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Dexter's Kill List (a separate list from The Kill Guide) is a collection of all characters killed by Dexter Morgan, with possible assistance by another character (such as Lumen Pierce). The list unfortunately cannot be placed in an accurate order, as many of the victims were identified during the Bay Harbor Butcher Investigation by FBI Agent Frank Lundy's Task Force. The only kills that can be confirmed in number are those counted back from the time when Dexter confirmed his kills at 67 (who deserved to die by his standards) in Episode 501: My Bad, with Arthur Mitchell being the 67th.

According to Darkly Dreaming Dexter, with the addition of Father Donovan, the total blood slide count was 37. However, in the series, the number is 39, because the victims that Dexter took blood slides from added up to a total of 46 by the end of Season 2, and he had only taken seven additional blood slides after Donovan (Jaworski, Chambers, the Castillos, Meridian, Chino, and Hicks).

When counting back from Trinity, it must be taken into consideration that there are time skips between Seasons, as proven between the end of Season 2 and the start of Season 3, where Dexter's box of blood slides has five slides in it, with the addition of Cal Rooney. So eyes must be kept on the box after Season 3 and Season 4's opening. At the end of Season 2, the slide number is clear.

However, Dexter only started taking blood slides after Alex Timmons, so there are a number of unaccounted victims before that point, including Mary. It should also be noted that Dexter has not taken blood slides from a number of his other victims, including his brother and people he kills on the spot such as Dan Mendell.

With the introduction of Dexter Early Cuts, some inconsistency exists in the timeline where characters are killed. A major inconsistency is that, despite Gene Marshall being killed prior to taking blood slides, he still has a blood slide in Dexter's box. However, this has been solved with the creation of "The Kill Room" on Showtime's website. Also, Dexter states during Alex Timmons' Early Cuts episode that he had killed dozens of people.

Dexter's hair also seems to make an inconsistency. Juan Rinez was apparently killed when Dexter had short hair, and so was Gene Marshall. Since Juan Rinez is implied to have been Dexter's second kill, and he was seen to have cut his hair before Harry's funeral, this would seemingly have to place Gene between Mary and Juan. However, it is possible that Dexter grew his hair back after his father's death, killed Marshall with it long, and then cut it again. Debra's birthday seems to fix this inconsistency. In the flashback before he kills Juan Rinez, she is seen celebrating a birthday, wearing her glasses, while Harry is alive and well. Then, in Gene Marshall's early cuts episode, Debra is seen on her sixteenth birthday, not wearing her glasses. Harry is also mentioned in past tense and not seen in that episode, so it is implied he had died by that point. This would mean that Gene Marshall was either Dexter's third, or fifth non-blood slide kill.

Some inconsistencies seem to have been fixed by "The Kill Room" on the Showtime website. According to that, Gene was killed after Alex, which would be consistent with the show. It also states that Timmons was killed in 1999.

The VictimsEdit


Dexter's Victims Infographic made by Shahed Syed of Dehahs Graphics. It is more or less correct in accounting direct and even indirect victims but number is decreased because of a few victims missed from both categories.

A separate section will have details on each of those killed, but this list is just of the names of people Dexter has killed and with a basic cause of death. He has killed at least 135 people to date, not including any unaccounted kills made before he began collecting blood slides.

Prior to Blood Slides
1. Mary - Stabbed to death. ("Popping Cherry")
2. Unnamed victim - Killed between Mary and the Drug Dealer. ("Every Silver Lining")
3. Unnamed Drug Dealer - First victim that Dexter showed photographs of their own victims to. ("Every Silver Lining")
4. Juan Rinez - Stabbed in the chest. ("There's Something About Harry")
5. Robert Milson - Stabbed in the chest. ("Dark Echo - Chapter Two")
6. Peter Thornton - Neck sawed out. ("Dark Echo - Chapter Five")
7. Unidentified victim - Identified via an official website as being killed right before Alex Timmons, whom Dexter started to stalk at the same night, witnessing him on the roof.
First Box
8. Alex Timmons - 1st blood slide. Stabbed in the chest. ("Return to Sender", "Dexter Early Cuts: Alex Timmons")
Victims with unknown blood slide order
9. Gene Marshall - "Sliced to pieces with a power saw." according to official website, but if we take into consideration "Early Cuts" before this he had his throat slit with an utility knife and his head beaten with a flashlight and crushed by the car. ("Return to Sender", "Dexter Early Cuts: Gene Marshall")
10. Cindy Landon - Cut in half with a chainsaw. ("Return to Sender", "Dexter Early Cuts: Cindy Landon")
11. Coleman Lindquist - Decapitated with a hacksaw. Blood slide shared with his father. ("All in the Family - Chapter Six")
12. Max Lindquist - Decapitated with a hacksaw. Blood slide shared with his son. ("All in the Family - Chapter Six")
13. Rick Jensen - Identified on the board. ("See-Through")
14. Jeff Linder - Identified on the board. ("See-Through")
15. Renzo Sandoval - Identified on the board. ("See-Through")
16. Carlos Gutierrez - Identified on the board. ("See-Through")
17. Dylan Maddock - Identified on the board. ("See-Through")
18. Robert Thatcher - Seen in the freezer. ("See-Through")
19. Marcus White - Seen in the freezer. ("See-Through")
20. Oscar Sota - Seen in the freezer. ("See-Through")
21. Joseph Cepeda - Seen in the freezer. ("See-Through")
22. Chad Carpenter - Identified on the board. ("That Night, a Forest Grew")
23. Shannon Reynolds - Identified on the board. ("That Night, a Forest Grew")
24. Anthony Rodrigo - Identified by Debra. ("Morning Comes")
25. Luke Wellens - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
26. Andy Jorgen - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
27. Rachel Rhodes - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
28. Kevin Mott - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
29. Jerry Voltic - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
30. Sean Dibberman - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
31. Berry Cooper - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
32. Herbert Washington - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
33. Jacob Wilson - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
34. George Hoss - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
35. Olman Estavez - Identified during slide show presentation. ("There's Something About Harry")
36. Rick Cross - Identified on the list. ("There's Something About Harry")
37. Peter Matherson - Identified on the list. ("There's Something About Harry")
38. Alan Elson - Identified on the list. ("There's Something About Harry")
39. Henry Vortman - Identified on the list. ("There's Something About Harry")
40. Larry Costes - Identified on the list. ("There's Something About Harry")
41. Marty Terison - Identified on the list. ("There's Something About Harry")
42. Buck Forester - Identified via a file. ("There's Something About Harry")
43. Alan Matherson - Identified via a file. ("There's Something About Harry")
44. Thomas Hillstat - Identified via a file. ("There's Something About Harry")
45. Larry Mueller - Identified by LaGuerta. ("There's Something About Harry")
46. Leandro Noriega - Seen on the board and later identified by name via Debra's computer ("There's Something About Harry" and "Finding Freebo")
47. Walter Monroe - Implied to have been killed in a flashback. ("Surprise, Motherfucker!")
48. Marcetti - First kill after meeting Rita Bennett. ("My Bad")
Beginning of the kills featured in the series
49. Mike Donovan - 39th blood slide. Neck sawed out with power saw. ("Dexter")
50. Jamie Jaworski - 40th blood slide. Decapitated with a cleaver. ("Dexter")
51. Matt Chambers - 41st blood slide. Stabbed in the chest. ("Crocodile")
52. Jorge Castillo - 42nd blood slide. Neck sawed out with power saw. ("Love American Style")
53. Valerie Castillo - 43rd blood slide. Dexter used its blood to set up Jorge. Jugular sliced with knife. ("Love American Style")
54. Emmett Meridian - 44th blood slide. Neck sawed out with power saw. ("Shrink Wrap")
55. Brian Moser - Neck slashed - made to look like a suicide. No blood taken. ("Born Free")
No Victims Between Seasons One and Two
56. Little Chino - 45th blood slide. Stabbed in the chest with his machete. ("Waiting to Exhale")
57. Roger Hicks - 46th blood slide. Stabbed in the chest. ("An Inconvenient Lie")
58. Ken Olson - Decapitated with a cleaver. No blood taken. ("Dex, Lies, and Videotape")
59. Santos Jimenez - 47th blood slide (lost). Dismembered with a chainsaw. ("Morning Comes"
60. Jose Garza - Neck sawed out with a power saw. No blood taken. ("There's Something About Harry")
61. Esteban Famosa - Killed off screen, had neck snapped. No blood taken. ("Left Turn Ahead")
62. Teo Famosa - Shot in the chest, with James Doakes assistance. N o blood taken. ("Left Turn Ahead")
63. Lila West - Stabbed in the chest. No blood taken. ("The British Invasion")
Total number of slides in first box: 46
Second Box
4 Unknown Victims Between Seasons 2 and 3
68. Cal Rooney - 5th Blood slide. Decapitated. ("Our Father")
69x. Oscar Prado - Knife turned on him in self-defense. No blood taken. ("Our Father")
70. Fred Bowman - 6th Blood slide. Stabbed in the neck. ("Finding Freebo")
71x. Nathan Marten - Strangled with a garotte. No blood taken. ("The Lion Sleeps Tonight")
72. Ethan Turner - 7th blood slide. Stabbed in the chest. ("Turning Biminese")
73. Clemson Galt - 8th blood slide. Stabbed in the chest. ("Sì Se Puede")
74x. Camilla Figg - Fed poison key lime pie (mercy killing, at her request). No blood taken. ("Easy as Pie")
75. Miguel Prado - Strangled to death with a wire garotte. No blood taken. ("I Had a Dream")
76. George King - Neck snapped. No blood taken. ("Do You Take Dexter Morgan?")
12 Unknown Victims Between Seasons 3 and 4
89. Benito Gomez - 21st blood slide. Stabbed in the chest. ("Living the Dream")
90. Zoey Kruger - 22nd blood slide. Stabbed in the chest. ("Dex Takes a Holiday")
91x. Jonathan Farrow - 23rd blood slide (broken). Decapitated with a cleaver. ("Slack Tide")
92. Stan Beaudry - 23rd blood slide. Neck sawed out with power saw. ("Hello, Dexter Morgan")
93. Arthur Mitchell - 24th blood slide. Beaten to death with his hammer. ("The Getaway")
No Victims Between Seasons 4 and 5
94x. Rankin - Beaten to death with an anchor, out of rage. No blood taken. ("My Bad")
95. Boyd Fowler - 25th blood slide. Stabbed in the chest. ("Practically Perfect")
96. Dan Mendell - Shot by Lumen Pierce, Neck snapped by Dexter. No blood taken. ("Everthing is Illumenated")
97. Lance Robinson - Strangled with a shrink wrap. No blood taken. ("Everthing is Illumenated")
98. Cole Harmon - Stabbed in the chest by Dexter. Blood slide given to Lumen. ("Take It!")
99x. Stan Liddy - Stabbed in self-defense. No blood taken. ("Hop a Freighter")
13 Unknown Victims Between Seasons 5 and 6
113. Ben - 39th blood slide. Heart stopped with a defibrillator. ("Those Kinds of Things")
114. Roger - 40th blood slide. Heart stopped with a defibrillator. ("Those Kinds of Things")
115. Joe Walker - 41st blood slide. Skull crushed with a hammer, and stabbed in the chest. ("Those Kinds of Things")
116. Julio Benes - 42nd blood slide. Throat slashed. ("Once Upon a Time...")
117. Walter Kenney - 43rd blood slide. Suffocated with a pillow. ("Smokey and the Bandit")
118. Nick - Drowned in the river he was baptized in. No blood taken. ("Just Let Go")
119x. Norm - Stabbed with a pitchfork (Imagined Brian doing it). No blood taken. ("Nebraska")
120. Steve Dorsey - Stabbed in the stomach. No blood taken. ("Ricochet Rabbit")
121. Beth Dorsey - Trapped in a room with her gas bomb, "Wormwood". No blood taken. ("Talk to the Hand")
122. Alberto - Stabbed in the stomach with a harpoon. No blood taken. ("This is the Way the World Ends")
123. Travis Marshall - Stabbed in the chest. Blood slide broken, final slide taken. ("This is the Way the World Ends")
No Victims Between Seasons 6 and 7
124. Viktor Baskov - Head smashed with a fire extinguisher. No blood taken. ("Are You...?")
125. Ray Speltzer - Stabbed in the chest with a stake. ("Run")
Total number of slides in second box: 43
After Blood Slides
126. Unnamed Hitman - Throat slashed. ("Argentina")
127. Oleg Mickic - Stabbed in the back. ("Helter Skelter")
128x. Clint McKay - Stabbed in the chest. ("The Dark... Whatever")
129. Hector Estrada - Stabbed in the chest. ("Surprise, Motherfucker!")
No Known Victims Between Seasons 7 and 8
130. Unnamed victim - Neck sawed out with a powersaw. ("A Beautiful Day")
131x. Andrew Briggs - Stabbed in the chest with a switchblade, during a struggle. ("A Beautiful Day")
132. Ron Galuzzo - Stabbed, presumably in the chest. ("What's Eating Dexter Morgan?")
133. A.J. Yates - Impaled through a bed with a curtain holder. ("This Little Piggy")
134. Oliver Saxon - Stabbed in the neck with a pen. ("Remember the Monsters?")
135. Debra Morgan - Life support shut off (mercy killing). ("Remember the Monsters?")

