Alex Tilden
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Scott Grimes
Season Five
First Appearance
In the Beginning
Last Appearance
In the Beginning
Full Name
Alex Tilden

Manner of Death
Stabbed in the chest by Lumen Pierce under Dexter Morgan's supervision.
Mid 30's (at death)
Personal Status
Professional Status

Serial rapist

The Group

Alex Tilden is a character in DEXTER.

He is a banker and also a member of the Barrel Girl Gang, being responsible for the torture and rape of fourteen women, along with the murder of twelve of those women.


Tilden is a man with a thick, red beard that attaches evenly with his slicked red hair. He is seen in his work attire which consists of a brown suit with a white-dress shirt underneath.


When first introduced, he is questioned by police about Cole Harmon and other members of The Group and initially seems indifferent about the deaths of his friends. However, in private he shows a large amount of anxiety, which he shares with Jordan Chase. In the limited amount of interaction shown between Tilden and Chase, Tilden is easily manipulated by Chase even though he shows resentment and awareness of Chase's ability to manipulate him.

Position in the Group

The details of Alex's role in the group have not been disclosed, but DNA evidence shows that he participated in the rapes like the other men except for Chase. He keeps a piece of jewelry from each of his victims as a keepsake. When Dexter and Lumen search his house, they find his trophy case and Lumen recognizes a four leaf clover that her grandparents gave her when she graduated high school. 


Alex grew up just like all the other teenagers in his camp, meeting up with Eugene Greer through Cole Harmon, along with Dan Mendell and Boyd Fowler. Eventually the five of them abducted and raped Emily Birch, to which Alex obeyed Jordan's every command and was in the photograph taken by Emily for capturing that moment.

He went on to graduate high school and apparently go into college, where he'd later become a banker while continuing his functions for The Group.


Alex appears immediately after Lumen Pierce figures out his identity as a member of The Group thanks to Emily Birch. Both Detectives Debra Morgan and Joey Quinn interview him on why Cole Harmon contacted him, with his multiple excuses for Cole Harmon being fantasy football. He also denies knowing Dan Mendell and Boyd Fowler, but admits recognizing the name Jordan Chase but claims to have never met him. After the police leave, Alex becomes visibly nervous.

Later on Alex has a conversation with Jordan about what he should do, fearing he'll be next to be picked off by the vigilante that took care of Cole and the rest. Jordan tells him to calm down and says he has a plan, that all Alex has to do is continue his normal routine. Alex reluctantly agrees, but as soon as he gets home he finds both Lumen and Dexter waiting for him. He enters his home to find the video of Lumen being raped, where she then appears in front of him. He tries to go for his gun but is stopped and injected with M99 by Dexter.

Dexter and Lumen strap him to a table with plastic and then go through the normal ritual proceedings, which reveals Alex to be responsible for 12 murders until Dexter allows Lumen to finish him on her own. She kills him with a single knife strike to the chest, after which she tells Dexter she's fine.