Dexter Panel Attendees
Moderator: Ralph Garman
Dexter Morgan: Michael C. Hall
Debra Morgan: Jennifer Carpenter
Hannah McKay: Yvonne Strahovski
Showrunner: Scott Buck
co-executive producer/writer: Wendy West

The beginning of the panel started with Ralph Garman introducing Howard Gordon (Homeland writer) who then addressed and took a picture of the crowd in Ballroom 20. Gordon then introduced the Homeland trailer and took questions right after.

The Dexter panel promptly started once the Homeland questions were finished. Garman proceeded to reveal that there will be a Dexter Fan Art contest, a new Dexter game, showed a sneak peek at Dexter Early Cuts: All in the Family webisode, a recap of season 6 and what everyone was waiting for the first two minutes of season 7! was introduced to the crowd to provide an interactive way for the fans to win some prizes - "To celebrate a new season of Dexter, we want you to give in to your dark, artistic urges.

Take a stab at creating some original Dexter fan art, inspired by one of five themes, and you’re in the running

to win some seriously killer prizes."

Contest Guidelines


Capturing Dexter A Fan Art Contest

Dexter the Game trailer.
Dexter The Game 2 Trailer

Dexter The Game 2 Trailer

Sneak peek of the first episode of "Dexter Early Cuts: All in the Family"
All in the Family Ch

All in the Family Ch. 1

Recap of season 6 to introduce season 7.

Dexter Season 6 Recap

Dexter Season 6 Recap

Sneak peek to the first two minute of season 7 (profanity has been bleeped out on this video)
2 Minute Sneak Peek Dexter Season 7

2 Minute Sneak Peek Dexter Season 7


SDCC 2012: Dexter Panel

After the cliffhanger ending of the sneak preview with Dexter lunging toward Debra saying "Nooooooooo" the lights are turned on and the cast and creative team were introduced to a standing ovitiation from the crowd of Ballroom 20 by Garman. Garman proceeded to ask questions to the cast then podium was opened up to questions from the fans. Most of the questions were asked to Michael C. Hall. There was the fan who asked for his namecard, another asked if there was going to be a musical type episode, etc.

Michale C. Hall did look like he had an epiphany when he acknowledged that this is his once in a lifetime part for him to play. He has no idea why people love him so much he is just glad they do!

One question in particular that stood out to me was directed to Yyvone from Garman as he asked her who do you play? Yyvone replied a woman who helps Dexter and also has a checkered past but she didn't eloborate more and just smiled. I guess we will all have to wait till season 7 starts to find out!