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Craig Wilson
Craig Wlison
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Dale Midkiff
First Appearance
That Night, a Forest Grew
Last Appearance
That Night, a Forest Grew
Full Name
Craig Wilson


Personal Status
Marital Status
Unnamed wife
Immediate Relatives
Betsy Court (step-daughter, deceased)

Craig Wilson is a Character in DEXTER. He is a man that dated a young girl named Betsy Court's mother and eventually married her while the daughter ended up murdered.


At some unknown point, Craig met a woman who had a daughter named Betsy Court and they started dating. They eventually get married and he moves in together with the two of them. But Craig and Betsy did not get along and had constant yelling matches with each other. Then one day after having a huge fight with Betsy, he comes home to the sight of her dead body and tries to revive her, but to no avail. He then calls the police and they arrive on scene.

Craig first appears when the police are at Betsy's crime scene and he is shown to be in shock over Betsy's death. Sergeant James Doakes initially suspects Craig for her murder seeing how he had a history of anger with her and that is only reinforced when Forensic Blood-Spatter Analyst Dexter Morgan tells him that the blood spray is from when he "killed her." Doakes then interrogates him with Craig claiming his innocence but Doakes doesn't believe him. Then later when Dexter's real report comes in, proving Craig's innocence, Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta interrupts the interrogation and frees Craig while chewing out Doakes.

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