The Barnes Shooting is an officer-involved shooting between Sergeant-Detective James Doakes and Curtis Barnes.


Curtis Barnes - Formerly Special Forces for the United States Rangers and married to a woman named Felicia Barnes. He was a suspect in her murder and tried to flee the country but Doakes wouldn't let him and he ended up committing suicide by cop.


Sergeant-Detective James Doakes - Was lead on the murder of Felicia Barnes and tracked down a friend who set up a meeting with someone from Curtis' army days. When he gets their it turns out to be Curtis himself and tries to arrest him but instead ends up shooting him.

History Leading up to the Shooting

While Curtis was in the special forces unit of the army he was sent to Afghanistan and Somalia where he saw things that scarred him for life. When he left the army his wife kept telling him to get help but he refused and when she said she was leaving him he killed her with two shots to the chest and one to the head. Doakes took lead on her murder and used some of his army contacts to find Curtis. When they eventually met Curtis tells him to stall the investigation until he can get to Cuba but instead Doakes tries to arrest him for the murder of his wife. Curtis wouldn't go quietly so he raised his gun and Doakes shot him, effectively committing suicide by cop.


Curtis Barnes - An ex-army ranger who was killed by Doakes when he raised his gun to him.

Fate of Shooters(s)

Curtis was killed by one shot to the chest when he raised his gun to Doakes because the fear of going to prison was two great to bear effectively committing suicide by cop.