  • Note: An X means the victim did not fit Dexter's code.
  • According to the commercial "Turned Upside Down", Dexter's blood slide box had 23 slides in it when he inserted the 24th (apparently Trinity's). If Trinity was the 24th blood slide he took by the end of Season 4, then the unaccounted killings in between Seasons 3 and 4 totals to 12. This brings Dexter's total kill-list (minus any killings that were done somewhere in history without blood slides) to 86 "deserved" killings by Season Four. The blood slide count in the commercial could be canon, judging by how specific the number is. There are still unaccounted killings between Mary and Alex Timmons however, since Dexter did not start taking blood slides until his death.
  • At the beginning of season 5, Dexter says he has seen 67 people who deserve to die. Despite saying see, it is highly unlikely he included ones he only saw, such as Jenna Lincoln and Billy Fleeter. The total kills amount to 99 by the end of season five. However, if the "Turned Upside Down" commercial is incorrect, that would mean there were only 87 kills. Then, taking out the six undeserving, that leaves 81. Taking out the four deserving from season 5, that means Dexter has killed 77 people prior to season 5. This means that Dexter, while still wrong, was not far off. However, it is highly likely the "Turned Upside Down" trailer was correct, given the amount of slides seen in the first episode of season four highly surpasses eight.
  • After killing Walter Kenney, Dexter drops his box of slides causing them to fall out of order and even break. However it is clear that Walter Kenney's slide is the 43rd slide of the box, suggesting that there were at least 13 unaccounted kills between seasons 5 and 6. Accounting for the 46 slides in the first box, 43 slides in the second box and the 23 known kills where Dexter did not collect blood for his collection (Plus the broken slide of Jonathan Farrow, Harmon's slide which he gave to Lumen, Santos Jimenez's slide, which Dexter is presumed to have been lost, and Nick, who may or may not have had blood taken) - this brings Dexter's total number of known killings to 118 as of the end of the sixth season. By the end of season seven, the number is upped to 125, with six additional victims that season and one more prior victim revealed.
  • Although there are no unaccounted victims left, there are three surnames unaccounted for - Orozco, Smith, and Fowls. It may be possible that Orozco and Smith were the surnames of the victims in the cases. Fowls was a name seen on the slideshow Frank Lundy presented.
  • There are a few unreadable names presented during the Bay Harbor Butcher case, although they go over the total amount of victims Dexter had by that point. One explanation could be they were dumped there before the blood slides, but this is unlikely since all victims on the list were identified via blood slides. The writers likely forgot to include victims Dexter had killed during the first season.
  • In one of the first episodes of All in the Family, Dexter is seen dumping the body of a man dressed as Santa Claus. The man's name is unknown, but it's likely his name has already been seen and accounted for on the list.
  • During Alex Timmons' Early Cuts episode, Dexter states in the opening that he has "killed dozens of bad guys," which means that there were at least twenty four victims before Alex's death in 1999. Since this was before the death of Alex and the victim Dexter had been stalking prior to spotting Alex, and six kills are known to have happened before this (Mary, Juan, two unnamed victims, Robert and Peter), this means that there are at least 18 unaccounted victims, thus bringing the amount of known kills to 153.
  • At one point Dexter mentions that he has to satisfy his urge to kill at least once every month. Since it is specifically stated that six months have passed between season seven and eight and one kill has already been accounted for, there are at least five additional kills, making the count go up to at least 158.
    • This implies that there were only four months between two and three, twelve between three and four, and thirteen between five and six.

