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The Bay Harbor Butcher 18

The Bay Harbor Butcher 18 was the name given to the eighteen bodies that were recovered from Bay Harbor. All had been killed byDexter Morgan (a.k.a. The Bay Harbor Butcher). While Dexter had killed well over that amount, these were just the ones found at the bottom of the Bay.

DNA analysis identified all eighteen as murderers who had slipped through the law.

Bay Harbor Butcher 18

  1. Unknown
  2. Unknown
  3. Unknown
  4. Unknown
  5. Anthony Rodrigo
  6. Oscar Sota
  7. Shannon Reynolds
  8. Chad Carpenter
  9. Joseph Cepeda
  10. Renzo Sandoval
  11. Jeff Linder
  12. Dylan Maddock
  13. Carlos Gutierrez
  14. Robert Thatcher
  15. Rick Jensen
  16. Marcus White
  17. Smith
  18. Orozco

Blood Slides

Late in the investigation, forty-six of Dexter's blood slides were found in the trunk of James Doakes' car. All eighteen of the victims listed above were matched to blood slides.

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