Cira Manzon
Character Profile
Portrayed By
April L. Hernandez
First Appearance
Hello Bandit
Last Appearance
Teenage Wasteland
Full Name
Cira Manzon


Late 20's
Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Detective with Homicide

Detective Cira Manzon is a character in DEXTER. She is featured as a police officer with Miami Vice that worked her way into becoming a Detective, however since her promotion she has not been seen since the end of the Santa Muerte Murders case.


When she's first introduced, she's in full police attire (black shirt and black pants) with her long, curly black hair kept tied back in a neat, straight bun. She is of Hispanic origin.

When she is not in cop attire, she lets her hair go out a bit more to show that it's rather curly and wears a variety of casual clothes to blend in with society.


Her personality has strong traditional values stemmed from her growing up in the area where the Santa Muerte murders are taking place. She's protective of her culture but is open to share what she knows with anyone who asks, unlike the citizens who fear something happening to them. However, she has shown some oddities with how she acts whenever she appears on these crime scenes...possibly suggesting that she knows more than she's letting on. While on duty, she can be seen as a rather intelligent, insightful individual who pays attention to the details and would make a brilliant detective. While off duty, she's stern but friendly, capable of showing a variety of personality traits.

Unfortunately, she has a weak stomach and on two occasions she has had a hard time being in the vicinity of certain crime scenes (first for Fauzi and then the couple infested with maggots).


She appears at the very first crime scene for the Santa Muerte murders, acting as an officer simply there to question witnesses and keep the peace. However, she moves in and makes observations when Detective Debra Morgan starts investigating the scene. It is she who dubbed the murders as "Santa Muerte", relating it to a cult that tried out these unique ways of killing people and leaving their heads out in the public. Debra looks at her with somewhat of distrust at first but then starts to feel a kinship, as later on at a second crime scene when they meet again she asks her for her input on the matter and the two seem to form a sort of bond with one another.

As Joey Quinn is incapacitated due to a suspension on his part, it appears that Cira is taking up the role as Debra's partner for this season so far while other characters try to fit in there as well. The two work well together, except Cira wasn't around (possibly due to investigating nearby areas) whenever Carlos Fuentes had Jandro Mendoza as a hostage. With Cira's help, Debra has found out more and more information regarding these murders and takes her along for translation and insight. The two often share extended dialogue where Debra uses her foul-mouth while Cira is more of a calmer toned woman.

The two stumbled upon the earliest kills by the Fuentes brothers (which have become mummified and infested with maggots) and she was forced to vomit outside due to the smell and sight. She remained on the investigation at this point, becoming Debra's asset towards catching the Fuentes brothers...even pinpointing her in her plans to catch them at Club Mayan. Of several stakeouts, she participated with Joey Quinn inside the club as undercover cops...but the brothers never showed. Instead, Angel Batista spotted Yasmin Aragon's Santa Muerte necklace and used her for a way to get the brothers to show up at the club (via her drug charges). Cira would again arrive at the club, watching as Yasmin spotted both brothers and moved in to talk with Marco Fuentes. She began to feel they were standing out, so she went to the bar for a drink when suddenly Carlos Fuentes noticed her from afar...asking for her to come over. Debra rejected the order but Maria LaGuerta, acting supervisor, gave the go-ahead. Cira would meet with Carlos and speak in his native tongue, until he started to feel her up...and discovered her hidden handgun. Carlos quickly called out to his brother, who shot Yasmin (and killed her)...while Carlos knocked Cira down and tried for an escape...only to end up shot in the head by Debra after a failed hostage attempt.

Cira began to blame herself for the screw-up in Club Mayan, but Debra told her to ease up...that they all should take the heat. LaGuerta ends up pinning the whole scenario on Deb, despite the fact that she was led to believe that Cira might end up blamed...and when she discovers that Cira was responsible for backing LaGuerta's story, Deb rejected her as a partner (and friend) when she was forced into the file room. The last time Cira was seen is in the break room in Homicide, as Debra's heading back to the file room after discovering more information on the Barrel Girls Case.


  • Cira Manzon, the Fuentes Brothers and the entire Santa Muerte case disappeared after Episode 7 in Season 5, the main focus instead switching to the Barrel Girls Case. It is unknown where she...and even Marco, are at the current moment. She is likely working on other homicide cases...but she has not been seen involved in the Barrel Girls case.