Unknown placing Edit

Possible victims in the first blood slide box and before it

Possible first victims of second slide box

All victims below have an unknown place in the second box. All of them fit in somewhere with the unknown victims between seasons. Subtracting these seven, there are only twenty two unidentified victims.


Indirect DeathsEdit

Although Dexter has never killed a good person before (as Camilla's death was more of a suicide he assisted, since she willingly ate the pie after asking him to poison it as she was dying anyway of a painful illness, and the rest of Dexter's victims, even the ones who weren't murderers, weren't at the time of their deaths good people) he is however indirectly responsible for the deaths of some characters on the show who were good people, as well as some others who were not. Below is a list of characters-some who were good and innocent people and some who were murderers-whose deaths Dexter either indirectly caused or could have prevented but failed to.

  • Harry Morgan - Committed suicide after walking in on Dexter killing Juan Rinez. Dexter later guessed that this was because he couldn't live with himself after seeing what Dexter was capable of doing to another human being, after he had taught Dexter how to get away with murder. ("There's Something About Harry")
  • Jenna Lincoln - Jenna was a murderer who was killed by Peter Thorton, another murderer who was at the time attempting to emulate Dexter. Dexter himself had planned to kill Jenna, but when he saw Peter had kidnapped her after discovering the former wanted her dead, he decided to allow the latter to kill her and watched from afar. ("Dark Echo - Chapter Three")
  • A Third Husband of Cindy Landon - exactly the same night which Dexter invited her on a date (to lure her into a trap), Landon murdered her third husband. This most likely would have happened eventually even if it hadn't been for Dexter, but her feels he could've prevented this and it's also quite possible that Landon killed the third one (or at least as soon as she did) in hopes to marry Dexter. ("Dexter Early Cuts: Cindy Landon")
  • School Yearbook Editor - Killed by Jeremy Downs. This murder would have most likely happened even if it hadn't been for Dexter, but he could have prevented it as he had earlier had a chance but decided not to kill Jeremy, mistakenly believing Jeremy (who told Dexter the first and at the time only man he'd killed had raped him) would not kill an innocent man. ("Circle of Friends")
  • Jeremy Downs - committed suicide (with elements of his own modus operandi) after Dexter caused him to feel remorseful for his past actions. ("Circle of Friends")
  • Paul Bennett - After frequently beating up and raping Rita throughout their marriage, Paul was beaten to death in prison after being sent there for using heroin, which Dexter injected into him. ("It's Alive!")
  • Eva Arenas - Was killed on the orders of Little Chino. While this murder would most likely have happened even if it hadn't been for Dexter, he could have prevented it had he killed Chino earlier, which he failed to do as Chino escaped from him. ("Waiting to Exhale")
  • Unidentified man - was shot by his elderly father who panicked because of the Bay Harbor Butcher news and thought it's him when he came out from the night shift late. Note: This incident was mentioned to have happened by Deputy-Chief Matthews, although Matthews did not confirm whether the man died of or survived his gunshot injury. ("See-Through")
  • Two victims of Ken Olson - An unidentified drug-dealer and unidentified wife-beater were killed by Olson, who was inspired by the Bay Harbor Butcher vigilante spree. ("Dex, Lies, and Videotape")
  • James Doakes - Was killed in an explosion by Lila West, who was trying to keep Dexter from being caught. ("The British Invasion")
  • Ellen Wolf - Killed by Miguel Prado, Dexter's first apprentice, after Dexter allowed him to kill murderer Billy Fleeter. This gave Miguel the confidence to kill Ellen, who he'd wanted dead. ("About Last Night")
  • Kyle Butler - Beaten to death by Arthur Mitchell while he was looking for the alias Dexter was using. ("Hello, Dexter Morgan").
  • Rita Morgan - Killed by Arthur Mitchell, who wanted revenge on Dexter for causing him so much trouble and took said revenge by killing his wife. ("The Getaway")
  • Trent Casey - Unwittingly led Travis Marshall to the college where he taught. ("Get Gellar")
  • Tony Rush, Louis Greene, Alex Dubrozny, Andres Rodriguez, and two Colombians - All killed by Isaak Sirko in search of Viktor Baskov's killer, except for Alex, who was made to kill himself. ("Are You...?", "Buck the System", "Run" and "Swim Deep")
  • Isaak Sirko - While he was bleeding to his death, Dexter did nothing despite his medical education and ability to transport Sirko to medical facility. Instead he waited for him to die, partially fulfilling Isaak's desire to be reunited in death with his lover Viktor Baskov and partially because it was an easy solution to Dexter's problems with him. ("Helter Skelter")
  • Maria LaGuerta - Maria realized that Dexter was a serial killer and when she later saw his sister Debra pointing a gun at him, she told Debra to kill him. However, a very emotional Debra killed Maria instead. ("Surprise, Motherfucker!")
  • Shaun Decker - A murderer who was beaten to death by Zach Hamilton, who Dexter had taught the code. ("Are We There Yet?")
  • Max Clayton - Dexter is responsible for his death because instead of killing Oliver Saxon after kidnapping him, he left him to be arrested by the police. When Max saw Saxon had been tied up, Saxon pretended to be a helpless victim and tricked Max into releasing him, before stabbing him in the heart, killing him. Elway even points out that Dexter is partly responsible. ("Monkey in a Box")
  • Debra Morgan - Was shot by Oliver Saxon moments after Clayton's death. She later went to the hospital, and although she was in good condition at first, an undetected blood clot deprived her brain of oxygen and eventually stopped her breathing. She was placed on life support, and Dexter and Quinn were informed that she was unlikely to ever recover from her vegetative state. After killing Saxon, Dexter came back and shut Debra's life support off, killing her. Despite the fact that she is a direct kill, she is also considered indirect, for if Dexter had killed Saxon earlier, Debra never would have been shot and thus never would have suffered the injury that caused her to suffer brain death, and forced Dexter to mercifully kill her. ("Remember the Monsters?")

Animals Edit

As many psychopaths do, Dexter started his killing spree with animals. Through the years, as his self-control improved, he was able to shift to more nature-friendly decisions but occasionally he still killed animals, despite mostly not doing any harm to them (contrast to some humans).

Killed: Edit

  • Buddy - dog, belong to Morgan neighbors Billups, which Dexter supposedly killed due to ill Doris Morgan wasn't able to sleep because of his barking. It's also possible, that Buddy was the same dog, that caused Dexter to fall on spikes and injure himself badly in his childhood. If that's correct then it was also personal vengeance of some kind. ("Dexter")
  • While having a conversation with Dexter about Buddy, Harry mentioned, that there were a few other animals buried in the same place as Buddy, so Dexter killed at least three dogs in his childhood (including Buddy). ("Dexter")
  • He also continued to kill dogs and, possibly, other animals in his teenage years, secretly from Harry, who uncovered it later finding Dexter's knives with blood on them (possibly the blood was a trophy, foreshadowing blood slides). It's hard to say how many animals were killed, but, it's at least 2 definitely (or quite likely more). ("Dexter")
  • Deer - shot by Harry and later finished by Dexter, stabbing the animal three times. ("Popping Cherry")
  • It's implied that Dexter was really into hunting in his teenage years, a way chosen by Harry to control his urges to kill domestic animals. Likely, that Dexter killed dozens of different animals legally as a hunter.
  • Stone Crabs - It is implied that Dexter killed at least one (though in Dexter: The Game there are dozens) in the Crab Shack during Crab Festival to eat it (as many people do), but it's only shown that Rita did it. ("Dexter")
  • Mosquito (shown in every opening since "Crocodile")
  • Deer - run over by Trinity, then finished by Dexter with an axe ("Slack Tide").

Thoughts of killing, and other interactions: Edit

  • Banjo - dog owned by Debra was never considered by Dexter as a possible target, but Harry got rid of it to eliminate even the possibility of it being killed.
  • Jamie Jaworski's Dog - Dexter notably avoided injury to it by quickly closing the door to the room (in contrast with animal-killing flashbacks in the same episode) ("Dexter").
  • Walter - a puppy belonging to Rita's neighbor (who enclosed it in the backyard as revenge to her ex-boyfriend, original owner). It's barking was annoying to the point of nervous breakdown for Rita and her kids. Dexter thought that killing it would be an easy way to help Rita, but really incorrect. ("Popping Cherry").
  • Alligator - Dexter encountered it after spoiling Jeremy Downs second murder attempt and due to his original confusion was quite surprised. It is important that it was a very first time we see Dexter showing unconscious anger. ("Popping Cherry").
  • Dexter also helped Cody to flush his dead pet fish in the toilet, which foreshadowed a sticky situation with a real corpse occurring at the time. ("Return to Sender").
  • Armadillo - Dexter used a broom to get it out of Rita's house. ("The Dark Defender").

