be murderer with a sedative that knocks him out instantly. His knife falls to the floor as the man who was faking to be a bum looms overhead, a visceral shadow of a dark figure hovering on the wall behind him. This man's name is Dexter Morgan, a Serial Killer and he's just sedated another victim. Dexter pulls the man into the darkness, finding a secure space as he pulls another item from the mustached man's jacket: a bloodied pink shoe with flower patterns on it, suggesting this guy murdered a little girl. As Dexter smiles to himself, he brings up his own blade and strikes it into his victim's chest.

The scene switches to a cloudless day, where Dexter is shown pulling some letters from the box while the mailman drives off. He heads inside, examining an invitation to his High School reunion before tossing it in the garbage. Remarking to himself that he didn't even think about going, what purpose would it serve? Unfortunately, as he walks off his wife Rita Morgan spots the card while carrying laundry.

Dexter deposits the blood slide for his most recent victim in his Rosewood Box, a blood-slide carrier with three columns to hold roughly 96 slides. Inside the box, a visible 46 are shown with a 47th in hand. He hears Rita calling him, so he deposits the slide and hides the box before meeting with her out in the living room. She carries a big smile, holding his invitation asking if it's for his High School reunion. When Dexter says that it is, she immediately takes control and says that of course they're going, as she's curious as to what he was like in school. She's insistent on it being so much fun, meeting his friends and learning all about him while Dexter quietly agrees to go along with it, in order to maintain his disguise.

The reunion is located at the Coconut Grove High School gym, where a band is shown playing on stage. Dexter was unattached to the crowd, feeling that he didn't know many of them and certain that he didn't want to see any of them again. People were shown running, dancing and laughing...and Rita could not help but join in on the fun by pulling Dexter to the dance floor. He made some remarks inside his head of things he'd rather be doing (such as killing someone) and danced with his wife, while Judge Graham along with some others dressed in Roman togas marched on by. Graham in particular flashed the crowd, revealing little to no clothing underneath while Rita remarked on an interesting class he graduated with.

She inquired then on if Dexter had a best friend in high school, somebody he must have been close to. Dexter states that he was a kind of a loner, without any friends to speak of but that's when he noticed Steve Gonzalez in the crowd. Steve was very well-known, number 3 on the "Ten Sexiest Men in Miami" list and the owner of The New Hope Foundation. However, Dexter flashed back to a different Steve...a bully immigrated in from Cuba, a couple years older than Dexter himself. He struggled in school, behind in many of his classes but he had a habit of picking on just one individual: Dexter. This naturally infuriated the young man, who wanted to exact revenge in his own he talked to his father Harry Morgan.
Dexter and steve

Dexter, ready to kill Steve

Harry gave him a pep talk on not letting someone push him around, to show him what Dexter's really made of. Of course...this advice was taken in a different light by Dexter, who tracked down Steve one day at the locker room, knocking him out with use of a wire. Steve awoke on a table, stripped and tied to it while Dexter stood over him with a knife. His mouth gagged, he simply stared at Dexter...frightened until someone opened the door behind them. Fearless, Dexter simply hid the knife behind his back as the janitor looked at him wondering what was going on. This ended up resulting in Dexter's first trip to Mr. Bartlett's office, the presumed Principal of the school. Harry wasn't too fond of what happened but on the positive side, Steve never bothered Dexter again after that incident.

Back in the present, Rita begs Dexter to introduce the two of them and he gives it some thought before grudgingly agreeing. The two approach Steve, who recognizes him instantly and Dexter is shocked when he's hugged by the man who talks in a charismatic excited voice. He then greets Rita, using his charm to ask how such a woman ended up with a guy like Dexter. Dexter put his arm around his wife, stating she just got lucky while Steve smiles. He then starts to worry Dexter, who says that Rita married a monster...a "true monster" - of morality. He admits that he used to be a bully but Dexter showed him the error of his ways, though perhaps a little melodramatically. Regardless, he states that it was effective...and Dexter awkwardly says thank you before Steve concurs that it is him that should be thanking Dexter. All the while Rita can be seen swooning over this interaction between Steve and her husband, while Steve claims that Dexter would never tell her this of course. He stays that due to Dexter, he doesn't know what he could have become and certainly wouldn't have began the Hope Foundation. He goes on to give Dexter a look, his green eyes apparent as he states that it's not something Dexter would talk about again...and Dexter agrees. After some more chitchat, Steve asks for Rita's hand on the dance floor while Dexter permits it, watching Steve the entire time. In his mind he remarks that not a lot was remembered from that reunion...except for Steve's eyes, which after 20 years from the first time Steve bullied him, have never changed.

Crime scene arthur bleek

Victim: Arthur Bleek

The following day a crime scene depicting a deceased man lying on the concrete with a knife in his back is shown. Police officers and detectives crowd the location, with a paramedics van near the bridge and several squad cars lining the lot. Sergeant Deborah Morgan stands over the body, while an on-scene officer talks about the victim: 48 year old Arthur Bleek, a New-Jersey resident with an expired license with no current address and unemployed. He's then labeled a drunk, while the cop remarks he's just one of those guys who walks up to cars squirting water on your wind shield before wiping it off for a tip.

Dexter then begins talking about the body, as he's seen hovering over it behind the talking officers. He states that the man spent some time in the water recently, with no blood underneath his body and no blood in his clothes. He was apparently killed somewhere else and then dumped in the water, but the he's currently sitting out in an open parking lot. Deb questions why someone would haul him out and dump him here, with Dexter claiming that it's probably a statement or a warning. Deb then calls over a fellow detective named Bronski, asking him who found the body. Bronski says that a couple of bums found him, while Dexter asks when. He says those guys aren't real good with time, while Dexter comically remarks whether Bronski is good it himself. He questions it saying sure, while Deb asks "what. freaking. time." with Bronski saying about "Seven...ish?".

Deb asks if the bums knew the victim, where Bronski says they saw him around the mission. This sparks Dexter's curiosity, with him asking what mission almost anxiously.
Dexter realizes

Dexter fears Steve's return is not a coincidence

Deb smacks him upside the head, asking where the hell he's been while pointing at the building directly in front of them. Dexter remarks in his head that she's the only person he'd ever let do that and says that's what big sister's are for...and in front of him he sees The New Hope Foundation. Suddenly it all starts to fall together for Dexter, having not seen Steve for over 20 years...and now he's all over the place. He could chalk it up as fact he was almost sure of it. But then questioned that absolution, while staring at the building in thought.


Spoiler Spoiler warning: This article or section contains key plots and information. Read at your own risk.


Spoiler Spoiler warning: This article or section contains key plots and information. Read at your own risk.

The plot of the first issue changed drastically from the original idea, first revealed in 2012.

The following is a synopsis revealed on the preorder page for the issue.

Dexter Morgan is not just an above-average forensic blood spatter expert. He’s also Miami’s friendly neighborhood crime-fighting serial killer! But Dexter’s “killing” streak gets put on hold, as he find himself trapped in a sticky situation – his high school reunion! The Skid Row Slasher, Miami’s newest serial killer, is racking up quite the body count. The rookie is giving good ol’ Dexter a run for his money. And Dexter’s problems are only beginning to multiply as his Dark Passenger, Dexter’s inner voice, screams for a little murderous fun to feed the need! [1]

  • There are two released covers, with the only difference being the font color change. "DEXTER" can be seen in red or alternatively, blue font.
    • The cover for the red-text issue is thicker than the remainder of the comic, made of a harder paper similar to a volume collection of comics. The cover for the blue-text is the same type of paper as used in the inside pages, making it softer. In addition, they advertise a few different Marvel series in the issues.




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