Brian Moser (Passenger)
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Christian Camargo
First Appearance
Waiting to Exhale
Last Appearance
Full Name
Brian Moser

Personal Status
Immediate Relatives
Dexter Morgan (brother)
Harrison Morgan (nephew)

"Hey, little brother. Miss me?"

Brian Moser (Passenger) is an imaginary character in DEXTER. Brian acts as the physical manifestation of the "Dark Passenger", the constant murderous urge in Dexter Morgan that requires him to kill.


Brian Moser appears as Dexter's Dark Passenger in season six. Technically, he was the first person Dexter imagined as a Dark Passenger, appearing long before Harry Morgan.

Although Dexter initially buried his 'Brian' urges, after he gave into his dark urges to kill the man who murdered his friend Brother Sam, Brian appeared once again, congratulating Dexter for letting himself go once again. When Dexter learned that the Trinity Killer had apparently killed his wife and daughter in Nebraska, Brian urged him to investigate the event and kill Jonah Mitchell, Trinity's son and the only viable suspect for the crimes given his father's death. Under Brian's 'guidance', Dexter killed the owner of the motel where he was staying after the man discovered Dexter's knives, believing that Dexter was investigating his pot-growing business. Faced with this, Dexter admitted that he enjoyed seeing the life go out of his victims' eyes, even when he didn't actually know if the m an had done anything to deserve death.

However, when Dexter confronted Jonah, he realized that Jonah had actually only killed his mother out of rage at how her continued fixation with her lost husband had driven Rebecca to commit suicide. Brian attempted to convince Dexter to kill Jonah anyway, but Dexter refused, recognizing that Jonah still had a conscience and didn't deserve death. With this discovery, Dexter 'banished' Brian once again, with Harry reappearing to Dexter as he returned to Miami.


Season Two

Season Six


  • Brian Moser was the first "human" form the Dark Passenger took, appearing almost a whole season before Harry Morgan would become the regular passenger.