Darius Starzak
Character Profile
First Appearance
Dexter in the Dark
Last Appearance
Dexter in the Dark
Full Name
Darius Starzak
The Watcher
Manner of Death
Shot by Dexter Morgan
Personal Status
Professional Status
University Professor
Killer Profile
"The Watcher"
Number of Victims
At least 2 (Directly), at least 8 (indirectly/connected)
Modus Operandi
Moloch altar
Killing Method
(himself) Killed children as part of human traffic business
(as a member of Cult of Moloch) Burned people alive.
Method of Disposal
Left in the public place.
Posessed by Moloch, whom he worships.

Darius Starzak is a character in Dexter in the Dark, an antagonist and a member of Cult of Moloch.


Darius Starzak is a former professor of religious philosophy at the University of Kraków. He was fired to gain membership into the Cult of Moloch. Dexter Morgan was after him, after he tailed him and crashed his car in the canal. He is believed to have killed a lot of children in Bosnia, as Dexter confirmed by his Interpol profile.

Dexter tried to kill him in his usual plastic room and fillet knife but because his Dark Passenger had left him, he was unable to go through with it.

Later at the end when Dexter infiltrated the Cult of Moloch's hideout he shot him and Professor Wilkins dead, with a gun he took from a guard he killed just moments before.


Attempted victimsEdit

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