Barrels Accident

The Barrel Girls

The Barrel Girls Case is a police investigation into a series of killings targeting blonde women committed by a group of serial rapists. The case in itself is the eighth major case in the series, with the previous major case being the Santa Muerte Case and the next major case after this one is the Doomsday Killer Investigation. The case began in February 2010 and lasted through March.

Suspects (Rapists)

Cole Harmon - Was the first suspect Homicide had in their sights during the initially investigation. Was later dropped when Dexter pointed them in the direction of Boyd Fowler. Eventually he was revisited as a suspect when his DNA was found on the girls and was later confirmed when DVDs of the rapes were found at his house.

Boyd Fowler - Miami Metro Homicide's main suspect (thanks to Dexter). His wallet was found in the truck that was transporting the Barrel Girls which led Homicide to search his house, where they found where he kept the girls before he killed them, the tools he used to kill them, and twelve locks of hair that belong to all of the victims.

Dan Mendell - Suspected to be part of the rape group when his ring was seen in one of the DVDs by Debra Morgan. When Detectives Debra Morgan & Joseph Quinn went to interview his wife they found out that he was friends with Jordan Chase back when he was known as Eugene Greer.

Jordan Chase - When two of the suspects had ties to Jordan Chase he became a suspect to the rapes of these girls. He offered his DNA in order to clear himself but was later confirmed apart of the group when his real name was revealed and the location of the rapes is found to be owned by him under the name "Eugene Greer."

Alex Tilden - Suspected to be apart of the group due to his online connection and friendship with Cole Harmon. Later revealed to be the final member of the group when Debra and Quinn raided his house looking for him.

Suspects (Vigilantes)

Number 13 - Suspected to be killing off the rapists out of revenge of what they did to her. Later Debra Morgan talked to her and her partner from behind a sheet of plastic and decided to let them both go after witnessing the horrible things those five did in that room.

Bay Harbor Butcher - Later suspected of being 13's partner in crime after Captain LaGuerta had suspicions that the Butcher was still alive and killing. Like his partner was confronted by Debra and let go after Debra talked to them.

History of Killers (Rapists)

The five men first met at Camp Jordan where the leader, Eugene Greer, inspired them all to "seize their desires." They did this by abducting a woman named Emily Birch and Eugene watched as the rest of them raped and tortured her. Afterwards Eugene had Emily take a picture of all of them together and from then on they continued their patterns. First Dan Mendell would find the girls by frequenting bars, the rest of them would help abduct and transport them to the site of the original rape. They would torture these women just like they did Emily Birch but this time after they were done they would have Boyd kill them so they couldn't go to the police. Every so often Cole would take the bodies after an unspecified amount of time and dispose of them. Eugene then had his name changed to Jordan Chase.

History of Killers (Vigilantes)

Detectives on Case

This is one of Debra Morgan 's top priority cases, in accordance with it she has the assistance of several other officers:

Other operatives involved in the case.

Victims (Rapists)

Seven unnamed women were seen on various DVDs in Cole Harmon's house.

Jessica Shelton - The eighth victim of the group, she is one of the five women found in barrels after a failed transport by Cole Harmon]. She was killed within the past five years.

Susanna Flood - The ninth victim of the group, She is one of the five women found in barrels after a failed transport by Cole Harmon. She was killed within the past five years.

Irene Plax - The tenth victim of the group, She is one of the five women found in barrels after a failed transport by Cole Harmon. She was killed within the past five years.

Julie Fiasconaro - The eleventh victim of the group, She is one of the five women found in barrels after a failed transport by Cole Harmon. She was killed within the past five years.

Jane Doe - The twelfth victim of the group, She is one of the five women found in barrels after a failed transport by Cole Harmon. She was killed within the past five years.

Lumen Pierce - An attempted victim, although homicide never received her name or DVD Debra correctly states that there was a thirteenth victim out there who was seeking vengeance .

Victims (Vigilantes)


Part one

The Barrel Girls Case first comes to the attention of Homicide when the bodies are discovered alongside the road after someone tried transporting and disposing of the bodies. This failed when a drunk driver rammed into the truck and police arrived soon after to investigate. It is eventually revealed that the truck belongs to Jordan Chase and Homicide puts in a request to talk to him. He accepts and is accompanied by his head of security, Cole Harmon they both answer some questions and leave. Soon afterwards Cole Harmon becomes their prime suspect in the rapes and murders of the five women. A new piece of evidence is soon discovered by Masuka (planted there by Dexter) which gives them a new prime suspect in the form of a man known as Boyd Fowler. After they raid his house they uncover numerous amounts of evidence pointing toward his guilt. They bring Cole and Jordan back in where Cole claims Boyd was one of Jordan's stalkers and that explained how he got the keys to the truck. The case afterwards is officially closed by LaGuerta.

Part two

The second part revolves around the disappearance of the perpetrators. With Dexter and Lumen Pierce's work, the Police discover that the men responsible for the murders are all disappearing. Debra comes to the conclusion that it is a pair of vigilantes killing off the men. The police have also found that each of the perpetrators have a connection to Jordan Chase.

Closure of Case

The case has been officially closed, because all of the perpetrators connections to Jordan Chase are revealed and are supposedly on the run. Although Debra Morgan eventually reveals a pair of vigilantes is responsible for their disappearance. The vigilantes themselves are never caught as Detective Morgan let them escape after seeing Jordan Chase's body.

Fate of Killer(s)

All of the rapists have been killed by Dexter Morgan and Lumen Pierce as revenge for what they did to Lumen and their bodies have been disposed of. Debra caught up to the pair and, without knowing who they are, lets the two vigilantes go because of her recent experiences with death.

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