Fantasy Kills Edit

Below are all characters killed by Dexter in his illusions, imagination and dreams.

Jimenez is a unique case because he appeared in Dexter's dreams twice, being killed both times. Once was as his younger self (neck being snapped by Dexter) and, in the other dream, as a dismembered corpse (dismembered differently than in real life since his head was still attached). Also, Jimenez was the only one out of a group of three to be killed after Dexter dreamed of it.

Valerie Castillo also appeared in a dream being a victim, though she was already a corpse for some time and, instead, she came back to life in the dream (ironically, a polar opposite of being killed).

Alleged Victims Edit

While Dexter was only suspected of being the Bay Harbor Butcher briefly, he was, however, a suspect in a number of unrelated cases which were not his actual deeds.

  • Rita Morgan - Because the modus operandi did not exactly match Trinity Killer's, Detective Joey Quinn started to suspect Dexter.
  • Dexter Morgan - In the end of the series, Dexter is believed to commit suicide by sending his boat into Hurricane Laura. In fact, he survived and only faked his death this way.

Deaths Witnessed Edit

Attempted KillsEdit

Prior to Series

  • Josh - A boy who bullied Dexter when he was a teenager. Harry intervened before Dexter could kill him, and warned him that there were consequences for everything he did.
  • Jenna Lincoln - Dexter arrived at her house to kill her, only to discover a note, which lead him to an address, where he witnessed Peter Thornton killing her.
  • Tony Rodriguez - Dexter arrived at his house, only to find that the resident of the house was now 'Julian Belows.' Dexter then stated "His kind rarely leave forwarding addresses."
  • Sam Duke - Shortly after picking him to be his next target, Doakes walked in with him, having arrested him earlier.

Season 1

  • Jeremy Downs - Dexter attempted to kill him, but then decided not to after he told him he only killed the man because he raped him. Dexter later discovers that Jeremy was lying, and decided to go after him again. This time, however, the police arrived and arrested Jeremy before Dexter could kill him. Later, after being in custody, he kills himself in a fashion similar to how he killed his victims.

Season 2

  • Jimmy Sensio - Dexter suffered from performance anxiety and decided to let him go, only because he was blind. He later flees town. Dexter took a blood slide from him, though, he later cleaned it when he didn't kill Jimmy.

Season 5

  • Robert Brunner - Dexter was going to kill him, until he discovered he was wearing an ankle brace, and therefore not one of the men responsible for hurting Lumen.
  • Joey Quinn - Dexter intended to kill him because he believed he was the one who was keeping him under surveillance. However, when he goes to where he believes Quinn is, he is instead greeted by Stan Liddy, who had actually been the one watching him all along.

Season 6

  • Brother Sam - Dexter stalks him to his house, where he supposedly shoots and kills Nick. Dexter then follows Sam to his garage, where he intends to use the M99 on him. However, Sam is alerted of Dexter's presence by the dog, Eli, and takes Dexter into the garage, revealing that Nick is alive and well, and that it was him who shot at Sam.
  • Leo Hernandez - Dexter tracked him to his house, and waited for him to come out so he could kill him. However, Mike Anderson and some other cops showed up, and a shootout ensued that ended in his death.
  • Jonah Mitchell - Confronted him in a hardware store and attempted to kill him. However, after Jonah reveals that Rebecca Mitchell killed herself because of their mother's obsession with their father, and that he killed her because of this, Dexter decides to spare him, despite Jonah begging to be killed.

Season 7

  • Louis Greene - After Dexter injected him, he started seeing black, and later talked to Deb about what he was feeling, with Louis in the trunk. After Deb left, he took Louis out and placed him on the bench.
  • Hannah McKay - Dexter had her tied down on the kill table, but after being told to do what he has to do, he cut her free, and ended up having sex with her on the very table she was almost killed on.
  • Isaak Sirko - Dexter went to Viktor's apartment, where Isaak was residing, to kill him, but instead found the Unnamed Hitman, who he killed in self-defense. Later, when Isaak came to Dexter's for help, Dexter pinned him to the wall with a knife to his throat, but didn't kill him because Jurg Yeliashkevych had Hannah held hostage.
  • Benjamin Caffrey - Caffrey was given to Dexter as a target by Isaak Sirko, who Caffrey and his partner Oleg Mickic, were sent to kill. He was later killed by Isaak himself, with Dexter's assistance.
  • Joe Jensen - Dexter attempted to kill him, but found he couldn't, because Clint McKay was who he really wanted to kill. He cut Joseph free, and then knocked him out, leaving him for Miami Metro Homicide.
  • Maria LaGuerta - Dexter planned to set her death up to make it look like she and Estrada had shot each other. However, Debra arrived, and LaGuerta, waking up after being tranquilized, tried to convince Debra to shoot Dexter. Dexter, convinced he is not a good person now, tells Debra "Do what you gotta do." In the end, however, Debra shot LaGuerta in the chest, killing her.

Season 8

  • Lyle Sussman - Dexter believed him to be The Brain Surgeon, and went to his cabin with the intent of finding proof that he was a killer. There, he found several tools, thus proving Sussman's guilt, at least in Dexter's mind. Immediately after finding the tools, Dexter heard a creek in the back of the building, so he went to investigate and found Sussman hanging on a hook. He later discovered that Sussman had been coerced to murder Leonard Welks by The Brain Surgeon, and was immediately killed afterwards.
  • Miles Castner - Hannah asked Dexter to kill Miles, but since he didn't fit the code he didn't do it. However, when Dexter came to Miles and Hannah's boat, he was armed with a knife, so he may have expected a confrontation to occur and was ready to defend himself if the need arose. Also, when he heard Hannah and Miles struggling, he took the knife out, implying that he was ready to kill Castner and likely would have if Hannah had not killed him first.
  • Zach Hamilton - Although Dexter initially planned to kill Zach, after discovering that he killed Norma and attempted to kill his father simply out of care for his mother, Dexter realized how similar he and Zach were, so he cut him loose.

Later SuccessesEdit

Season 2

  • Little Chino - (took 3 attempts) Dexter accidentally woke him up when cutting his cheek, and he managed to escape. Dexter tried to kill him again, this time with a tranquilizer gun, but he knew he was coming for him, so, Dexter was attacked by his gang members. Dexter does manage to kill him later on.
  • Santos Jimenez - (took 2 attempts) Dexter brutally beat him in the bar Santos Jimenez works at, he attempted to kill him with a knife from the bar until Lila calls him and talks him out of it (she thought she was talking him out of using drugs). Dexter leaves him there and goes back to the hotel he and Lila stayed in. Later when Dexter was walking out of the bowling alley where he bowls with Batista, and Masuka, Santos Jimenez attempted to kill him, but ran away when Lila yelled for help. Dexter follows him to his secret cabin in the everglades, and he kills him with a chainsaw.

Season 3

  • Fred Bowman - (took 2 attempts) Dexter went to his house to kill Freebo, but found him fighting a man named Oscar Prado. Dexter's appearance surprises both men long enough for Freebo to break free and he manages to escape the home as Prado turns his attention to Dexter. Dexter ends up killing Prado in self-defense and flees the scene, leaving Prado's body in the home. Dexter tracks Freebo to Teegan's home, chokes him unconscious and takes him to the house's garage, where he sets him vertically up on a picnic table in plastic wrap. Dexter stabs him in the neck with the same knife that Oscar Prado had attacked Freebo with the day before.

