Argentina is a location in DEXTER, as well as in real life.

It is mentioned within the final four episodes of Dexter, when Dexter Morgan (and his son), along with his girlfriend Hannah McKay are planning to move here (Dexter's motivation is abandoning his murderous life, and Hannah's motivation is finding a new career). When Dexter and her prepare to leave, Dexter faces a problem---Dealing with Oliver Saxon---a man who killed his own mother and many more individuals (see The Brain Surgeon). After Oliver shoots Debra Morgan in the gut (due to Dexter's mistake of leaving him alive), Dexter is torn between fleeing the country and killing Saxon once and for all. However, Dexter chooses to stay with his sister until she has recovered, while Hannah and his son continue on with their lives. When Oliver attempts to end Debra's life, Miami Metro has him arrested on the spot. While incarcerated, Dexter speaks with him about how he accepts Debra's injury as being his own fault, though still blames Saxon for the other lives he's taken (i.e. Evelyn Vogel), and so decides to end Saxon's life with a pen to the neck (though gets stabbed in the shoulder while doing so). With Saxon gone, Dexter turns his attention to his comatose sister (who is in a vegetative state, due to a bloodclot in her brain). Dexter, however, accepts her fate and kills her personally by shutting off her oxygen supply. Meanwhile, Hannah and Harrison make it to Argentina, but Hannah sees the news that Dexter has died while out at sea during Hurricane Laura (another critical threat that Dexter tried to avoid). In reality, however, Dexter had used the emergency life raft on his boat to escape death, and decided to pursue a career as a lumberjack in an unknown location. However, he only did this to prevent himself from damaging Hannah and his son's lives.