In a nutshell... Provide links and disambiguation pages so that users typing in a likely topic name for more than one topic can quickly navigate to the article they seek.

Disambiguation is the process of resolving the conflicts that arise when a single term is ambiguous, and so may refer to more than one topic which the wiki covers. For example, "Dexter" can refer to the character, the book series, his kill room, and many others. There are three important aspects to disambiguation:

  • Naming articles in such a way that each has a unique title. For example, three of the articles dealing with items ordinarily called "Bucket of water" are titled "Bucket of water (fresh)", "Bucket of water (murky)", and "Bucket of water (stagnant)".
  • Making the links for ambiguous terms point to the correct article title. For example, someone writing about an episode and wanting to link in something about Dexter Morgan, instead of putting [[Dexter]], they should put [[Dexter Morgan]].
  • Ensuring that someone who searches for a topic using a particular term can get to the information on that topic quickly and easily, whichever of the possible topics it might be. For example, the page Dexter is a disambiguation page – a non-article page which lists the various meanings of "Dexter" and links to the articles which cover them.

Disambiguation linksEdit

Users searching for what turns out to be an ambiguous term may not reach the article they expected. Therefore any article with an ambiguous title should contain helpful links to alternative articles or disambiguation pages, placed at the top of the article using one of the templates shown below.

In some cases there are different templates available, including or omitting information about the topic of the article. The shorter hatnote may be chosen if omitting the information is not likely to confuse the reader.

If this is the case, then place {{hasdisambig}} on the top of the page. Make sure that the article has a disambiguation page.

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