This section is intertwined with The Kill Room section.

"The Ritual" was, as the name suggests, a ritual that Dexter Morgan carried out within a Kill Room. The ritual consisted of Dexter conversing with his victims (informing them of their misdoings) before killing them.

Plot and UseEdit

2013-09-20 0147

The Kill tools involved with "The Ritual".

After Dexter locates a target and a Kill Room, he will strap his target down to his table, draw a blood sample from their cheek, make them realize what atrocities they've caused, and then kill them using one of various tools. Through this process, Dexter may sometimes attain a brief sense of "tolerance", as he can truly speak with his victim about what he is and let loose about his current life, although he makes certain that he still shows them the "monster" inside of him. When he kills his victim, it is very occasional that he bears a contented or even gleeful smile (such as when he stabbed Little Chino in the heart) on his face from both feeling their life slip away beneath his blade and the everlasting thought that he just saved innocent lives. Dexter will complete this effect by taping pictures of his target's victims on a nearby wall and even lighting candles to put in front of them: He will do anything to show his target how much agony they have caused, before putting them down.

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