The Watcher is a group of characters from Dexter in the Dark. They were a group of cultists who worshipped Moloch and throughout Dexter in the Dark they watched and followed Dexter.


The Watcher was not a single person, but a group of cult worshippers who worshipped the ancient god Moloch. They believed that the spirit of Moloch jumped from one person to another. The Watcher tailed Dexter Morgan who they referred as "The Other". Dexter's Dark Passenger is a child and enemy to their god.


Alexander Macauley A.K.A Zander also helped the Cult of Moloch, bringing them people to sacrifice, but was not considered a member of the cult.


Mentioned on files found by Dexter, though not confirmed as deceased, they were taken by Zander and were never heard of again:

Attempted victims