Andrew Briggs
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Rhys Coiro
First Appearance
A Beautiful Day
Last Appearance
A Beautiful Day
Full Name
Andrew Briggs

Manner of Death
Killed by Dexter Morgan
Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Fencer of stolen goods

Andrew Briggs is a character in Season Eight of the showtime series DEXTER.

Andrew was a thief, who stole some jewelry from a mob's store, resulting in an assassin named Javier Guzman being sent to trick him, posing as a "fence" that would buy the jewelry for a heavy price. Andrew also began a relationship with Debra Morgan, who was undercover investigating him as a private investigator, though she did develop real feelings for Andrew.


After Debra quit her job at Miami Metro in her guilt of murdering LaGuerta, she began working with a Private Investigation Company under the lead of Jacob Elway. She was working on a case involving Andrew Briggs, a thief who skipped on his bail and that Debra was supposed to bring into custody. She pretended to be his girlfriend in order to gain his trust and get closer to him. At first Debra seemed to be forgetting her plan, but it was proven that she was doing something constructive when she spied on Briggs and Javier Guzman exchanging jewels. Although Deb disliked Briggs, she seemed to like hanging out with Briggs more than Dexter at the time. So Dexter interceded and attacked Briggs, who tried to grab hold of a knife, forcing Dexter to grab it first and kill Briggs with it in self-defense, enraging Debra. Even though Briggs is dead, the case has not been closed and even after Debra shot the hitman Javier Guzman, she still may have the jewels in her possession.



  • Andrew shares his surname with Anton Briggs, who curiously enough not only was in a relationship with Debra Morgan but also an ex-criminal involved with drugs. Granted, he became clean and an informant for Joey Quinn while Andrew remained a criminal.

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