Detective Coleman
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Detective Coleman


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Detective with Miami Metro Homicide

Detective Coleman is a Character on DEXTER. A Detective with the Miami Metro Police Department and working in Homicide, he along with Sergeant James Doakes investigates the murder of a young boy killed by Jeremy Downs.

His appearance is brief but he shows up on scene where Dexter Morgan is examining a dead body. He doesn't give any constructive criticism in his initial appearance and leaves to converse with other background officers while Doakes and Dexter talk back in forth. Later on when a task force is being formed to head up on the Neil Perry lead into the Ice Truck Killer Investigation, Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta assigns Doakes and Coleman to the case regarding the slashed up victim from earlier.

His next appearance is when Jeremy Downs is walking through the park with Dexter stalking him. As the officers come out of hiding to ambush Jeremy, Coleman is one of the detectives (along with Doakes) that tackles and arrests the boy. Dexter arrives later on after receiving a page from Doakes and talks to Coleman about what he needed. Coleman asks him about the blood report despite Dexter saying it's his day off and Doakes arrives while Dexter heads to his office for the report, claiming his theories from before were spot on and that it matched with a kid they just picked up.

Coleman's last appearance is shown in an interrogation of Jeremy, first via a video camera and then after Dexter leaves upon confronting the boy. His attitude in this situation is rather rough, trying to threaten a confession out of the boy as he becomes violent. As Dexter is leaving, he informs the attorney assigned to Jeremy to head in there immediately.

It's unknown what happened to Coleman after this incident, whether or not he received disciplinary action is unclear.


  • For a background character, he is given quite a number of lines and focus by the camera in the scenes he's featured in. However, he remains uncredited as to whom the actor actually is like many have before (most famously Detective Soderquist for some time).