Season 4

  • Benny Gomez - (took 2 attempts) Dexter was ready for the kill and had a perfect ambush near the bar which Gomez frequented, but being sleep-deprived he fell asleep for some time and woke up to a policeman suspecting him of being a possible drunk driver. Gomez was able to flee at the same time. Dexter later succeed in injecting Gomez with M99 in the trailer park where Benny lived.
  • Jonathan Farrow - (took 2 attempts) Again, as in case with Gomez, Dexter was ready for the kill but just when he was trying to get Farrow out of the club he noticed that Quinn was also there and preferred not to risk. He killed Farrow next night, instead.
  • Arthur Mitchell - (took 7 attempts) Dexter was ready to inject Mitchell with M99, but was suddenly shocked of him being a family man and decided to wait with the kill. Later Dexter travelled with Arthur to Tampa, planning to kill him there, but when he set the kill room and tried to subdue Mitchell in his room in the hotel, he failed to find him. After hours of searching Dexter's third attempt at his life was when Arthur attempted suicide, and Dexter grabbed him to keep him from falling. Then, realizing he would technically still be dying by his hand, Dexter began to loosen his grip, but before Arthur could fall, several people helped Dexter pull him up. Several episodes later, at thanksgiving, Dexter pulls Arthur off of Jonah, and throws him in the kitchen, grabbing a knife as they fall down. Arthur's wife and daughter come in, and get to Arthur, all looking in fear at Dexter. Dexter leaves the residence, angry. Dexter attempts to kill him once again, using the M99 to knock him out (which he also once failed in the apartment of Kyle Butler, that being attempt number five) and then places him in the van. But Dexter is arrested for hit and run shortly after, leaving Arthur in the van. Never the less, Dexter was able to, finally, kill him.

Season 5

  • Boyd Fowler - (took 2 attempts) Dexter injected him, but before he could take him to the kill room, Boyd shot him with tranquilizer. Later on, Dexter does manage to kill him.

Season 6

  • Travis Marshall - (took 3 attempts) Dexter wraps a cord around his neck when he gets in his car, and tells him to drive to the arranged kill site. However, on the drive, Travis reveals that he was too weak to do any of the killings, and Professor Gellar had to do them all. Dexter lets Travis go, hoping he will eventually lead him to Gellar, and then drops his car off at his house. Later, after it is revealed Travis was behind all the murders, Dexter attempts to tranquilize Travis on the docks, but after suffering from dizziness brought on by Wormwood, Travis knocks him to the ground and uses Dexter's own needle on him. Dexter later manages to kill him, anyway.

Season 7

  • Ray Speltzer - (took 2 attempts) Dexter decides it's time to take down Speltzer, first examining his RV (which had been impounded but was released following the confession being thrown out) to turn it into a suitable (and portable) kill room then finding his trophies. However, what he did not expect to find was Speltzer returning to his camper early. Before Dexter could react Speltzer tackled him, overpowering him rather quickly between throwing him about the camper (even into the ceiling) and using his pure strength to triumph over Dexter's jiu-jitsu. Dexter even catches him in a hold (by his arm) but Speltzer's pure determination allows him to break free and subsequently knock Dexter out in the process. Later, Dexter awakes in an abandoned building, built like a maze similar to what Speltzer made for his own victims. Dexter manages to escape the maze and his second attempt won becuase it was purely unexpected by Speltzer.
  • Hector Estrada - (took 2 attempts) Dexter was about to kill Estrada, but just as he was about to, Estrada asked Dexter if he was in on it with "that bitch cop". Estrada went on to reveal that Maria LaGuerta pushed for his parole, causing Dexter to realize that Maria had set him up. Dexter then took down the picture of his three year old self, and took Estrada from the room, leaving the plastic and the still running chainsaw. Dexter got away from the scene, the conscious Estrada in tow, threatening to kill him if he made a sound. However, Estrada managed to break away from Dexter, and then jumped into the water, escaping from his would-be-killer. The next episode sees Dexter catching Estrada again, and using him to lure Maria LaGuerta to the scene. After LaGuerta is knocked unconscious, Dexter shoots Estrada in his stab wound, intending to shoot LaGuerta next so it looks like they killed each other. However, Debra was the one who ended up shooting her.

Season 8

  • A.J. Yates - (took 3 attempts) After discovering his "lair", Dexter later returned with the intentions of killing Yates. However, he found that he had already left, and also found and saved one of his victims, Janet Thorton. Later, Dexter tried to lure him into a trap by telling him his father was dying, but after Yates arrived and Dexter revealed himself, telling Yates he "depended on him to play the role of the good son," Yates pulls his father's oxygen in an attempt to kill him and call nursing home personnel. AJ then jumped out of a nearby window, while Dexter had to hide behind the door from the personnel. Later Yates was trying to kill Evelyn Vogel in her apartment when Dexter deduced where he was.
  • Oliver Saxon - (took 4 attempts) After discovering he was The Brain Surgeon, Dexter and Evelyn Vogel lured him to a cafe, Dexter allowing Vogel to believe she would be able to speak to him again. However, Dexter drugged her, and went to the cafe alone, where he watched Saxon and waited for him to come out. When he finally did, Dexter followed him, but discovered that his tires had been slashed. Later on, Dexter and Vogel devised a plan so that Dexter could capture him and kill him. Dexter believed Vogel would meet him in a public place, but instead she chose to meet him in private, at her home. In the end, this was her undoing, and Saxon killed her as Dexter watched, escaping afterward as Dexter held her in her dying moments. In the second to last episode, Saxon comes to Dexter's apartment with the intentions of killing him. When he tries to stab the supposedly sleeping Dexter, he grabs his hand and Debra puts a gun to the back of his head. He is then tranquilized, and taken to a kill room, his own "operating room". They talk, and during their discussion, Dexter realizes he doesn't need to kill Saxon, but he still needs to die - So he calls Deb. After she arrives, he tells her to arrest Oliver, and shortly thereafter, the passenger disappears. However, after Dexter drives off, Max Clayton arrives and undoes the restraints keeping him down. Immediately after, he grabs one of the nearby knives and stabs him, just as Debra walks in. He takes Clayton's gun, and shoots her, and as he leaves, Debra shoots him in the arm.


  • Phil Bosso - Initially, Dexter believed him to be the Phantom Arsonist, so he stalked him to see if he could find any evidence. Instead, he found proof that Bosso couldn't be responsible for the killings, since the weekend they happened he was at a civil war reenactment. ("The Dark... Whatever")
  • Ed Hamilton - After Norma Rivera's death, Miami Metro began to look for suspects in her murder. One of the suspects was Hamilton, a man that she worked for. It turns out that Norma was Ed's mistress, so he fell under the radar of both the PD and Dexter. However, before leaving Ed's residence, Dexter ran into Zach, who told him that his father was "an asshole, but no killer." This made Dexter realize it was Zach who killed Norma, not Ed. ("This Little Piggy")


