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Dexter's Bowl Till You Bleed shirt

Bowl Till You Bleed is a bowling team that Dexter Morgan joined in an attempt to show off a "normal life" in the face of Sergeant James Doakes, whose obsession with Dexter being "up to something" has reached a stalking-new level. The bowling team consists of Dexter, Angel Batista, Vince Masuka and an unknown African man in a fedora. Later on this player is replaced by Robert Ramos, in addition to Lila West joining the game.

It's worth noting that the four man team is a nod to Dexter's biological father, Joe Driscoll, who was in fact a bowler himself. Dexter normally has a good advantage at bowling, though most of the time he's seen with the team is during either a depressed state (after the loss of his brother) or in dealing with Lila's "attitude" which ruins his shots.

They have somewhat of a rivalry with the Alley Cats, a rival bowling team with red shirts and a plain black label on the back.

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