The Barnes Murder Case is a police investigation into the murder of a housewife married to a Special Forces officer.


Curtis Barnes - Was suspected of committing the murder based on Dexter's observations of the wife's wounds and Doakes' observation of the husband's military training and was eventually confirmed when he confessed.

History of Killers

Curtis worked as an officer in Army Special Forces where he saw things that would haunt him for the rest of his life. He married a woman named Felicia at an unknown point and they began living together. During their marriage, Curtis would scream every day in the middle of the night because of war flashbacks. She tried to convince him to see a therapist but he refused, and after a few years she couldn't take it anymore and decided to leave him. She confronted him with this information and in his rage he picked up a gun and shot her three times, killing her.

Detectives on Case

  • Sergeant-Detective James Doakes - Ran point on the investigation on who committed the murder and initially concluded that the husband killed his wife based on his missing car and a witness saying they were arguing the night before. He used his military background to find the husband after it was determined that he killed her.
  • Detective (then) Maria LaGuerta - Assisted with the investigation and eventually let Doakes take the reins after it became apparent that the killer had military training.

Other operatives involved in the case.

  • Forensics Blood Spatter Analyst Dexter Morgan - Worked on the crime scene since there was a lot of blood at the scene. Eventually determines from the blood patterns that the killer was probably had military training based on the close proximity of the bullet wounds which helped to convince Doakes the husband killed her.


Felicia Barnes - A middle-aged woman who lived with her husband for an unknown number of years and was eventually killed by him because she couldn't take her husband's war flashbacks.

Closure of Case

The case has been officially closed because the killer has been identified and there is no reason to keep the case open.

Fate of Killer(s)

Curtis Barnes committed suicide by cop through James Doakes after he made it clear he wouldn't help him get away.