The Coyote Murder Case is a police investigation into the murder of a woman who doubled as a human smuggler along with her husband. ("Love American Style" and "Return to Sender.")


Jorge Castillo - A man who worked with his wife to smuggle people into the country from Cuba. Initially the prime suspect in his wife's murder due to his disappearance and his wife's death. Police were never able to find out the Jorge was already dead when his wife was killed.

Ice Truck Killer Copycat - A theory that Debra had been working on due to the similarities in the MO. Eventually dismissed as a possibility when compelling evidence showed up suggesting the husband killed her.

History of KillersEdit

Dexter was born to a single mother named Laura Moser and had an older brother named Brian Moser. When he was three, he witnessed his mother being chopped up into pieces. This formed his urge to kill. He was later rescued from the blood filled container by a detective by the name of Harry Morgan. He spent the remaining years of his adolescence being trained by Harry to control and release the urges to kill and how to avoid being caught. He channeled his urges into killing other killers. He eventually came to the decision to bury all of his victims out at the sea in the Bay Harbor.

Detectives on CaseEdit

  • Detective-Sergeant James Doakes - Ran point on the investigation and took the initial impression that it was the husband who killed Valerie. Initially looks that way after evidence is found indicating that.
  • Detective Angel Batista - Worked on the case and helped Deb and James with translating what Mariel was saying.
  • Officer Debra Morgan - Worked on the case with Doakes and formed her own theory that it was a copycat of the Ice Truck Killer.
  • Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta - Managed the personnel on the case and took care of a boy witness while his family arrives.

Other operatives involved in the case.

  • Forensics Specalist Vince Masuka - Worked on the case primarily based on the fact that there was no blood. He finds evidence that a sedative was used on her and then determines what killed her.
  • Forensics Blood Spatter Analyst Dexter Morgan - Worked on the crime scene to make sure he gets away with the crime. Eventually forges evidence that frames the husband for the murder.


Valerie Castillo - A woman living in the suburbs who assisted her husband in the transportation of illegals. This eventually caught the attention of Dexter when it was discovered that they killed those who can't afford to pay the fee after they are shipped to Miami.

Closure of CaseEdit

The case has been officially closed because of the overwhelming evidence against the husband. It is likely however that after Dexter's blood slides were found and Doakes was labeled the Bay Harbor Butcher that police figured out that Jorge and Valerie were killed by a serial killer and the case was officially closed again with a different labeling.

Fate of Killer(s)Edit

Dexter Morgan escaped justice and successfully framed Jorge Castillo for the murder.

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