  • Carlos Guerrero - ready for his next hit, Matt Chambers, Dexter was suddenly interrupted before the sedating act by Debra's phone call. She invited him to celebrate her new job in Homicide. In the restaurant, Dexter noticed Guerrero and even followed him in to the bathroom. Dexter considered whether it was necessary and safe to use his equipment and kill room to kill Guerrero, and then kill Chambers at a later time. He eventually decided against it, concluding that Guerrero himself chose "to live in the dangerous world."("Crocodile").
  • Ricky - struggling to remain calm, Dexter was aggressive towards him to the point that Ricky noticed and joked about the shovel as a potential murder weapon. Dexter clearly had that same thought for a few seconds. ("Popping Cherry")
  • Rita's Neighbor - Dexter said to himself that he can easily "help" Rita with the neighbor and her dog. It's possible that he was not thinking of killing the dog exclusively (as he closed his eyes for a second to relax and found another solution). ("Popping Cherry")
  • Lucas - despite watching Downs all along in trying to kill Lucas, Dexter had no plan to rescue him; therefore, leaving Lucas in great danger. But Dexter was, eventually, far more benevolent than usual and saved him. ("Popping Cherry")
  • Jose Molina, Pedro Famosa, Manuel Valdes, Ramon Fernandez - were suspects in the El Coyote case, so were for some time endangered to become victims until Dexter picked up Jorge Castillo as a prime suspect ("Love American Style")
  • Neil Perry - considering the fact that Dexter had planned to kill Ice Truck Killer from the start, when Perry confessed, he put himself in danger.("Circle of Friends")
  • Allison Sera - her life was dependent on whether Dexter killed Roger Hicks or chose not to. Considering his problems with the Bay Harbor Butcher Investigation, Sera was lucky that Dexter did kill Hicks. ("An Inconvenient Lie")
  • John Henry - attempted victim by Ken Olson, who was inspired by Dexter's deeds. ("Dex, Lies and Videotape")
  • James Doakes - Dexter implied to him that he could "unleash the beast at anytime." However, Doakes told him that he would "hate himself for the rest of his life" if he did so.
  • Astor and Cody Bennett - Attempted victims by Lila West, who captured them using M99 acquired from Dexter's bag (general motive was also connected to killing Dexter). ("The British Invasion")
  • Damon Clarkson, Anthony Cowley, Harold Cranes, Dustin Devereaux, Cole Dunning, Michael Donner, Thayer Drake, Kevin Eisland, Mario Espinoza, Corey Estherhouse, George Evans, Abraham Forrester, Vincent Fraser, Bradley Garrison, Michael Grant, Josue Guerrero, Glenn Kobayashi, Shawn Petersen, Frederick Sellers, Keith Stalker, Curtis Yoritor (?), Alan Yonnken (?), Alex Zeller (?), Ilk Zellew (?) - When Miguel Prado wanted to share a kill, Dexter browsed through their profiles, choosing a particularly difficult victim, Clemson Galt, but Dexter ended up killing him in private. Later, Miguel and he shared the kill of Billy Fleeter. (Note: Profiles on Guerrero, Kobayashi, Petersen, Sellers, Stalker and were shown, while other names only appeared in the list near them on the left of Florida Criminal Records Database). ("Sì Se Puede")
  • Albert Chung - Shortly before suggesting Ellen Wolf, Miguel talked about the Chung case, proposing that he and Dexter "take care" of the problem themselves. In response, Dexter said, "I guess it can't hurt to keep tabs on Chung, if the police can't bring him in on their own." However, Miguel clarified that he saw Chung as merely a "symptom," while Wolf was the "problem" he was referring to. ("Easy as Pie")
  • Andy Brightman - when Dexter broke into the Brightman residence to warn Andy against vandalizing any other properties, the two briefly fought after he vaguely threatened to kill him (decapitate, specifically). During the ensuing struggle, Dexter's threats became more serious and, at one point, he put his hands around Andy's neck. ("Blinded by the Light")
  • Jesse Brightman - to blackmail Andy out of vandalism, Dexter not only suggested Andy's own decapitation, but also threatened to do it with his son, which mostly was a bluff. ("Blinded by the Light")
  • Kyle Butler - was in danger of being killed by Trinity, but Dexter prevented this. ("Hello, Dexter Morgan")
  • Elliott Larson - when Dexter was picking up his things to move into Debra's apartment after the death of Rita, Elliot came in to ask whether his help is needed. Dexter dropped the kitchen knives and, feeling annoyed, paused with his hand (and knife) a few inches from unsuspecting Elliot's chest, clearly thinking and trying to suppress the urge for murder, partially caused by grief over his loss. ("Hello Bandit")
  • Barry Kurt - Dexter, believing Astor and her friend Olivia had been kidnapped, pulled him out of the back of a patrol car and demanded to know where they were, threatening to kill him. He later finds out that Barry abuses Olivia so Dexter beats him into leaving her mother and says "If you ever come back, believe me, I wont go easy on you next time," implying that he will kill him. ("Teenage Wasteland")
  • A Suspect - While Dexter tried to get a DNA swab, a suspect was being uncooperative, and Dexter grabbed him by the neck. Although it is doubtful he was going to kill the man, the gesture is still very hostile, especially considering that Dexter imagined killing someone incidentally at least two times that very day. ("Buck the System")
  • A Truck Driver - While driving away from the grocery store, where he had talked to his sister for the first time in months, Dexter was cut off by a man driving a truck. Dexter proceeded to get in front of the man and both of them pulled over. He then got out of his car, and went to the man, angrily putting his hands around his neck and slamming him into his seat. However, he saw a young boy in the backseat, so he went back to his car and drove off. ("A Beautiful Day")
  • Evelyn Vogel - threatened to kill her, but was most likely bluffing, as pointed out by Vogel herself. ("A Beautiful Day")

Suggested by Other People

  • Tony Tucci - was tied up by the Ice Truck Killer for Dexter to kill and, initially, believing Dexter to be ITK, Tony begged him to kill him, but Dexter was never considering so. ("Let's Give the Boy a Hand")
  • Debra Morgan - was tied up by the Ice Truck Killer for Dexter to kill, but he, instead, saved her. Later, for comic relief, Dexter chants to himself "I will not kill my sister", when Debra annoys him by her habits, living in his apartment. ("Born Free" and "Waiting to Exhale")
  • Ellen Wolf - suggested multiple times by Miguel Prado, later Prado killed her himself, using the confidence he gained from Dexter.("Easy as Pie")
  • Unknown Person - Miguel had a candidate for their next shared kill the next day after killing Billy Fleeter and Ellen Wolf, but the idea was abandoned by both of them. ("*The Damage A Man Can Do")
  • Jonah Mitchell - begged Dexter to kill him. ("Nebraska")

Suggested by the Dark Passengers

Additional InformationEdit

Prominent VictimsEdit

The following are victims that held a special meaning to Dexter, or caused a special event to unfold. Most of these victims didn't have a blood slide taken, some due to lack of time, and others due to Dexter's personal choice.

Mary was a woman who thought she was helping those that were sick by overdosing her patients with morphine, killing them. Harry pointed her out to Dexter, who took action and ended up wrapping her entire house in plastic, readying her for a kill. This one was a bit messy in the end but certainly the most meaningful. Dexter stabs her multiple times in the side of the torso until she is dead.

Dexter did not take a blood slide from her.

Juan is a pimp who beat one of his prostitutes to death, for unknown reasons. Being one of Harry Morgan's sought after targets, Dexter thought the best way to make his father and his dark passenger happy would be to kill Juan. So he tracked him down and Harry caught him in the act of dismembering his body in plastic, which both made the demon inside of Harry satisfied, and sickened the man holding it, who ended up committing suicide shortly thereafter, as he couldn't live with himself after seeing what Dexter was capable of doing to another human being, and realizing what he had created.

Dexter did not take a blood slide from him.

Alex is a former sniper for the Marines who was discharged and then, for unknown reasons, then killed four random, innocent people by sniping them. He was presumably arrested on suspicion of doing so and then released, which would explain how he came into Dexter's sight as a potential victim. Dexter kills him with a single stab to the chest with an USMC combat knife, a reference to Alex's being in the marines and collects his very first blood slide for his collection.

In the Early Cuts series, Alex had murdered three children, though this was not canon in the Showtimes series-in the Showtimes series, none of his victims were children, apart from a seventeen-year old girl.

Brian is Dexter Morgan's older brother and strangely enough, shares somewhat of a "family trait" where he murders people in a similar fashion to his brother (except with surgical, precise cuts). Brian was present at their mother's death and unfortunately ended up in an Psychiatric hospital until he was 21 years old, where he was then released and took on the alias Rudy Cooper off of a man he had killed.

Brian would continue killing until he finally desired to get his brother's attention, finding out that the two of them were exactly the same. Thus, Brian started setting up clues to help Dexter recall who he was and eventually the two met face to face (as brothers), with a bad ending that leaves Debra Morgan in a tragic state and Brian dead, made to look like a suicide.

Dexter intended to kill Brian while he was still asleep, so that he wouldn't know what was going to hit him. He woke up however and the two shared an emotional conversation, before Dexter slit his brother's throat with a knife and left him to bleed out just like his victims.

Dexter does not take a blood slide from his brother, claiming he wasn't a trophy, but needed to be put down for the protection of his sister.

Santos is one of Laura Moser's Killers, specifically the man responsible for sawing her into pieces along with several other people in a shipping container. This incident would forever warp Dexter and Brian's life, turning them into serial killers, with Dexter eventually finding Santos, working in a bar in tampa.

When the two finally met, Dexter played into finding out more about Santos until finally attacking him viciously and nearly killing him, until deciding not to at the last moment. This would create a problem, as Santos followed Dexter and ended up trying to kill him, which failed and only prompted Dexter to follow him to an abandoned cabin, where Santos was sawed into pieces just like he had done to Dexter's mother long ago.

Dexter does collect a blood slide from santos, according to the kill list his blood slide was "lost". It is unknown if Dexter had placed it as the 46th slide of his first box or not.

Lila is a fiery woman that introduced herself to Dexter at an NA meeting whenever he had to fess up to a false addiction to drugs (to save himself from suspicion by Rita after framing Paul Bennett). She comes off immediately as a foul-mouthed woman with a British accent and a bad addiction to fire (arsonist). She initially causes a terrible breakup between Rita and Dexter, that ends up with Dexter and Lila being in a relationship with Rita sitting on the sidelines.

