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The Kill List is a collection of every character killed by Dexter Morgan in the novels continuity, which include the seven novels released as of 2014 and the two volumes of comics published by Marvel Comics.

The Victims

1. "Last Nurse" - stabbed in chest. 1st Blood Slide Taken. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
2. Unnamed Shop Teacher (Mr. Duarte?) - unclear method. 2nd blood slide. ("Dearly Devoted Dexter")
3.? Mr. Duarte - "chopped up". ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
3-37. Thirty four victims prior to the beginning of the first novel (Possibly including Duarte) ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
38. Father Donovan - unclear method. 38th blood slide. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
39. Jamie Jaworski - throat slashed with a filet knive. No blood taken at the point. 39th slide later taken from the forensic materials in Masuka's office. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
40. Randy Macgregor - unclear method (but it is known that Dexter had cut four of his fingers before he killed him). Number 40 but has 41th blood slide (40th is LaGuerta). ("Dearly Devoted Dexter")
41. Steve Reiker - unclear method, killed off-scene. 42nd blood slide. ("Dearly Devoted Dexter")
42. Alexander "Zander" Macauley - implied to have been cut with a fillet knife. 43rd blood slide. ("Dexter in the Dark")
43. Unnamed Guard - head smashed against the wall. No blood taken. ("Dexter in the Dark")
44. Unnamed Guard - stabbed with a knife into solar plexus. No blood taken. ("Dexter in the Dark")
45. Darius Starzak - shot. No blood taken. ("Dexter in the Dark")
46. Professor Wilkins - shot. No blood taken. ("Dexter in the Dark")
47x. Alex Doncevic - sliced to pieces with a surgical saw. 44th blood slide. ("Dexter by Design")
48. Victor Chapin - cut to pieces with a fillet knife. 45th blood slide. ("Dexter is Delicious")
49. Unnamed Cannibal ("Dexter is Delicious") - head smashed with a tire iron. No blood taken.
50. Robert "Bobby" Acosta (a.k.a "Vlad") - implied to have been cut with a fillet knife. 46th blood slide. ("Dexter is Delicious")
51. Steve Valentine - cut to pieces with a fillet knife. 52nd blood slide. ("Double Dexter")
52. Bernard Elan (a.k.a. Doug Crowley) - fed to hammerhead shark alive after being beaten (including broken arm) and nearly drowned by Astor and Dexter. No blood taken. ("Double Dexter")
53-56. At least four victims between books, all with blood slides. ("Dexter's Final Cut")
57. "Enchanted Encounter" - presumed to have been cut with a fillet knife. 57th blood slide. ("Dexter's Final Cut")
58. Patrick Bergmann - stabbed with a knife. No blood taken. ("Dexter's Final Cut")

  • An X means the victim did not fit Dexter's code.
  • In Dexter in the Dark Dexter states before killing Zander that there are 41 blood slides in his rosewood box. There were, in fact 42, but Dexter likely didn't accounted LaGuerta's slide.


The following victims are confirmed during the run of the comics (which have shared continuity with the novels and are also written by Jeff Lindsay), however their order during or after the novels, at least after the death of the Last Nurse is unknown (though Dexter already was with Rita at the time).

  1. Mustached Victim - Stabbed to death. Blood slide with an unknown number. ("Dexter: Issue 1")
  2. Octavio - Stabbed in the neck and in the left eye with a small pitchfork. No blood taken. ("Dexter: Issue 5")
  3. Steve Gonzalez - Killed off-panel. Blood slide presumed. ("Dexter: Issue 5")
  4. Unnamed man - Stabbed. ("Dexter Down Under: Issue 4")
  5. Bruce Grigsby - Neck snapped. ("Dexter Down Under: Issue 5")


