Ben and Roger
Ben and Roger
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Turner Dixon (Ben)
Grant Mathis (Roger)
First Appearance
Those Kinds of Things
Last Appearance
Those Kinds of Things
Full Name
EMT Ben and EMT Roger
Manner of Death
Killed by Dexter Morgan
36 (Ben; at death)
42 (Roger; at death)
Hazel (both)
Brown (Ben)
Bald (Roger)
Personal Status
Professional Status
EMT (Paramedic) (both)
Killer Profile
"No Known Alias"
Number of Victims
At least 2
Modus Operandi
Killing Method
They delay transporting them to the hospital and let them die in the back of their ambulance and after they die they get their doctor to remove the organs of the victims and sell them on the black market
Method of Disposal
They wanted to make more money and found a way to do that using their positions as EMTS to gain access to peoples' organs and sell them on the black market

Ben and Roger are both characters introduced in Season Six of DEXTER. Both characters are paramedics working in Miami, working on scenes where someone may be gravely injured and need immediate aide. They are referred to by dispatch as Team 42.


These two paramedics made a quick buck off of letting or making some of their patients die, to harvest their body parts in partnership with an emergency room doctor, who was later arrested by the police. It is assumed that after he was arrested, they simply found another to sell off organs to.


Ben is a scruff, older man in his 30s or 40s with short brown hair whom wears a blue-button up short sleeve shirt and black dress pants, equipped with black dress shoes as his paramedic uniform. Roger is a bald, older man in his 30's or 40's with a matching uniform. Both come equipped with basic paramedic supplies including white and blue plastic gloves.


Not much can be said for their personalities, both men try to make it seem like they were doing nothing wrong when they clearly were and it may be at one time they were honest paramedics, though otherwise they are just cold-blooded murderers.


Dexter Morgan, usually a very careful man, finds himself wandering a warehouse district with a bloody knife and an apparent wound on his body. He brings up a phone, calling for an emergency team to come pick him up. Ben and Roger, likely given this area of patrol, answer the call and proceed casually to the location (likely taking their time in order to see if the victim would pass on in time for them to do their "alternate" work). As the ambulance arrives, both men approach Dexter who is lying on the ground apparently near death or dead...but find themselves injected with M99 at the same time. Both men fall down and Dexter rises up, completely unharmed as he drags them to the ambulance in another successful attempt in subduing his victims.

When they come to, Ben and Roger are handcuffed to the gurneys in the back of the ambulance. Dexter speaks to both men, calling them by name as Roger asks what's going on and how he knows their names. Dexter explains their crimes to both men, saying that they let some live and some die in order to harvest their body parts... and that the corrupt emergency room doctor who was selling these parts was arrested but Dexter figured he had a regular supplier, so through research he came across these two. Roger tries to defend both of them by claiming they were only trying to help, but Dexter stops him and says they were only trying to help themselves for a quick
6x1 1

Dexter taking Ben and Roger's blood, just before stopping their hearts.

buck. Wasting no more time, he uses the nearby defibrillator to shock both men's hearts until they stop beating and they are dead (likely a way they let some of their own victims die). He later disposes of them both in the usual harbor and stores their bloodslides in his case back at home.

Dexter performs a double kill with a defibrillator.


  • 3 Unnamed Victims