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Scuba divers in Biscayne Bay, about to discover bags containing human remains

Biscayne Bay is a location both in Showtime's series DEXTER, and an actual bay near Miami, Florida.

For the show, the upper area of Biscayne Bay was renamed as Bay Harbor.

Season One

Dexter Morgan disposed of his victims in Bay Harbor until early Season Two. The bodies were usually dismembered, put into trash bags, and dumped into the water from his boat (Slice of Life).

Season Two

After scuba divers made a gruesome discovery at the bottom of the bay, the unknown killer was dubbed "The Bay Harbor Butcher," deriving from the location and Dexter's method of dismemberment. To play it safe, Dexter moved his boat to a different marina. From there, Dexter began to take his victims' remains to the Gulf Stream, a powerful and swift ocean current that originates at the tip of Florida. The bags eventually ended up somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Dexter, with Rita and the kids, spend time on his boat on Biscayne Bay.

Season Five

Later, from under Julia Tuttle Causeway, one of the bridges that cross Bay Harbor (Biscayne Bay), Dexter kidnapped Robert Brunner. He was going to kill Brunner, until he discovered that he was wearing an ankle brace and, therefore, was not one of the men who had abused Lumen Pierce. Regarding Tuttle bridge, Dexter thought to himself, “Poor Julia Tuttle, the mother of Miami. They named this bridge after her in her honor, Now it’s crawling with pedophiles and sex offenders. So much for honor.” ("First Blood")

Season Six

Nick was baptized by Brother Sam off the shore of Biscayne Bay ("A Horse of a Different Color"), and later drowned by Dexter in the same location ("Just Let Go").

Season Seven

Dexter is shown giving Hannah McKay a ride in his boat, which frightened her to death. Also, the beaches of Biscayne Bay are shown at various times, such as Hobie Beach and the beach in front of Papa's Cafe.

Season Eight

In the series finale, Dexter turned off life support for his adoptive sister, Debra Morgan. He carried her body out of the hospital and took her to the bay, where he slowly dropped her into the water. Sadly, he watched as she disappeared from him forever. He then drove his boat toward a hurricane. ("Remember the Monsters?")

Search parties found the wreckage of his boat few miles offshore -- but not his body. It was assumed that Dexter was dead. In reality, he had survived and faked his own death. He then moved far from Miami and isolated himself from those he cared about, as a way to "protect" them. The last scenes show him working as a logger in the Northwest. ("Remember the Monsters?")

News Report After Storm


Virginia Key, location of Slice of Life wreckage after the hurricane

"The search has been called off for missing Miami Police Forensics Specialist Dexter Morgan, who is now considered a drowning victim by Miami Metro Police officials. The U.S. Coast Guard and Miami Police Dive Team have been searching for Morgan since not long after the man went missing in Biscayne Bay during last week's hurricane.

According to police officials, Morgan's boat called Slice of Life broke up in the storm and was found adrift just off Virginia Key [barrier island]. There was no trace of Morgan on board. It is still unclear why Morgan was piloting the 24-foot Century boat during such severe weather. "The boat was found in open water. Morgan's destination and purpose for being at sea is a mystery," officials said. The boat was found in two pieces drifting away from Virginia Key. "We're not sure what destroyed the boat - but, in a storm like Hurricane Laura, it is not surprising a boat of that size was turned to kindling," Letch said. U.S. Coast Guard said no mayday call was made to Coast Guard from the boat. The Coast Guard did, however, report having responded to over 15 distress calls during the storm. Morgan was not one of them.

The boat was three-quarters of a mile to one mile off shore and the water was about 45 feet deep with a water temperature of about 89 degrees at the surface. Dexter Morgan worked as a Forensic Technician with the Miami Metro Police Department. He was a blood spatter specialist and helped solve many high profile cases in Miami-Dade over the course of several years, including the Bay Harbor Butcher case."


Biscayne Bay Trivia

  • Biscayne Bay is a lagoon that is approximately 35 miles (56 km) long and up to 8 miles (13 km) wide, located on the Atlantic coast of South Florida, near Miami.
  • The bay is a shallow estuary. It is a place where freshwater from the mainland mixes with salt water from the sea.
  • The bridges that cross over Biscayne Bay from Miami to Miami Beach (barrier island) are the Venetian Causeway, MacArthur Causeway, and Julia Tuttle Causeway. Rickenbacker Causeway connects Miami to the barrier islands of Virginia Key and Key Biscayne across Biscayne Bay.
  • In 1975, Biscayne Bay was designated as a state aquatic preserve.
  • Bay Harbor doesn't exist, however, Bay Harbor Islands is a town in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It is separated from the mainland by Biscayne Bay, over which the land masses are connected via the Broad Causeway.

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