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Beth Dorsey
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Jordana Spiro
First Appearance
Ricochet Rabbit
Last Appearance
Talk to the Hand
Full Name
Beth Dorsey

Manner of Death
Killed by Wormwood attack/Dexter Morgan
31 (at death)
Personal Status
Marital Status
Steve Dorsey (deceased)
Immediate Relatives
Steve Dorsey (husband; deceased)
Professional Status
Disciple to the Doomsday Killer

Beth Dorsey is a character in DEXTER. She was married to Steve Dorsey who was a frequent poster on Professor Gellar's website, under the name Doomsday_Adam. She and her husband, Steve Dorsey, are taken in as Travis Marshall's disciples, and they aided in the death of Holly Benson.

Later, she is at her house being questioned by Sergeant Angel Batista who is unknowing of their status as Travis' disciples. He eventually figures this out by observing they had all of Gellar's books and is knocked over the head by Travis with Beth watching. They then take Batista's arrival as a sign that the police station is their target for Wormwood.

She arrives at the Police Station and finds her way into Homicide. There, she waits for Debra Morgan to come back from a crime scene. When she arrives, they go to an interrogation room. Before that, she clicks a button attached to her backpack that starts releasing the gas. Dexter sees this and pushes her into a room and holds the door shut, saving himself, Debra, and the entire Miami Metro Police Force. She dies due to the poisonous gas.

Attempted VictimsEdit

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