This is a policy. It became effective on November 4th, 2010.

Dexter is an ongoing series and as such, there are still episodes that have yet to make it to the general public. Any information obtained via "insiders" and illegal sources will not be tolerated on this Wiki and will result in a revert, as well as a warning to that user.

The purpose of this page is to illustrate the policy and inform you, the user, of consequences of violating the terms.

Please note that since Season Five has indeed ended, that spoilers for Season 5 are all allowed. However, anything for the yet to be released Season Six is under watch. Only character names and general information can be revealed, nothing more such as deaths, victims, killers, etc.

Please read the Spoiler Policy of the wiki. If too much spoiler content is added to any given page, it will be locked until the appropriate episode is released or Showtime otherwise states it.

"Spoiler"? That sounds like one of Dexter's decomposed victims... what is this "Spoiler"?Edit

Spoiler is a common term used on the internet and now actively used in real life...though it is not uncommon to be unfamiliar with the term (most people might just say you "spoiled" them).

For more advanced information, refer to this article

Here are the first lines of the article :

"Spoiler is Genex slang for any element of any summary or description of any piece of fiction that reveals any plot element which will give away the outcome of a dramatic episode within the work of fiction, or the conclusion of the entire work. Because enjoyment of fiction sometimes depends upon the dramatic tension and suspense which arising within it, the external revelation of such plot elements can "spoil" the enjoyment that some consumers of the narrative would otherwise have experienced."

To be clear: If you somehow obtained an online script or information that should only be known to the creators of the show and not be revealed to the general public until an episode's release date, do NOT post this information on an article page...PERIOD.

Oh..I get it! Then what counts as a "Spoiler" on this Wiki?Edit

Very good question, considering that the pages themselves are filled with information that has already happened (but may still be considered a spoiler to someone who is just now starting the series or is at a point in the series BEFORE said the event that said information was based on), one might be confused on exactly what constitutes as a spoiler on this Wiki. Here's a basic list of what is considered a spoiler:

  • Character Deaths - If a character dies at any point passed the latest released episode (being Episode 512: The Big One), this will count as a spoiler. For example, say Cop A dies in the next episode and you somehow obtained this information before the Episode's release...if you add it to that character's page or anywhere else on the Wiki BEFORE the episode's airdate, you will have it reverted and will be warned of this occurrence.
  • Plot Changes - If a character does anything, from wearing a new outfit to killing a main character AFTER (being Episode 512: The Big One), this will count as a spoiler. For example, Cop A was shot by Cop B and Cop B is a main character in the show...or heck, Cop A is a main character in the show and this affects Cop C but Dexter could care less...anything of the such being added to that character's page or anywhere else on the Wiki BEFORE the episode's airdate, will have to be reverted and you will be warned of this occurrence.
  • Plot-Specific Character Reveals - If a character happens to be someone's relative or turns out to be the serial killer of the season AFTER (being Episode 512: The Big One), this will count as a spoiler. For example, Cop C is actually the brother of the Serial Killer for that Season...but then becomes a Serial Killer themselves at the end, for Dexter to put down. Anything of the such being added to that character's page or anywhere else on the Wiki BEFORE the episode's airdate, will have to be reverted and you will be warned of this occurrence.

So those are spoilers...what about information that isn't a spoiler?Edit

As such, there is some information that is released publically that may have nothing to do with the plot and may just show a picture of a character or something. Maybe a certain actor or actress will be joining the cast later in the season...this is all publically known information that helps boost the ratings and viewers of the show (for example, Julia Stiles being known to appear in Episode 503 as a guest star). If it is reported via a news site or article, then it is fine.

  • Pictures - If a character is shown for the first time (such as Jordan Chase) in a future episode, it is alright to add it to the wiki. For example, character Cole is rumored to be in Episode 508: Take It and is apart of the cast for that episode via information on Several pictures have been made available (some as Promotional for the episode) to the public to see these characters in action and that is fine, even if they're obtained on sites that pride themselves on spoilers. As long as the picture is just of a character and does not reveal any plot-specific information that was NOT revealed via legit news sites, then it is fine. If you add a picture of Cop A dead on the street before the episode airdate, THAT IS a spoiler and will be removed, as well as result in a warning.
  • Actors/Actresses Reveals - If a specific actor or actress is stated to appear this season (such as Johnny Lee Miller and Julia Stiles), then that is fine and not a spoiler. However, if an actor is said to stop appearing AFTER a certain episode that is a spoiler. Basically this can be linked to Character Deaths as well or maybe the Character goes away...regardless, that is spoiler information and will not be tolerated until the episode's release date where it occurs.
  • Events that have happened during/before the Current Episode - As this wiki is filled with information throughout Seasons 1 through 5, any information on it will most likely contain spoilers. HOWEVER, this information was already released to the general public via television broadcasts and thus is no longer a penalty-resulting spoiler. You can add this information as much as you like.

What about those Dexter novels?Edit

As such, whether or not you read the novels is unimportant. To the best of my knowledge, the Novels are still ongoing and thus any leaked information before the book's release date (look up the infamous Harry Potter spoilers) will result in a warning as well as the information being reverted. A leaked transcript, an advance copy...any information of that such will not be tolerated. Especially information regarding characters and events.

Information from the Novels already released falls under the same category as episodes already released: it's A-okay.

It's my first offense, please don't strap me to the table!Edit

While the policy may sound harsh, you didn't kill anybody with it and it can easily be undone. However, that's just for firstimer mistakes. The first warning will be friendly (at least it should be) and will simply inform you that what you did is against our policy, to which we'll link you to the policy and revert the edit to a previous state.

A second offense after being told about this policy (note: offenses timed within close proximity from each other, such as making several edits within an hour without anyone around to revert the edit at that time WILL NOT be counted as second or third offenses...) and you either choose to acknowledge it at that time or ignore it and make another edit after at least 2 hours from it being left on your talk page will result in a second, more strict warning telling you to abide by the policy or suffer some consequences.

A third offense will result in blocking your account, no more warnings. If you wish to contest this decision, you may contact an Administrator and be put up for review. This wiki is intended to provide information, not spoil it for eager Dexter fans who are waiting for the next episode to come out.

Fourth offenses occur if an Administrator removes the block and you continue the same act once more. At this point, you will be given no more chances and in the will be put on a table, cut limb from limb and dumped into the sea. That's kind of violent...actually, we'll just block you indefinitely. If you return with an alternate account, that one will also be blocked after linking it to the original.

Thanks for the heads up...what if I have more questions?Edit

Simply leave a message at User:TVthePunisher's talk page and I'll get back at you. If you wish to apologize for a violation, that's fine...I'm a generous guy but that doesn't mean you get freebies. Apologies just let me know that you understand what happened, you acknowledge it and wish to continue editing here freely as a user.

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