It is because of Lila that Dexter foolishly listened to her advice, ultimately changing the way he did things until he finally realized what a crazy woman she was. She ends up using both Dexter and Batista, but still feels a strong emotional connection to Dexter regardless of this, even as he kills her later on. Dexter only makes the choice to kill Lila after multiple attempts to tell her to back off (which fail), her killing of James Doakes and threatening the lives of his children, to which he responds by following her to Paris, stabbing her in the heart with a blade and resting her body in a clear plastic body bag, eventually zipping it closed, but insures that she doesn't feel any pain when doing so with a spinal epidural needle.

Dexter doesn't take a blood slide from her.

Miguel was Dexter's first "accomplice". He is also the brother of one of Dexter's victims (Oscar Prado). He was killed by Dexter after he killed Ellen Wolf for threatening his career as an A.D.A (claiming she put the guilty back on the streets and deserved to die) and targeted Maria LaGuerta. Dexter kills Miguel with a metal wire, wrapped around his neck, eventually breaking his neck.

Dexter doesn't take a blood slide from him. He does however remove several patches of skin off Miguel's shoulder, only to frame George Washington King for killing him.

Dexter originally planned to kill George King, however, he was forced to do so when King held him captive. Interestingly enough, King is the only one of Dexter's victims to have him tied down, and on the verge of killing him. However, Dexter escapes, breaking his hand in the process and kills King by breaking his neck and throwing his body onto an incoming police cruiser, staging it as a suicide.

Dexter does not take a blood slide from him, only because he did not have enough time to do so.

Arthur Mitchell was a successful serial killer that was active for 30 years, as well as a family man. With a confirmed kill-count of 267+ he is the most prolific serial killer that Dexter has ever encountered and killed. Dexter takes a blood slide from him, making him the 12th confirmed blood slide in the second box. He is so far the only main antagonist killed by Dexter to have a blood slide taken, and placed in the slide box.

Boyd, Dan, and Cole were members of The Group. Dexter takes a blood slide from Boyd, but not Dan. He does take a blood slide from Cole, but gives it to Lumen. His reason for targeting them is they are members of The Group. The other two members, Alex Tilden and Jordan Chase, are killed by Lumen.

Travis was a serial killer who had a dark passenger in the form of Professor James Gellar. Although it is initially believed that Professor Gellar is the one behind the killings, it is revealed (to Dexter and the audience) that Gellar was killed before the events of the season, which meant that Travis was behind all of it. Travis then accuses Dexter of killing Gellar, and believes him to be "the false prophet". He later tries to use Dexter for one of the Doomsday Tableaus, "The Lake of Fire". Then he tries to use Dexter's son, Harrison Morgan, as The Lamb. However, Dexter stops him, and then kills him in the very church Travis used as a hideout. Just as Dexter stabs him, Debra Morgan walks in, causing Dexter to utter "Oh God".

Dexter has to explain to Debra what happened and convince her not to call the police. Afterward, she goes to get gasoline from a gas station, and they proceed to burn Travis' body.

Dexter did take a blood slide from Travis, but it was broken and left at the scene of the crime, where Maria LaGuerta discovered it.

Viktor was a prominent member of the Koshka Brotherhood and the leader of their operations in the United States. Viktor was brought to his position by the Brotherhood's leader, Isaak Sirko who was Viktor's lover. During a feud with the Colombian Rojas Cartel, the Koshka Brotherhood's rivals in Miami, Viktor was sent there in order to hold off the Colombians, which his subordinate, George Novikov, failed to do independanlty. During his time in Miami, Viktor murdered a stripper named Kaja Soroka, and attempted to flee the country. While doing so, he encountered Detective Mike Anderson, who discovered Kaja's corpse in Viktor's trunk, prompting Viktor to shoot him dead. Later, Viktor was tracked down to the airport by Dexter, who injected him with M99 in the bathroom before taking him to a makeshift kill room and bludgeoning him to death with a fire extinguisher, avenging Anderson's death. 

Ray was a serial killer who would trap his victims in a maze like area, and would then chase them, eventually catching them and beating them to death. At his last victims maze, he attempted to kill Debra Morgan. This caused Dexter to make an attempt on his life, but he was knocked out and taken to a maze of his own. After a short chase, Dexter escaped from the building. Later, at the cemetery, Dexter knocked Speltzer out with a shovel, hitting him so hard that the shovel broke. When Ray awoke, he was strapped down on a table before the cremation furnace. After a short conversation, Dexter killed Ray with a stab to the chest, using the broken shovel.

Dexter did not take a blood slide from Ray; in fact, Dexter placed his second Blood Slide Box on his chest and burned it with Ray's body.

Hector was a notorious drug lord of Miami's past, often mentioned by name (as simply "Estrada") throughout the series as the crime lord who ordered the death of Laura Moser, but never seen until the last two episodes of Season Seven. For the majority of the series' continuity, Hector was in prison, until he was released by Maria LaGuerta, who was using him as bait to catch Dexter Morgan, who she believed was the Bay Harbor Butcher. When Hector was free again, Dexter took the opportunity to try to kill him and brought him to the same shipyard where Hector's subordinates killed Laura Moser in front of her two sons. Before Dexter could kill Hector with a chainsaw, LaGuerta and two detectives arrived at the shipyard, forcing Dexter to free Hector and make his escape.

Hector wouldn't be free for long, as Dexter managed to find him again and brought him back to the shipyard and made him call LaGuerta (who believed he was dead) to have her come to the shipyard as well, where Dexter would kill them both and make it look like they killed each other. After the call, Dexter and Hector discussed how Hector ordered Laura's death only because if he didn't, he would have gone to prison, and he was making a choice between him or her, which strongly mirrored Dexter's decision to kill LaGuerta. He then proceeded to stab Hector in the chest, finishing him off.

