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Here is my Fantasy of what will be the conclusion 

Hannah McKay will turn evidence against Dexter in vengeance for his betrayal gaining her release by Maria.

Maria LaGuerta will be relentless after facing the doubts of her peers and vilification she threaten to renege on her deal with Tom to give him his pension and keep quiet publicly on his involvement in the death of the prostitute because she believes that he is protecting Dexter. But she will end up embarrassed into oblivion when her history of giving the best blowjobs in Miami comes back in full force to haunt her.

Deputy Chief Thomas Matthews facing the threat of his pension and the evidence that Maria has on him will help Dexter get away with killing her by providing an alibi when he is given evidence that she had sexually harassed Dexter in season one motivating her to be spiteful over his rejection. It is then brought to light that she has had a Sexual relationship with several men Besides Doakes that ended up being accused of murder including Miguel Prado who she knew killed her buddy lawyer Ellen Wolf. The Straw that breaks the camels back is when she accuses Angel of covering for Quinn's murdering of George Novikov after one of her old prostitution peers from the early days of her immigrating from Cuba shows her the note left by Nadia and reveals the nature of Quinn's involvement.

"Joey" Quinn who is now compromised AGAIN with the murder of his dancer girlfriend's Ukrainian mafia boss, holds the key to conviction because of the evidence Stan Liddy gave him showing Dexter's guilt back in season 5,. But he withheld because he was in love with Deb. Now that the Dancer has jilted him he will return to Deb for comfort and once again be conflicted in turning over the evidence after he and Deb share the mutual knowledge of Dexter's activities. We find out that he killed Yuki Amado the internal affairs officer that had been pursuing him though a flashback that includes the Idea his negligence is responsible for Hannah's junkie sister Arlene Shram's habit. He then helps try and clear Dexter and Deb after a sex encounter with her, leads him to discover that she is the one who drugged Deb.

Louis Greene's investor in his game Homicidal Tendencies turns up looking for him and sparking interest in his missing . An investigation finds he has a copy of information that Dexter thought he had destroyed and they will find his hacking into Dexter's life and the diary notes about Angels threats (sparking Maria's accusations that Angel is somehow involved) after a lead is found in his games were he wrote his killer fantasies into a Dexter likeness and demonized Angel and he will get the blame for trying to frame Dexter to cover his being the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Vince Masuka After the investigation re-looks at the hand and finds the Palm markings Louis wrote on it before sending it to Dexter. Vince will be suspected of assisting Louis with the murders. The Known pervert nervous he is about to go down, will confess to having killed his previous assistant Ryan Chambers in a weird but funny sexual situation after he learned she stole the Ice pick killers Prosthetic hand claiming it was an accident and he had know knowledge of the hand ever leaving the evidence room but fired Louis when it was returned with his name on it.

Debra Morgan is a potty mouthed basket case and is going to go off the deep end, she certainly can't stay in charge, especially after compromising herself for her own selfish needs and tendency toward incessant desires. After Hannah is released Deb will hunt her down and kill her in cold blood rage right in front of everyone leading to a total break down, causing her to be institutionalized and straight jacketed in a padded room of mental ward unable to do anything but twitch.

Dexter Morgan will be haunted by his sister's breakdown after being exonerated when the blame falls on Louis who only he knows won't show up again. Harry Morgan's Ghost will escalate his disapproval and talk Dexter into using the code against himself by committing suicide just like Harry did.

Harrison Morgan (Dexter's son) will accidentally witness Dexter in action causing Dexter to go through with harry carry after making a will saying that he would like Jamie to be the guardian of his son.

Angel Batista the all around good guy and close to living up to his namesake has already decided to leave the force to run the restaurant, His Family like love for Deb and Dexter will prevent him from seeing the truth even when its staring him in the face. His continuing desire to reignite his relationship with Maria Fades after he learns how much of a whore she has really been, He reunites with his Ex-wife who finally sees what a good man he is. They vow to Help his sister Jamie Batista to adopt and raise the orphaned Harrison.

The final scene will show a nine year old Harrison being caught by Angel killing a cat, Angel will start a talk with him saying how he will have to learn to control this monster that is inside him and keep it a secret from Jamie.

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