Arabelle is a Character in the DEXTER novels. Arabelle was an hispanic woman, that found the fourth victim of the Tourist killers at Joe's Stone Crab restaurant.


Dexter by Design

Arabelle became histeric and nervous after bearing witness to what was left of the victim. She was not cooperative with Deborah regarding the crime scene. Dexter used his charm and the fact the he can talk in spanish to be able to get information from the women, as well as making her feel comfortable speaking to both him and his sister. Arabelle agreed to help them as long as Dexter remained near her. Deborah was surprised the women trusted Dexter and not to her. Dexter states the reason Arabelle trusts him is because hse knows he is a pure soul. Deborah states that if the women knew who Dexter really was, she would not be as open as she is. Deborah reluctanly asked Dexter to stay with them until Arabelle provided the necessary information. Arabelle stated she always comes to work through the back door, and that's when she found the body. Fearing Deborah could tell Immigration about her, Arabelle chose not to tell anything more. Dexter reassured her that they only want to catch the killer and have no business revealing her status to La Migra; as she refers to it. She believes Dexter and provides him her address for further questions.