Additional notesEdit

  • Although not actual victims, All in the Family shows that Dexter used to mutilate and dismember his sister's dolls, and is at one point shown setting fire to a stuffed bear.
  • Neil Perry put himself onto Dexter's radar when he tried to make himself look like The Ice Truck Killer. However, there wasn't much of a window between the department finding his planted evidence and his arrest, so it's unlikely Dexter would've even had the chance to kill him.
  • Tony Tucci and Debra Morgan were both tied down by Brian and left for Dexter to kill, but Dexter didn't even consider doing so, since neither fit the code at the time, and he cared too much to kill Debra.
  • Isaak Sirko was bleeding to death after being shot by George Novikov, and while Dexter could have taken him to a medical facility, he instead honored Isaak's wish and took him to where he had previously dumped Viktor Baskov. Although Dexter didn't kill Isaak himself, he did allow him to bleed to death.
  • In the series finale, Dexter drives his boat into Hurricane Laura. While at first it seems like he took his own life, he is later revealed to have miraculously survived. However, a news report is released, telling of his apparent death. The only people who are known to have heard the news are Hannah McKay and Angel Batista, though it is likely everyone else at the department heard as well.
  • Also, earlier in the finale, Dexter caused a flight to be delayed while trying to get Jacob Elway off of Hannah's trail. The flight was further delayed because the storm was too close for the plane to take off. The casualties of the storm are unconfirmed, but there is a chance some of the people who were supposed to be on the flight out of Miami were killed. If this is the case, Dexter is responsible for their deaths as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Since the beginning of the show, Dexter has killed eighty six people. However, only fifty seven of them were killed during seasons, with four being killed between season two and three, twelve between three and four, thirteen between season five and six, and one known between season seven and eight.
  • Season four was the only season where Dexter took a blood slide from each kill, although the one he took from Jonathan Farrow was later broken.
    • All victims in season one had blood taken, with the exception of Brian Moser, who was killed in the finale.
    • In season two, Ken Olson, Jose Garza, Esteban Famosa, Teo Famosa, and Lila West did not have their blood taken. Santos Jimenez did, however the slide was presumably lost since Dexter was never seen putting it into the new box.
    • Out of season three's nine victims, only four had their blood taken, Cal Rooney, Fred Bowman, Ethan Turner, and Clemson Galt.
    • In season five, only Boyd Fowler was added to the slide collection, but Cole Harmon had a blood slide, though it was given to Lumen Pierce.
    • In season six, the first five kills of the season saw Dexter take blood from each victim, with Walter Kenney being the last. After this, the victims were usually killed on the spot, so Dexter had no time to take blood. Travis Marshall, the final kill of the season, also became the final kill to have blood taken, but his slide was broken and left at his crime scene.
    • In season seven, Dexter quit taking blood from his kills and destroyed his slide box, making this season the first one where no victims had their blood taken.
    • In season eight, no blood slides were taken, nor were any seen.
  • Although Dexter killed close to sixty people on screen, only twenty six of them had blood taken. Including Jimmy Sensio, who wasn't killed and later had his slide cleaned, Dexter took twenty seven trophies on screen. Of these twenty seven, only twenty three went into the box (The slides of Jimenez and Travis were lost, Harmon's was given to Lumen, and Sensio's was washed off), and only twenty two would stay (Farrow's was broken).
  • The final blood slide to be placed inside the first box was Roger Hicks'. The final blood slide to be placed in the second box was Walter Kenney's.
  • For an unexplained reason, Dexter never dismembered his victims during the final two seasons. Viktor Baskov was wrapped in a garbage bag and dumped whole, while Ray Speltzer was cremated, and Oleg and the unnamed Hitman were left where they were killed. Clint McKay was thrown overboard immediately after he was killed, not even being wrapped in a garbage bag. Dexter initially planned to dismember Hector Estrada to mirror what happened to his mother, but after discovering that LaGuerta had set Estrada free so Dexter would kill him and she could prove he was the Bay Harbor Butcher, Dexter decided to kill both of them and set it up so it looked like they shot each other.
    • Then in season eight, Andrew Briggs was left in his motel room, eventually being bagged by the coroner. Ron Galuzzo's disposal was not shown, so he could have been dismembered, although it is not likely. A.J. Yates was dumped like Baskov, covered by a trash bag and in one piece. Saxon was killed at Miami Metro, in self defense, so his body was presumably taken to the morgue, and Debra's body was dumped into the ocean, partially wrapped in a white sheet.
  • Of the fifty seven victims killed, only two of them appeared alive in more than one season, Camilla Figg and Debra Morgan. Incidentally, both were mercy kills and both were female. Brian Moser and Travis Marshall both seasons after their deaths, however, Brian only appeared as an illusion and Travis appeared as a corpse.
  • The first victim Dexter dumped without dismembering was Valerie Castillo, for lack of time. Brian Moser would later dive into the ocean and leave her corpse where she was killed, so it is presumed she eventually received a proper burial/cremation. After this, all victims that Dexter disposed of in the water would be dismembered, until Viktor Baskov. After this, Dexter would dump eight whole bodies into the stream, three of which he didn't kill (Isaak Sirko died of a bullet wound he received from George Novikov, Miles Castner was stabbed in the throat by Hannah McKay, and Zach Hamilton had his brain sawed out by Oliver Saxon).
    • Also, the second to last victim of season six, Alberto, was thrown into the ocean after being stabbed with a harpoon.
  • Four of Dexter's disposals were witnessed by other people. Brian Moser witnessed him throw Jorge and Valerie Castillo overboard (although Brian was not seen at this time), Lumen helped Dexter throw Cole Harmon's remains overboard, several immigrants witnessed Dexter kill Alberto and throw him into the ocean, and Evelyn Vogel and later victim Debra Morgan were present when Dexter disposed of A.J. Yates. Additionally, Dexter helped Hannah dispose of Miles Castner, and the illusion of Brian Moser was present when Dexter threw Norm into a corn silo. Dexter also helped Lumen dispose of Jordan Chase.
  • Dexter killed two people in Miami Metro Police Department, Beth Dorsey and Oliver Saxon. Both of these were viewed as lawful killings, so no charges were filed against him.
  • Of the eight main antagonists, only two were not killed by Dexter. Jordan Chase was stabbed in the chest by Lumen Pierce, and Isaak Sirko was shot by George Novikov. Despite this, both of them were disposed of by Dexter.
  • Arthur Mitchell is the only main antagonist to have been dismembered by Dexter after being killed by him.
    • Brian Moser was left for the police to find, his death made to look like a suicide.
    • What happened to Lila West's body is unknown, though it was last seen being placed in a garment bag, so it was presumably disposed of whole.
    • Miguel Prado was left out in the open, made to look like a victim of The Skinner, George King.
    • Jordan Chase was dismembered and disposed of normally, but he was killed by Lumen.
    • Travis Marshall's death was made to look like a ritualistic suicide after Debra Morgan walked in on Dexter killing him.
    • Isaak Sirko was shot by George Novikov and later died on Dexter's boat after being brought to where Viktor Baskov was disposed of. He was presumably dumped whole afterward.
    • Oliver Saxon was killed at Miami Metro, with Joey Quinn and Angel Batista as witnesses, so he could not be disposed of.
  • Although the first rule of the code was "don't get caught," several people witnessed Dexter killing somebody.
    • Brian Moser saw Dexter kill somebody at some point since he spent so many years tracking Dexter and was able to replicate the normal set up of Dexter's kill rooms.
      • It's not known how many people Brian saw Dexter kill while alive, though it is known that his illusion saw Dexter kill Nick and Norm.
    • James Doakes was present when Dexter killed Esteban and Teo Famosa. However, Doakes only saw Dexter go in after Esteban and was in front of Teo Famosa when Dexter shot and killed him, so he likely didn't see him die. Still, he was present when Teo was killed.
      • Prior to that, Dexter killed Jose Garza with Doakes only a few feet away. Additionally, a plastic sheet was up to block Doakes' view of the kill, though he was fully aware of what was going on.
    • Lumen Pierce saw Dexter kill three people: Boyd Fowler, Dan Mendell, and Cole Harmon.
    • Several immigrants witnessed Dexter kill Alberto, although none of them could speak very good English, and were unlikely to turn Dexter in since Alberto was threatening all of them.
    • Several people were present when Dexter killed Oleg Mickic at an outdoor shooting range, though none of them were aware that he killed him.
    • Evelyn Vogel and Debra Morgan saw Dexter stab A.J. Yates through a mattress with a curtain holder.
    • Joey Quinn and Angel Batista watched video footage of Dexter kill Oliver Saxon.
    • Debra Morgan witnessed more of Dexter's kills than anybody, with the possible exception of Brian Moser. She saw him kill Beth Dorsey, Travis Marshall, Andrew Briggs, and A.J. Yates.
    • While they never actually witnessed Dexter kill somebody, Lila West, Miguel Prado, Hannah McKay, Isaak Sirko and Zach Hamilton all knew Dexter's secret.
  • Only Harry Morgan and Debra Morgan walked in on Dexter's kill rooms unexpectedly. Harry walked in as Dexter dismembered Juan Rinez, and Debra walked in just in time to see Travis Marshall be killed.Maria LaGuerta also entered one, but this was part of Dexter's plan, and she was tranquilized moments later.
  • Both Dexter's first and last (known) victims were female.
  • It's Alive! is the only season premiere where Dexter did not kill anybody, although there were two attempts. Similarly, The Big One is the only season finale where Dexter kills no one.
  • Dexter's first kill, Mary, was to save Harry Morgan. Ironically, Dexter's final known kill was Debra Morgan, Harry's daughter.
  • Every season after season two saw Dexter kill at least one person that didn't fit Dexter's code, intentional or otherwise. In season three, he killed Oscar Prado, Nathan Marten, and Camilla Figg. Season four, he killed Jonathan Farrow, but that was a mistake, since Dexter believed him to be a killer, when in reality it was his assistant. In season five, he killed Rankin out of anger, and Stan Liddy in self defense, though Liddy may have killed somebody at some point since he was a former police officer. In season six, he killed Norm in self defense, though Dexter knew the gun being held on him was not loaded. In season seven, he killed Clint McKay, making him the first and only innocent victim to receive a ritualistic kill. In season eight, he killed Andrew Briggs during a struggle (which he caused).
  • Clint McKay is the only victim that Dexter knew was innocent, but still received a ritualistic kill (being wrapped in plastic and dumped into the ocean). Jonathan Farrow met his end in a kill room and was dumped in the gulf stream, but Dexter didn't know he was innocent at the time, and Nathan Marten was dumped in the stream, but he didn't receive a kill room.
  • Season four is the only season where all of the kills were performed in kill rooms with the bodies disposed of into the gulf stream after the act.

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