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Brian Moser

Brian Moser's residence is a location in Miami where murders were committed by The Ice Truck Killer on Showtime's series DEXTER.


Brian Moser (living under the alias of Rudy Cooper) used this apartment as a place to kill his victims, most of whom were prostitutes. It took a few years, but he set up a large refrigeration unit to aid in his plan to jolt the memory of his brother, Dexter Morgan. To do this, he began to create crime scenes that resembled their mother's murder.

After bringing a woman to his place, Brian would subdue her, hang her upside down, cut her throat, and collect the blood in a large metal trough. He stored the woman's blood in a plastic bucket labeled with her name. Then he would dismember her body into symmetrical pieces and neatly wrap them for public display. In "Seeing Red," he used all the blood he had collected from his victims to cover Room 103 in the Marina View Hotel so that it resembled the massacre in the Shipping Yard container.

To prevent discovery that he was The Ice Truck Killer, Brian had installed a security camera and an industrial grade lock on his door. In the end, Brian was similarly killed. Dexter strapped Brian down, sliced his throat, and let him bleed out in his refrigeration unit. The police ruled it a suicide.


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