The Brother Sam Murder Case is a police investigation into the murder of a well known criminal turned pastor named Brother Sam.


Leo Hernandez - Initially suspected of killing Brother Sam due to Leo contantly blaming Brother Sam for the disappearance of their prevoius leader Julio Benes, the fact that he drives a black muscle car that was used in the garage drive-by two days before the murder and claiming he was going to smoke Brother Sam. Evidence was later recovered from his house suggesting he was the shooter: the sweatshirt worn by the killer and the security disk from the garage. While Leo did order the hit out on Brother Sam he is not the shooter.

Unsuspected KillersEdit

Nick - The actual shooter who had been ordered by Leo to kill Brother Sam in order to regain entry into the Locos.

History of KillerEdit

Leo Hernandez was a member of a local street gang known as the Locos and the second-in-command of Julio Benes. After Julio went missing Leo took over as shotcaller and retaliated on Brother Sam by shooting up his garage in his car. Nick then came to Leo, wanting to rejoin the Locos, but Leo would only accept him back if he killed Brother Sam. Nick was glad to do this as he believed that Brother Sam had lied to him about how easy life was without the gangs. Feeling betrayed he took revenge on him and gave all the evidence of his involvement to Leo.

Detectives on CaseEdit

  • Detective Mike Anderson - Ran point on the investigation on who committed the murder and initially concluded that Leo killed Brother Sam based on his witness informing him of Leo's car and motive. Initially concludes when the sweatshirt and security DVD are found at his house.
  • Detectice Israel Yale - Worked on the case and found two witnesses to collaborate that Leo wanted Brother Sam dead.
  • Lieutenant Debra Morgan - Oversaw the investigation while her detectives handled the front lines. Agreed with Mike's conclusion that Leo is the shooter.

Other operatives involved in the case.

  • Forensic Blood Splatter Analyst Dexter Morgan - Worked on the crime scene since there was a lot of blood at the scene. Determines that Brother Sam was shot twice and then the killer steped up for the killshot. Later discovered on his own that Nick was the one who killed Sam and took revenge by killing him.
  • Forensic Specialist Vince Masuka - Worked on the case handling fingerprints with Louis at Brother Sam's garage. Later handled the evidence at Leo's house when he was killed in a police shooting.
  • Forensic Intern Louis Greene - Worked under Vince while he was taught by him how to recover fingerprints from the scene.


Samuel "Brother Sam" Wright -


Closure of CaseEdit

The case has been officially closed. This is due in part to the fact that supposed killer had the missing security video at his place, had the same sweatshirt identified in the video, and repeated told people he was going to kill Brother Sam.

Fate of Killer(s)Edit

Of the killer and his master, both are deceased for their part in the death of Brother Sam. The master, Leo, who ordered the hit was shot and killed by the Miami Merto Police Department in a shootout while they tried to arrest him. The killer, Nick, had his life taken by Dexter as revenge for killing Brother Sam by drowning him in the same ocean that he was baptized in.

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