The Beach House Murder Case is a police investigation into the deaths of a couple at a beach house.


Kaitlyn Watson - Was suspected of committing the murders based on Dexter's observations of the husbands wounds and the cellphone he determined that the wife threw at him. Was later confirmed when the murder weapon was found underneath her body.

History of Killers

2013-09-15 1856

Dexter Morgan amazes Mike Anderson by solving the crime within seconds, a very rare feat.

At some unknown point the man and woman became husband and wife and were married for an unknown number of years. Then later the husband started stepping out on the wife with a young brunette Asian woman. The wife discovered this when she saw an incriminating photo of her husband and this unnamed woman. She then took her revenge on her husband first by throwing the phone at him. She then grabbed the gun and killed him.

Detectives on Case

  • Detective Mike Anderson - Ran point on the investigation on who committed the murders and initially concluded that the wife killed her husband and killed herself.

Other operatives involved in the case.

  • Forensics Blood Spatter Analyst Dexter Morgan - Worked on the crime scene since there was a lot of blood at the scene. Eventually determines from the blood patterns that the wife killed her husband when she found an incriminating photo of him with another woman and then, realizing what she had done, turned the gun on herself and pulled the trigger.


Jim Watson - A middle-aged man who lived with his wife for an unknown number of years and eventually started cheating on her.

Kaitlyn Watson - A middle-aged woman who lived with her husband for an unknown number of years when she finally ended the marriage by shooting and killing her husband and then killing herself.


Closure of Case

The case has been officially closed because the killer has been identified and there is no reason to keep the case open.

Fate of Killer(s)

Kaitlyn Watson is deceased after taking her own life.