An Attempted Murderer is a person with the intent to kill another human being however fails to do so due to circumstances (up to and including their own death at the hands of another). An attempted murderer is someone who has not killed before or has not been confirmed to having killed someone else as an act of Murder rather than a justified killing as a Lawful Killer.

An attempted murderer can be any individual with a personal motivation to end someone else's life that is not in self-defense or within consent of the law. A Murderer who has killed before and attempts to kill another human being is not an attempted murderer however they did intend to kill the person as part of Attempted Murder. A Serial killer can also not be an Attempted Murderer however the same applies for them as a Murderer when it comes to Attempted Murder, such as an intended target escaping them due to change of heart, death by another or their escape.

So far no attempted murderers has been the Main Antagonist for a Season in DEXTER. Due to Dexter Morgan's Code of Harry, his conscience prevents him from targeting anyone who isn't guilty of being on his table (an "innocent"). Depending on the direction for Louis Greene, he may become an Attempted Murderer on his own accord and likely evolve into a Murderer and even Serial killer depending on events. 

Known Attempted Murderers