Dexter: Down Under Issue 3
Dexter Down Under 4 cover
Writer(s): Jeff Lindsay
Artist(s): Dalibor Talajic
Release date: 2014
Dexter: Down Under
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Dexter: Down Under #4 is the fourth issue in the second volume of the Dexter Comics series created by Jeff Lindsay (author of the Dexter Book Series) and illustrated by Dalibor Talajic.

Release Information

  • Colors: Mike Del Mundo

Solicit Synopsis


A Koala in a nearby tree drops a leaf on an unconcious Dexter, awakening him. Dexter finds himself and Shawna in the middle of the Australian desert, with only their intimate clothes on. Not even Shawna know where they are. When Dexter states matters can not get worse, they actually do, as robotic armed tank-like machine approaches them. Dexter has a plan on how to escape from the robot however Shawna realizes it is all for nothing as an aerial camera-machine is recording and following from up in the woods. As they get ready to plan another strategy, a burst of light flashes over them - It is Grigsby, getting out of his Jeep-like vehicle and welcoming them to the hunt. He gives them one hour as a head start and tells them to run, but that the funny thing about robots is that they do not get tired. Shawna tells Grigsby she is not going to play his sick games. Bruce tells her that if that is the case, then he will just kill them both right there. Dexter states they better play and takes Shawna with him, to run. Bruce states that is a clever idea. As they both escape, another leaf from a nearby tree falls near Grigsby, he notices a Koala on the tree and shots the Koala, killing it.



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