Bulletin Board for Shepard High

"High School...a small world unto itself. Combining all the warmest elements of federal work camp with those of a third world poultry farm. It's a miracle I graduated without killing anyone..."
~ Dexter Morgan

Alan B. Shepard High School or more commonly known as Shepard High School, is a school in the education system for Miami, FL. "Home of the Panthers", Dexter Morgan graduated from here in 1991 and returns for his 20th Class Reunion...for his own reasons.

Class Reunion

Like most high schools, Shepard High hosts a class reunion for alumni every 5 years from their graduation year (so basically, depending on how long a school has existed...for one year there can easily be 30+ reunions for all respective years, such someone from a 91, 96' and '01 reunion, as well as further back down the line). These reunions are enabled to give former students a chance to meet with other classmates, pulling them in from all over the country. Typically most will wait until their 10th year reunion to compare where they are in life with an old friend (or enemy), or just to see how someone has physically changed over the course of a decade.

Dexter Morgan has pretty much ignored his reunions, as he felt no one really cared all that much about him in high school in addition to his personality and how he views the concept in general. However, he's returned to the 20th for a very specific purpose...that only Dexter could have. And things turn out a bit more differently than he expected.


More than a 100 former classmates attend this reunion, some of which are shown, some of which are listed on a board and others that are currently unnamed.

Flag Football List

  • Jerry Thomas
  • Nate Fuller
  • Eduardo Nalasco
  • Josh Meltzer
    • Remaining names are illegible due to writing style