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The Apartment is Dexter Morgan's former place of residence. It is what Dexter considered to be his only safe haven from the outside world and the one place, where he could reveal his true nature.

The apartment is originally owned by both Dexter and his sister Debra, but became his after Debra moved out. It appears to look like an ordinary apartment, consisting of a living room, kitchen, study, bedroom, and a closet. Although despite this, it contains several secret compartments where Dexter keeps his kill tools well hidden, behind the air condition also lies Dexter's slide box where he stashes the trophies of his kill. After marrying Rita Bennett, Dexter moved to Rita's home but still keeps the apartment. Rita eventually learns that Dexter still kept his apartment and grows suspicious of why Dexter still kept the apartment. Eventually Dexter chooses his family over his apartment and he abandons it. After Rita was killed by Arthur Mitchell, Dexter moves back to the apartment. It served as Dexter and Harrison's home for several years, until Dexter decided to fake his own death, leave Miami for good and leave Harrison under the care of his girlfriend, Hannah McKay.


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