  1. Migdia LaGuerta - led her into Brian's hideout where he stabbed her midesction and then pinned to a ground with a knife. Dexter, actually, had a blood slide taken, 40th one. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
  2. Dr. Danco - technically, Dexter had given his whereabouts to Kyle and Deborah which led to Danco being shot twice and killed by Deborah. ("Dearly Devoted Dexter")
  3. Unnamed Elder of Cult of Moloch - Dexter's actions distracted him for some time and Cody was able to use it to get the sacrificial knife and stab Elder at the back, killing him. ("Dexter in the Dark")
  4. Brandon Weiss - Dexter had taken Astor and Cody with him to Art-Stravaganza which made it possbile (while Dexter was nearly unconcious from feing strangled) for them to partially free bound Rita, who killed Weiss in self-defense. ("Dexter by Design")
  5. Ponytailed Bouncer - midsection shot out with a shotgun by Brian. ("Dexter is Delicious")
  6. Guard - shot with a shotgun by Brian. ("Dexter is Delicious")
  7. Alana Acosta - shot out with a shotgun by Brian twice: first in her hand (wiping it completely) an then in the chest, cutting her in half. ("Dexter is Delicious")
  8. Cannibal - shot with a shotgun by Brian. ("Dexter is Delicious")
  9. Cannibal - kicked in the throat (which cracked) by Kyle Chutsky. ("Dexter is Delicious")
  10. Doug Crowley - killed by Brian on Dexter's request, was set up by Bernard Elan who used his name as an alias. ("Double Dexter")
  11. Robert Chase - killed by Astor after Dexter made him talking on his real intents towards her. ("Dexter's Final Cut")

Indirect Deaths


  • Starting when he was twelve or thirteen Dexter killed at least a few animals till he was fourteen. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
  • Buddy - a neigbours (Billups) dog, which was barking at nights and disturbing the sleep of Doris Morgan. Dexter killed it when he was fourteen. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
  • An unaccounted number of stray pets were killed by Dexter under Harry's supervision somewhere in the span of three years. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
  • Deer - hunted under Harry's supervision. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
  • Probably at least a few other animals killed during hunting. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
  • Feral Monkey - "one glorious time I had gone with him to catch a feral monkey that had been terrorizing a South Miami neighborhood" (and later: “You mean, you know. Like I've been doing? With, you know, the monkey?” - “Stop the nurse like the monkey.”). ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
  • A Turtle - after he failed to pet the dog (which he was forced to give up where he was taking it), Dexter tried a turtle. After he touched it, it stopped coming from it's shelf until it died. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
  • Fish - Dexter is quite an avid fisher, naturally enjoying the process of killing the fish when it's caught and even delighted in attaching living creatures to a hook as a bait. A first time he's gone fishing with Cody (even encouraging him with such line as "It’s time to kill some fish."), Cody caught a blue runner. This time Cody grabbed the knife and killed the fish himself. ("Dearly Devoted Dexter")
  • Stray Dog - killed by Astor and Cody with supervision by Brian. ("Dexter is Delicious")

Fantasy Kills

Alleged Victims



  1. Mar Dorado worker - had his tongue ripped-off but probably survived. ("Dexter: Issue 5") 
  2. Brandon Weiss - followed him to Cuba with Kyle Chutsky and was near to shoot him, but failed because Weiss escaped. Later followed him to Art-Stravaganza but wasn't able to kill him because Weiss surprisingly strangled him to nearly-unconcious state. ("Dexter by Design")
  3. Bouncer with a Shaved Head - was ready to kill him with a tire iron. Later was kicked in a crotch. ("Dexter is Delicious")
  4. Alana Acosta - tried to shoot her with a pistol. ("Dexter is Delicious")

Later Successes

  1. Darius Starzak - (took 2 attempts) was tied down in usual fashion but Dexter was unable to procced through kill. He later shot Starzak in self defense. ("Dexter in the Dark"
  2. Steve Gonzalez - (took 4 attempts) was, probably, Dexter's first attempted victim in the high school years ("Dexter in the Dark"). Dexter later failed to subdue him ("Dexter: Issue 4") and to shoot him at Mar Dorado ("Dexter: Issue 5"), but later tracked him at Venezuela and succed in killing him.
  3. Bobby Acosta - (took 2 attemps) first was ready to kill him with a tire iron and then killed him in his usual method. ("Dexter is Delicious")
  4. Bernard Elan - (took 5 attempts) fist tried to break into his house but Elan wasn't there, then tried to kill him with a brick, then fought with massive injuries (hit with Dexter's whole body, choked, punched in the kneecap, sprayed with soda into eyes by Astor and hit wih a soda can in the nose an kicked in the crotch twice, punched by Dexter's shoulder and eventually flopped into wate breaking his arm as a result), then tried to drawn him with a hook and finally half-accidentally fed to a grey shark, Channel Hog. ("Double Dexter")


