Attempted Murder is the intended act to kill another human being. The killing itself is prevented either due to the Attempted Murderer themselves dying, having a change of heart (making the decision not to kill their target), their target is killed by someone else (exceptions apply in certain cases), or their target escapes before they can kill them.

Unlike Murder, Attempted Murder can occur for any individual with the intent of ending another person's life except for those in law enforcement or military that classify as a Lawful Killer, due to the fact that it can only become Attempted Murder if they intended to kill a person not based around the confines of the law (such as revenge, killing in personal justice, vigilantism, etc.). A Murderer or Serial killer is capable of Attempted Murder based on circumstances.

The intended target of Attempted Murder is known as an Attempted Victim and as such they may or may not survive depending on whether or not another individual kills them. Observing an attempted murder by another is not counted however the law may suggest they observer can be held guilty as an Accomplice in attempted murder.

Known Attempted Murders

  • Brother Sam - Dexter intends to make him a victim but decides to focus on someone else when he feels Sam is redeemed.

Attempted Murders that were Corrected

These are attempted murders that were corrected by the Attempted Murderer themselves following an unsuccessful attempt to kill their victim.

  • Little Chino - Little Chino manages to escape Dexter Morgan due to the plastic wrap not being strong enough to hold him to the table and Dexter's emotional state during the first kill. The second time around Dexter fixes this problem by tying Chino down to the table with much more appliances and is in the right state of mind upon his death.
  • Arthur Mitchell - On multiple occasions Dexter is given the opportunity to kill Arthur Mitchell however he is always prevented from completing the task.
    • The first instance is when he tails Arthur to his home in which case he could have killed him then and there provided Arthur wasn't a family man.
    • The second time is when they hit a deer and Dexter is given an axe while Harry Morgan urges Dexter to kill him here but instead chooses to kill the deer.
    • The third time Dexter follows Arthur to a roof of an incomplete building with the intention of injecting him with M99 however Arthur attempts to commit suicide. Dexter at first tries to save him because he wants to kill him his own way but then has thoughts of letting him go "because it'd still be by his hand"...unfortunately some nearby workers manage to "assist" Dexter by also taking Arthur's arm and he's pulled up.
    • The fourth time is at Thanksgiving Dinner where after Arthur tries to kill his son Jonah Mitchell, Dexter drags him by the neck (via a belt) to the kitchen and pulls a kitchen knife ready to kill Arthur on the spot. He is however stopped when Sally Mitchell and their daughter Rebecca Mitchell intervene, crowding around their father.
    • The fifth time is after Arthur kidnaps Scott Smith and eventually locates him. The two have a fight, only for Dexter to be left with the decision of finishing off Arthur or saving Scott. Feeling the need to save the child first, he makes his move and pulls Scott from the wet cement...however when he turns, he sees that Arthur had escaped.
    • The sixth time is after Arthur figures out Dexter's true identity and he tails him to a garage. Dexter injects him with M99 but due to Dexter's reckless driving earlier (he knocked off the mirror of a bystanders car), he's arrested while Arthur is left unconscious inside of his own van. When Dexter returns, Arthur had escaped.

Eventually, Dexter is finally able to catch Arthur by hiding in the trunk of his car and after a brief struggle he brings Arthur to the kill room where his life is finally ended.