Brain Surgeon Investigation

Brain Surgeon Investigation

"The Brain Surgeon" Investigation was a Miami Metro Homicide police investigation that occurred in the final season of DEXTER.

A serial Killer became known as "The Brain Surgeon" because he would saw into his victims' craniums and remove a portion of their brains. There were only two identified victims prior to when the killer's identity was revealed


Lyle Sussman was the initial and primary suspect in this investigation, though, unbeknownst to the police, the true killer had used Sussman as a patsy and later murdered him himself, staging Sussman's death as a suicide in order to avoid further investigation from the police. After this, the case was closed and received no mention for a while. (The police believed that Sussman was "The Brain Surgeon" and thought he had committed suicide out of remorse.) Meanwhile, the true "Brain Surgeon" still lived on and continued to kill more people, although these victims were not left out in the public like Robert Bailey. He eventually victimized his own mother, Evelyn Vogel, but at first this murder did not link the killer to his previous murders because he didn't cut into her skull. The police did bring Oliver Saxon (the true "Brain Surgeon") in to be questioned about Cassie Jollenston's murder, as they thought of him as a potential suspect. However, they decided to let him loose after falling for his lies. However, once Dexter enabled the footage of Saxon killing his victims to be broadcast on the news, Saxon's face was publicly exposed and Miami Metro had evidence of his guilt. The investigation then came to a permanent end when Dexter Morgan stabbed a pen into Oliver's neck in a jail cell, which ended Oliver's life. Dexter was able to convince Miami Metro that it was an act of self-defense. This was 'proven' by the police footage, which showed Oliver attempting to kill Dexter first.

Prior Victims

Victims In Miami

  • Robert Bailey
  • Leonard Welks
  • Lyle Sussman - After his supposed "suicide", the investigation came to a halt, and the police temporarily stuck with the conclusion that he was "The Brain Surgeon".
  • Cassie Jollenston - Did not have her skull sawn into.
  • Zach Hamilton - Identified via the recordings that Saxon took of himself killing his victims.
  • Evelyn Vogel - She (along with Cassie) did not have her skull sawn into, but she was later identified as one of Saxon's numerous victims anyway.
  • Debra Morgan - Mortally wounded by Saxon's gunshot.


  • Lyle Sussman - The initial suspect
  • Oliver Saxon - The true killer, who was identified as 'The Brain Surgeon' after Dexter requested the recordings of Saxon's true nature to be broadcasted on the news.