  • Brian - back when he had only heard the first time of Tamiami Slasher and only seen his work two times, Dexter was thinking on wether give Deborah clues that he have noticed or keep them for himself to later kill him. He opted to give the clues to Deborah. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
  • Gervasio Martez ("The Young Security Guard") - when his radio's static gave him up in the building where Dexter was killing Jaworski in half-improvised fashion, Dexter thought a few seconds on killing the guard ("For a long moment-far too long, really, and I'm quite ashamed-I thought about killing the guard and going on. It would be easy, and I could continue to explore with a fresh start- But no. Of course not. It wouldn't do. The guard was innocent, as innocent as anyone can be and still live in Miami. He'd probably done nothing worse than shoot at other drivers on the Palmetto Expressway a few times. Practically snow-white. No, I had to make a hasty retreat, and that was all there was to it.") ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter")
  • Deborah Morgan - was tied up by the Tamiami Slasher for Dexter to kill, but he, instead, saved her. ("Darkly Dreaming Dexter") Later was again endangered when Dexter was in the car after an argument with her and wasn't able to prevent her frim being stabbed. ("Dexter by Design")
  • Dr. Danco - Dexter felt a "certain twinge of interest" in him and thought numerous times on possibilities to kill Danco, being especially intrigued of being able to do it "legally". Dexter picked one of Danco's knives in his hideout in Blalock Gator Farm (for a possible self-defense), but Danco already left. ("Dearly Devoted Dexter") 
  • Albert Doakes - when he started to stalk Dexter, Dexter thought on whether it's possible to kill Doakes within the code. Later, when he was caught by Danco, Dexter, in hopes that he's on Blalock Gator Farm even thought  of taking advantage from the situation and kill Doakes with Danco's instruments, but it turned out that Danco had Kyle Chutsky instead of Doakes in this hideout. Later on Dexter tried to refuse to help Deborah and Kyle rescue Doakes, knowing that the more time Doakes is in Danco's hands the less harmful he is for Dexter himself. ("Dearly Devoted Dexter")
  • Manny Borque - Dexter thought on killing him for a few seconds, when he could not get the price for wedding catering lower: "To be perfectly truthful there were several things I could think of to stop him, but none of them-enjoyable as they might be-would pass the strict guidelines of the Harry Code, and so I could not do them." ("Dexter in the Dark")
  • Astor and Cody - were nearly killed by an Elder while Dexter was in trance. ("Dexter in the Dark") Were again nearly killed by Brandon Weiss twice when Dexter was for some reason reluctant but managed to defend themselves. Later Dexter thought on tossing Astor out of window while she annoyed him and she was also endangered of being killed by Robert Chase. ("Dexter by Design" and "Dexter's Final Cut")
  • Rita Morgan - was nearly killed by Brandon Weiss becuase Dexter was trying to be concious after nearly being strangled by Brandon. ("Dexter by Design")
  • Murderous Pedophile - released twice because of convenient alibi (may or may no be Steve Valentine) - considered as a potential target. ("Dexter is Delicious")
  • George Kukarov - considered as a potential target. ("Dexter is Delicious")
  • Samantha Aldovar - thought heavily on killing her after she threatened to frame Dexter for her rape (which actually was but was mutual and drug-induced). ("Dexter is Delicious")
  • Mentions having a "little candidates list". ("Dexter's Final Cut")
  • Thought on killing some of the eghteen Assistant Vice Presidents while purchasing the house went redundant. ("Dexter's Final Cut")
  • Katerine Podrowski ("Kathy") - while there was no real intent (and chance) he nearly shoot her bodyguarding Jackie Cooper. ("Dexter's Final Cut")